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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of September 10, 1985 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Oleg Gordievsky - chief of the Soviet KGB spy operation in London defects to the West, exposing a major espionage network. Britain promptly expels 25 Soviets in the largest spy ouster in more than a decade. The alleged spies included diplomats, journalists, translators and a chauffeur.

Star Wars - The first ASAT weapons test is successful - An Air Force projectile is launched from an F-15 fighter and soars 300 miles above Earth and slams into a small, orbiting American satellite. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger called the test “a great step forward.”

In China - 140 old-line Communist Party members “resign”, paving the way for a transfer of power from veteran revolutionaries to a younger generation of leaders.

With the U.S.-Soviet arms control talks ready to resume in Geneva, President Reagan stands firm on “Star Wars” tests: “This is too important to the world to have us be willing to trade that off for a different number of nuclear missiles when there’re already more than enough to blow both countries out of the world.” At the news conference, the President rejected suggestions that the Star Wars plan (formally known as SDI or Strategic Defense Initiative), could be construed as an offensive weapons system that could spur Moscow the U.S. effort. The President portrayed the program as a shield that could banish the threat of nuclear holocaust.  

AIDS update - the federal Centers for Disease Control conservatively estimates the cost of caring for the first 9,000 AIDS patients in the U.S. at more than $1.25 billion and $4,38 billion in “lost productivity” from the disability and deaths of so many young people. The disease is likely to increase strains upon the health care system in cities and counties with a large number of cases.

 President Reagan says that the Rev. Benjamin Weir, one of seven Americans kidnapped by Muslim terrorists over the last 18 months, has been secretly released and reunited with his family on American soil. “...I will not be satisfied and will not cease our efforts until all the hostages -the other six-are released.”

A major earthquake and several major aftershocks in Mexico City bring the estimated death toll to be 2000 people. Rescue crews made-up of everyone from Girl Scouts to paratroopers, dug frantically at building wreckage listening for any signs of life.

In the Philippines, a local official in Davao confirms that a religious leader named Mangayanon Butaog fed poisoned food to dozens of people in a remote village after failing to make money grow on a tree then killed himself. A total of 68 people died, but five survived by only pretending to eat the poison-laced food. Davao is 600 miles southeast of Manila.


Sports news – September 10, 1985

A Philadelphia chef and “baseball junkie” is convicted on 11 of 14 charges that he sold cocaine to major league players in a cast that the judge said demonstrated that some of the nation’s sports heroes “have feet of clay.”  Curt Strong, briefly the caterer in the Philadelphia Phillies’ clubhouse is facing a maximum term of 15 years in prison and a $25 thousand fine on each count.

Pete Rose clinches Ty Cobb’s record for the most hits. In a game against the San Diego Padres, Rose hit # 4,192 in front of 47,237 persons at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. Reds team owner Marge Schott, a woman who admits she doesn’t know the first thing about baseball then squeezed him. Rose accepted a red Corvette, a gift from Schott while fireworks exploded above the stadium. 

After 5 years, Al Rosen is fired as general manager of the Houston Astros and is replaced by Dick Wagner, former Cincinnati general manager.


Best-selling books – September 10, 1985

Bestsellers include - “If Tomorrow Comes” - Sidney Sheldon, “The Hunt For Red October” - Tom Clancy, The Mick: Mickey Mantle’s Autobiography - Mickey Mantle, “Iacocca” - Lee Iacocca.


Prices at the Supermarket – September, 1985

New at the mart - Thomas’ Raisin English Muffins - made with real Cinnamon.

At the mart - Cheerios - 15oz box - $1.69...Cole Slaw - 1/2lb - .59...Quaker Granola Bars - box of 8 - $1.59... Tenderloin Steaks - $4.99lb.


Fascinating Business news – September 10, 1985

In Detroit, a federal grand jury issues a 15-count criminal indictment charging that former auto maker John DeLorean set up a complex scheme to defraud the private investors in his defunct auto company out of $18 million beginning in 1978. Before his own auto company, DeLorean was a General Motors President, overseeing (among other projects) the launching of the New Chevrolet Vega in 1971.

Coca-Cola drops its 3 year-old “Coke Is it” campaign. Its new one will promote both New Coke and Coca-Cola Classic and is intended to run for several months until the company works-out a new strategy to fit its long-range marketing plans, according to Advertising Age.

Passing - Fashion designer Laura Ashley (60). She never came out of the coma she slipped into nine days ago after falling down the stairs at her daughter’s home. The company she and her husband, Bernard, founded on the kitchen table of the London flat 32 years ago, developed into a fashion empire of 4,000 employees in 180 shops and 10 factories around the world. 


