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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 1, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan names former Secretary of State William Rogers and former astronaut Neil Armstrong to head an independent board to determine what caused last week’s space shuttle catastrophe that killed seven astronauts.

Former U.S. Sen. Harrison Williams Jr., the highest ranking official to be convicted in the FBI’s Abscam bribery conspiracy investigation, is released from prison after serving two-thirds of his three-year term.

President Reagan, complying with the Gramm-Rudman law, trims $11.7 billion in spending.

Led by President Reagan, thousands pay respects to the Challenger astronauts in Houston. Meantime, salvage crews work to identify a large sunken object detected 140 feet beneath the waters where large sections of the shuttle Challenger already have been recovered.

President Ferdinand Marcos flatly denies allegations that he or his wife has secretly invested hundreds of millions of dollars in American real estate.

The FAA orders emergency inspections of up to 160 Boeing 747’s to ensure against severe cracking in the fuselage from of the jumbo jets.

In his State of the Union address, President Reagan warns against what he calls “the Soviet drive for domination” and declares that “arms control is no substitute for peace.”

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, citing a lack of time to finance and organize a campaign, announces he will not run against Mario Cumo for governor of New York this year. 

President Reagan unveils a spending blueprint that would raise next year’s defense budget by $34 billion above current levels and cut $24 billion from health care, education, housing transportation and other domestic programs.

The nation’s unemployment rate falls to 6.7%, the lowest in 6 years.

Israeli warplanes intercept a private jet bound from Libya to Syria with nine Syrian politicians aboard and forces it to land in Israel.

In Paris – police find and defuse a powerful bomb high on the Eiffel tower.

Health and Human Service Secretary Otis Bown signs an order that would effectively require all permanent immigrants to the United States to be tested for exposure to AIDS, despite opposition from public health officials.

Doctors say people who share toothbrushes, bathtubs, toilets and towels with AIDS patients run virtually no risk of infection, debunking the myth that the dreaded disease can be spread by casual contact.

Haiti - President-for-Life Jean-Claude Duvalier flees to France aboard a U.S. Air Force plane, ending 28 years of iron family rule. Triggering celebrations turned into rioting and looting.

In Switzerland – Magnate Ted Turner launches a heated attack on President Reagan’s strategic Defense initiative or “Star Wars,” but received a frosty reception from top business men at the Davos Symposium.

 Passing – Nobel Peace Prize winner Alva Myrdal (84) – tireless advocate of world disarmament 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 1, 1986

Traces of cocaine, marijuana and a pain killer were found in Rick Nelson’s blood in tests conducted the New Year’s Eve plane crash that killed the singer and six others.

Playing in Las Vegas –

Eddy Arnold, Lennon sisters – Caesars Palace

Neil Sedaka, Fred Travalena – Desert Inn

Vic Damone, Norm Crosby – Hilton

Wayne Newton – MGM


Television news – February 1, 1986

NBC says it won’t start a 24-hour news network because of insufficient support for the nation’s cable-TV operators. Last year, the network bid to buy 50% control of Ted Turner’s CNN.

This week – “60 Minutes” looks at the political situation in Guatemala and visits run-down hotels in New York City. 


Monday night television listings/TV guide - February 1, 1986

CBS – Kate and Allie, Newhart, Sins, (late night) Remington Steele

NBC – TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Peter the Great Part II, Johnny Carson

ABC – Hardcastle & McCormick, Movie, Nightline

PBS – Wonderworks, American Playhouse


Bloopers – Placido Doming and Rue McClanahan are victims of practical jokes.


Top TV Shows/Nielsen Ratings – February 1, 1986

The Cosby Show – 36.0

Family Ties – 32.9

The Cosby Show (Sun.) – 27.6

Dynasty – 23.9

60 Minutes – 23.8

Cheers – 23.8

Highway to Heaven – 23.8

Who’s the Boss – 23.6

Growing Pains – 23.2

Golden Girls – 22.8

Miami Vice – 21.4

Night Court – 21.2

Dallas – 20.9

American Music Awards – 20.5

227 - 20.4

Sins, Part 1 – 19.7

Amazing stories – 19.5

Knots Landing – 19.4

Cagney & Lacey – 19.1

Peter the Great Part 1 – 19.0

Moonlighting – 19.0

Facts of Life – 18.8

Hotel – 18.8


Music news – February 1, 1986

Thomas Dolby has signed on to do the score for “Howard the Duck – based on the Marvel Comics character.

Touring – Twisted Sister with special guest Kokken, Grandmaster Flash and Fishbone.


Top Pop Music Hit Singles(top-40) – February 1, 1986

When The Going Gets Tough – Billy Ocean

What’s What Friends Are For – Dionne and Friends

Burning Heart – Survivor

How Will I Know – Whitney Houston

I’m Your Man – Wham!

Spies Like Us – Paul McCartney

Talk to Me – Stevie Nicks

Conga – Miami Sound Machine

Living in America – James Brown

Kyrie – Mr. Mister


Top music albums – February 1, 1986

Heart – Heart

The Broadway Album – Barbara Streisand

Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

Miami Vice – soundtrack

Scarecrow – John Cougar Mellencamp

Promise – Sade

Knee Deep in Hoopla – starship

Afterburner – ZZ Top

Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston

Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

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