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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 22 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Mutiny – The Philippines defense minister and the deputy armed forces chief seize control of that nation’s military headquarters and demand that President Ferdinand E. Marcos resign because his Feb. 7 election victory was fraudulent and pledged their support to opposition leader Corazon Aquino. 

Army and citizens against him - After 20 years of rule, Philippine president Ferdinand E. Marcos quits and is flown go Guam, then to Honolulu to take up temporary residence.  Thousands and thousands of citizens cheer.   

President Ferdinand E. Marcos declares a nationwide state of emergency aimed at shutting down radio and television stations broadcasting reports that his government had been overthrown. He orders troops to use force to defend government installations after a rebel force of about 2,000 soldiers claimed that I had defeated Marcos and driven him from the country.

President Reagan calls on Philippine strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos to step down.

The Reagan Administration said they would offer him asylum in the United States.

New president Corazon Aquino of the Philippines names a Cabinet and urges her countrymen to be patient with her government as it ‘rebuilds the ruins” left by deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

U.S. marshals turn over accused Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk to Israel for trial on charges of herding 900,000 Jews to their deaths in a the gas chambers of a World War II concentration camp.

President Reagan, after cutting off reporters’ persistent questions during a photo session, turned to a White House guest and remarked, “Sons of bitches.” Reagan was trying to end the session with Chairman David Packard and other members of the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on defense Management.

Proclaiming that “reason and compassion have prevailed,” The United States extends recognition to the new Philippine government of Corazon Aquino and praised the Filipino people as the “true heroes” in the rapid events that ended the rule of Ferdinand E. Marcos.

President Reagan complained to congressional leaders about the televised forum given Radio Moscow reporter Vladimir Posner after the President’s TV address to the nation on military spending this week. “I don’t know why the hell the media are so willing to lend support to the soviets; Reagan was quoted as telling a bipartisan leadership gathering.” 

President Reagan authorizes secret service protection for deposed Philippine leader Ferdinand E. Marcos who is in Hawaii.

Authorities say that former vice presidential candidate Geraldine A. Ferraro’s son, John A. Zaccaro Jr., supplied drugs to a majority of cocaine users at exclusive Middle College in Vermont.

Passing- Entrepreneur Edwin S. Lowe, who took a little-known carnival attraction and turned it into Bingo.  He was 75.


Music news – February 22, 1986

28th annual Grammy Awards – Host – Kenny Rigers

Best Record – “We Are The World” – USA For Africa

Best Album  - “No Jacket Required” – Phil Collins

Best Song – “We Are The World”

New artist – Sade - Diamond Life

Best male pop vocal – Phil Collins – “No Jacket required.”

Best female pop vocal – Whitney Houston – “Saving All My Love For You.”

Best male rock vocal – Don Henley – “The Boys of summer.”

Best female rock vocal – Tina Turner “One of the Living.’


Television news – February 22, 1986

Broadcasters and cable television operators reach agreement on a compromise plan that would require cable systems to set aside about one-fourth of their capacity to carry local over-the-air channels. The landmark plan comes after a federal curt last July threw out 20-year-old FCC rules that forced cable system to carry local broadcast channels. Since the court decision, there have been no rules requiring cable systems to carry the broadcast channels, even in areas where viewers were unable to pick up TV signals with ordinary antennas, although most cable systems have continued to carry the stations.


Sports news – February 22, 1986

Keith Hernandez of the Mets, Joaquin Andujar of the A’s, Dave Parker of the Reds and four other major league players implicated in drug use are conditionally suspended for a year by Baseball Commissioner peter Ueberroth.

Michael Ray Richardson of the New Jersey Nets is barred from the NBA for at least 2 years because he has a drug problem.

Ken Norton, former boxing champ, is listed in stable but serious condition after he suffered a fractured skull and a broken jaw in a traffic accident. 

On Saturday Night Live – Jay Leno hosts with musical guests the Neville Brothers.


Monday night television listings/programming/TV guide – February 23, 1986

CBS – Kate and Allie, Newhart, Blood & Orchids

NBC – Movie, TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes

ABC – Hardcastle & McCormick, Crossings, Nightline, Eye on Hollywood

PBS – Wonderworks, American Playhouse

USA – WWF Prime-Time Wrestling

Lifetime – Dr Ruth, Everybody’s Money Matters


 WWF Wrestling – Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura host.

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