Radio news – September 10, 1985

 Radio news - Westwood One - a radio syndicater says it will buy the Mutual Broadcasting System. Industry sources peg the price tag at less than $20 million. It’s the third takeover of a major radio network operation by a smaller media company this year. Earlier this year, RKO sold its two networks to United Stations- a syndicater headed by Dick Clark. In June, Capital Cities Communications and ABC agreed to merge.  Mutual was created in 1934 when four stations in New York, Detroit, Cincinnati and Chicago joined forces to produce and distribute programs - one of which was “The Lone Ranger.” It was the only major radio network that opted not to join television. Westwood One has made a name from its weekend programs on rock stations including “Dr Demento” and “Off the Record With Mary Turner.”

Appearing on WABC Radio in New York - newly crowned Miss America Susan Atkins was asked if she had used any padding or other cosmetic enhancement during the contest ... “No, I didn’t. The only thing I did was put Firm Grip on my behind so when I walked my swimsuit wouldn’t ride up. It’s a sticky spray product that is used by other athletes as well. For instance, it’s like what baseball players use to keep their hands sticky.”


Entertainment news – September 10, 1985

At Universal Studio’s “A-Team” live show, The 12 men who perform, walk off due to a pay raise dispute. For the time being, the show has stopped. In dispute is a $5.00 per performance pay-raise. Currently, the performers are getting $65.00 per performance. The studio offered $50.00 and is currently training a new cast.


Monday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – September 10, 1985

CBS - Scarecrow and Mrs King, Kate and Allie, Cagney & Lacey

NBC - The NBC All-Star Hour, Movie

ABC - Hardcastle & McCormick  Monday Night Football (Reversed on West Coast)

PBS - National Geographic, Quest for the Killers, Yo Soy


Scarecrow and Mrs King - Amanda is arrested for murder when a security systems analyst is found dead following private dinner at her home.

The NBC All-Star Hour - New and returning stars salute the new television season.


Music news – September 10, 1985

Vincent Neil Wharton (24) the lead singer for the rock group Motley Crew is ordered to pay nearly $3 million to victims of an alcohol-related crash in California. Wharton pleaded guilty in July to charges of manslaughter and drunk driving in connection with a Redondo Beach collision December 8 that killed one man and injured two others. Wharton was also ordered to spend 30 days in county jail next June and perform 200 hours of community service.

Performing in concert in Miami, Bruce Springsteen jokingly dedicates his hit song “Glory Days” to Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino after having one of the worst games of his career this week, losing to the Houston Oilers 26-23. Marino said, “I don’t think he knew I was there.”

 “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits tops the charts this week. Dire Straits leader Mark Knopfler wrote the song after he heard a gripe session between two appliance store clerks. In the conversation, they were complaining about the empty-headed “yo-yo’s whose videos are popular on MTV. According the Knopfler, the word “faggot” is used three times in the second verse in reference to rock singers on the aired videos. Warner Brothers Records has given radio stations several versions - both with the word “faggot” edited out.  


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) - September 10, 1985

“Cherish” - Kool & The Gang, “Money For Nothing” - Dire Straits, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” - Tina Turner, “St Elmo’s Fire” - John Parr,  “Don’t Lose My Number” - Phil Collins, “Oh Sheila” - Ready For The World, “Pop Life” - Prince, “The Power Of Love” - Huey Lewis and the News, “Dress You Up” - Madonna, “Freedom” - Wham   

Top music albums - September 10, 1985

“The Dream of the Blue Turtles” - Sting, “Reckless” - Bryan Adams, “Brothers In Arms” - Dire Straits, “Songs From the Big Chair” - Tears For Fears, “Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits I &II” - Billy Joel, “Theatre of Pain” - Motley Crew, “Born In The USA” - Bruce Springsteen, “Whitney Houston” - Whitney Houston, “Heart” - Heart.

Top country hit music singles - September 10, 1985

“Lost In The 50’s Tonight” - Ronnie Milsap, “I Feel In Love Again Last Night” - Forrester Sisters, “Meet Me In Montana” - Marie Osmond/Dan Seals, “I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me” - Roseanne Cash, “Modern Day Romance” - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.


Top TV shows/Nielsen Ratings – September 10, 1985

TV Ratings - The Golden Girls (25.0), Cosby Show (24.6), 227 (23.8), Miss America Pageant (23.7), Monday Night Football (20.7), Barbara Walters Special (20.3), 60 Minutes (19.6), Lady Blue (19.2), Cheers (19.1), Family Ties (18.7), Facts Of Life (18.7)


Tuesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – September 10, 1985

(CBS) Movie, West 57th...(NBC) The A-Team, Special -Bob Hope, Remington Steele...(ABC) Who’s The Boss, Three’s A Crowd, Debut-Our Family


CBS Movie - “Sunset Limousine” (1983) John Ritter, Susan Dey

Our Family - Two-hour debut starring Eli Wallach and Ken McMillan. 


Top movies – September 10, 1985

Plenty - Meryl Streep

Kiss Of The Spider Woman - William Hurt, Raul Julia

Teen Wolf - Michael J. Fox

Creator - Peter O’ Toole, Mariel Hemingway

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