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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 8, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Federal Reserve cuts its key interest rate to 7% from 7.5%.

The crew compartment of the space shuttle Challenger with the remains of its astronauts are found 100 feet below the sea off the coast of Florida. But NASA officials would not say if the entire crew was still inside.  

The National Guard is called in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky after 20 tornadoes sliced through the area, killing six people and injuring 100.

The United States, in a switch of policy, calls on Chile to halt persistent human rights violations, including torture by security forces and police.

Spain votes to remain in NATO by a majority. It joined some four years ago.

President Reagan denounces a House-passed resolution calling on him to negotiate a total ban on nuclear tests, saying it does not “serve the interests of the United states, our allies and our friends” and would undercut his efforts to make progress on the issue.

Downward oil prices help lower wholesale prices by 1.6% in February. Good news.

President Reagan denies using his influence to get interviews with his daughter, Patti Davis, dropped from two television shows but says he hopes she “makes a lot of money’ from her autobiographic book – “Home Front.” She’s in a national tour to promote the book, but has been dropped from shows conducted by Joan Rivers (Tonight Show) and Merv Griffin. Joan Rivers said she changed her mind after she read the book and felt, as a wife and mother, she couldn’t do the interview. Both Rivers and Griffin are good friends with Nancy Reagan. 

The Commerce Department says that 1985 was the worst trading year ever, ringing up a $124.3-billin trade deficit.

The nation’s unemployment rates soars by .6% to 7.2% in February – lots if it in the service sector and weather related.

The Vietnamese government has informed Pentagon officials that it has located an additional 21 remains believed to be those of missing Americans serviceman.


Medical/Health/AIDs news update – March 8, 1986

In a report published in the Lancet, a British medical journal – an anti-viral drug called azidothymidine (AZT) has been shown for the first time to reduce fevers in AIDS patients, boost their immune systems and eliminate some infections.


Sports news – March 8, 1986

Sports TV – ESPN busy. You can catch a lot of NCCA tournament games on the cable channel. Also, HBO signs Mike Tyson to a three-fight deal. First fight – May 20 from Madison Square Garden. 

The National Football league adopts the use of instant replay for the 1986 season. They’ll use replays when there is indisputable evidence that an official’s call was in error.

More NFL – The NFL outlaws headband and wristbands with personal or commercial messages.

 Las Vegas - Thomas Hearns KO’s Marvelous Marvin Hagler in 73 seconds.


Entertainment news –March 8, 1986

Passing – Actor Ray Milland (78). Of cancer.


Television news – March 8, 1986

HBO will show “Comic Relief,” a March 29 benefit for America’s poor and homeless. The show will originate from the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood and will be hosted by Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal.

Among the comedians and actors scheduled to participate – Peewee Herman, Michael J. Fox. Buddy Hackett, Joe Piscopo, Carl and Rob Reinder, Martin Mull, David Steinberg. Jerry Lewis, Sandra Bernhard, Howie Mandel, Gilda Radner and Weird Al Yankovic.

The Movie Channel announces its new “VCR Theater” – aimed at those who can videotape movies while they’re asleep. But, do the studios like the taping of their movies? The home entertainment software business is a $12-billion-a-year business.  An 800 number will be on display for the three-hour event.  

More cable – Dabney Coleman is back - The Arts & Entertainment Network just picked up all 27 episodes of  “Buffalo Bill” – the NBC series that ran in 1984.

Don’t miss the Easter Seal Telethon (Sat – March 8) – hosted by Pat Boone and Donna Mills.


Tuesday night television listings/programming/TV guide – March 8, 1986

CBS – Trapper John, M.D., The 12th Annual People Choice Awards,

NBC – The A-Team, Hunter, Stingray, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Who’s The Boss? Growing Pains, Moonlighting, Spenser: For Hire, Nightline, The Barbour Report

PBS – Nova

HBO – The Hitchhiker, Benny Hill Unleashed

Debut – Stingray – Stars John Mancuso.

On the People’s Choice Awards – John Denver hosts.

On the Tonight Show – John Voight and Jennifer Rush join Johnny Carson.

On David Letterman –Gregory Hines guests.

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