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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of October 20, 1985 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

At the United Nations, President Reagan, foreshadowed a touch approach to next month’s summit meeting, declaring that a “central issue” in the talks will be a U.S. initiative aimed at resolving regional conflicts involving the soviet Union I Asia, Africa and Central America.

New York - Secretary of state George Shultz and soviet foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze are drafting the script for the upcoming Geneva summit, conferring for several hours. They agreed to meet in Moscow on Nov 4 and 5.

AIDS update - New York Gov. Mario Cuomo proposes outlawing sexual activities that lead to the spread of AIDS in homosexual bathhouses and other such establishments. “We have to prohibit the activity. Issuing condoms is not enough,” said Cuomo. If the state’s Public Health Council agrees, the regulation could take effect immediately. 

The senate votes to more than double spending in the fight against AIDS.

The House, over arguments that the safety of rural schoolchildren was being sacrificed for the convenience of city-dwellers, votes to extend daylight-saving time an extra month as early as 1986. 

The founding chapter of a group of female officer workers whose campaign to improve working conditions sparked a national movement and inspired the movie “9 to 5” is $15,000 in debut and is closing its office. Boston’s 9 to 5 group began in 1973 with 10 secretaries. The organization grew to a national movement of women office workers who won improvements at big companies. Their efforts inspired a song by Dolly Parton and a movie. 

French marine commandos seize a Greenpeace protest yacht near a prohibited zone around France’s nuclear test site in the south pacific Three hours later the French conducted an underground nuclear test, believed to be France’s first neutron bomb. 

 Former Supervisor Dan White, the assassin of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, commits suicide in the garage of his San Francisco home.

 Princess Diana pays a surprise first visit to bomb-scarred Belfast, hours after army bomb disposal experts defused a massive land mine in a border province.

“Lucky” – the presidential pooch, has gotten so big that she’s outgrown her home. Soon, Lucky will be taken to President Reagan’s California ranch to join four other dogs on the 688-acre spread.


Hands Across America Born – October 20, 1985

New idea - Fighting “Compassion fatigue” – USA for Africa organizers unveil “Hands Across America” – a human chain that would stretch from New York to Los Angeles on May 25 and would raise between $50 million and $100 million. It follows the successful fundraising pattern set by the 1984 Olympic torch relay. That plan had some 3,500 Olympic torch-bearers who paid $3,000 to run one kilometer with an Olympic torch last year. Some 10 million Americans would pay between $10 each $35 to participate in the handholding event. The announcement was made by USA for Africa President Ken Kragen. He said he is asking every radio station in the country to broadcast the event.

In London, Live Aid concert organizer Bob Geldof, back from a 12-day tour of Africa’s famine-stricken nations, says he will ask for financial help from the Vatican at an audience next month with Pope John Paul II. Geldof says that the $70 million raised form the concert has helped thousands avoid starvation in Africa.


Technology news – October 20, 1985

A short film titled “Arrival” will be seen in some theaters via Sony’s High Definition Video System (HDVS) high-resolution, wide-screen video format. The five-minute film is about Haley’s Comet.


Sports news – October 20, 1985

Incredible comeback - World Series tied at 3-3 as Dane Iorg’s two-run single gives The Royals a 2-1 win over the Cardinals.

On David Letterman’s show – William (The Refrigerator) Perry. Perry is Chicago’s rookie defensive tackle/running back. The crowd yelled “Fridge! Fridge.”


Music news – October 20, 1985

David Crosby is arrested for investigation of possession of a concealed pistol and narcotics paraphernalia, as well as hit-and-run driving.

Farm Aid Concert raised some $10 million. 1-800-FarMaid phone lines will remain operation for one year, for those who haven’t given yet. 

Prerecorded cassettes are currently outselling vinyl albums by almost two-to-one.

Video TV station suing MTV – the owners of Houston Hit Video/TV5 – a 24-hour low power TV station playing hit videos like MTV. The suit charges that MTV Networks, Warner Amex Cable Communications Inc and Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Co. are practicing unfair restraint of trade by using the exclusivity deals to deny “competitors access to vital, unique and otherwise unavailable materials, namely the choicest music video clips of most major record companies. 


Radio news – October 20, 1985

WRIF’s (Detroit) morning team of Jim Johnson and George Baier on now on rival WLLZ.

More Apartheid – WBCN Boston – the city’s top album rock station airs “Commercial Free… For a Free South Africa,” – a day’s worth of interviews and feature reports on the apartheid situation. Wini Mandela, wife of the imprisoned freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, will be among those interviewed.

WTIC-FM PD Garry Wall is ticked at A&M records, and will not report A&M airplay to the trades. Why? Because A&M artists Supertramp recorded an “If you’re looking for the most music in Hartford” spot for rival WKSS. Not long ago, A&M artist Sting did the same.

Westwood One says it has set a new record with its HBO simulcast of the “Phil Collins: No Jacket required – Sold Out Concert.” Carried by over 220 stations, the Sept. 28 show was “the largest recorded stereo simulcast in history.”

DJ Tom Joyner’s daily 1,800 commute between the morning shift at KKDA Dallas and the afternoon slot at WGCI Chicago is in full swing. NBC Nightly News cameras accompanied Joyner on his first jaunt. It all started January 14.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – October 20, 1985

Killed in a car accident – Screenwriter Diane Renee Thomas who gained fame for the screenplay for “Romancing The Stone.” She was 39. Her 27-year-old boyfriend was driving the car.

About 100 or Rock Hudson’s close friends gather for a memorial service at this home. Seen – Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers, Esther Williams, Tab Hunter, Lee Remick, George Maharis, Jessica Walters, Angie Dickinson and Roddy McDowall.


Television news – October 20, 1985

More Live Aid – World Vision is sponsoring a telethon to fight hunger in Ethiopia. It will beamed to over 100 stations from Nairobi this weekend.

Fiery reporter Geraldo Rivera says he is resigning from ABC in November. Some say he is quitting because of a decision last week by ABC News President Roone Arledge to cancel a story on ABC’s “20/20.” The story probed purported affairs between Marilyn Monroe and President Kennedy, and his brother, Bobby.

Don Hewitt, executive producer of CBS “60 Minutes” has proposed buying the network’s news division. Variety, the industry trade paper, reported that Hewitt’s proposal would make CBS News a private organization run as a cooperative venture with not ties to the parent corporation. Among the plan’s supporters, Variety said, were anchorman Dan Rather and “CBS Reports” anchor and commentator Bill Moyers.

The new cast of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is unveiled. Lorne Michaels, who left the show in 1980 is back as executive producer. He has brought with him the comedy writing team of Al Franken and Tom Davis, who began in the show in 1975 with Michaels and who are now producers. The cast is – Randy Quaid, Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downy, Joan Cusack, Jon Lovitz, Terry Sweeny, Nora Dunn and Danitra Vance. 


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 20, 1985

CBS – 60 Minutes, Murder, She Wrote, Crazy Like a Fox, Trapper John, MD

NBC – Punky Brewster, Amazing Stories, Alfred Hitchcock Presents,  Movie-I Dream of Jeannie

ABC – World Series, MacGyver

PBS – Nature, Masterpiece Theater

USA – Wanted Dead or Alive, Cover Story, Get Rich With Real Estate

MTV – Rock Influences, The Young Ones, Video Music


Punky Brewster - Tall stories told around a campfire get out of hand.

Move – I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later – Barbara Eden, Wayne Rogers, Bill daily.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – October 20, 1985

Saving All My Love For You – Whitney Houston

Part time Love – Stevie Wonder

Oh Sheila – Ready For the World

Take On Me – A-Ha

Head Over Heels – Tears For Fears

Lonely Ol’ Night – John Cougar Mellencamp

You Belong To The City – Glenn Frey

Fortress Around Your Heart – Sting

Miami Vice Theme – Jon Hammer

Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

Lovin’ Every Minute Of It – Loverboy

We Built This City – Starship

Be Near Me – ABC

Dancing In the Street – Jagger/Bowie

Lay Your Hands On Me – The Thompson Twins

Separate Lives – Phil Collins/Marilyn Martin

And We Danced – The Hooters


Top Children’s Video Tapes – October 20, 1985


Life with Mickey

Transformers/More Than Meets The eye

Transformers: The Ultimate Doom

Care Bears Movie

My Little Pony

Care Bears Battle The Freeze Machine

An Officer and A Duck

Rainbow Brite and the Mighty Monstromuk Menace


Top movies – October 20, 1985

Jagged Edge


Day of the Dead

Back to the Future

Silver Bullet


Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Holcroft Covenant

Invasion USA

Better Off Dead


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