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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of August  23, 1985 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Thousands of South Africans defy the law by marching to demand freedom for jailed black leader Nelson Mandela. Police broke it up with whips, tear gas and rubber bullets.

Police detain Trevor Tutu, the eldest son of black Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu for allegedly swearing at a white policeman and then announce they will hold him in prison for 14 days.

Manchester, England - 54 people aboard a British-operated Boeing 737 jetliner are killed after one of the plane’s engines exploded and caught fire as the plane was speeding down the runway on takeoff. 83 survived.

President Reagan freezes salaries of federal white-collar employees at the present levels for the next fiscal year (beginning Oct 1). He had originally proposed a 5% reduction. 

An official investigation clears France and its intelligence officials of responsibility in the bombing of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, but the report identified six people implicated by New Zealand in the July 10 attack as French secret service agents.

The Defense Department announces that it will require all military recruits to undergo blood testing for an antibody that can indicate exposure to AIDS. 

Police in Los Angeles issue an all-points bulletin for the so-called “Night Stalker” whose seven-month rampage of murder is the talk of Southern California. The suspect is Richard Ramirez.

Samantha Smith – the little schoolgirl whose wish for peace led to a highly publicized tour of the Soviet Union in 1983 as the guest of Yuri V. Andropov, is killed along with her father and six others in a plane crash in Maine. She was 13-years-old.

Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger says he is scuttling production of the Sgt. York air defense gun on which the Army has sunk $1.8 billion because it doesn’t work much better than the weapons the service has now.

President Reagan says evangelist Jerry Falwell’s description of South African Bishop Desmond Tutu as “a phony” was an unfortunate choice of words and he is glad that Falwell apologized.

Hurricane Elena heads into the Gulf of Mexico with 100mph winds. 

The Census Bureau says that the number of people living in poverty declined in 1984, the first significant improvement since 1976 – 14.4% or 33.7 million live below the official poverty line which is now $10,609 for a family of four.


Entertainment news – August 23, 1985

Passing – Actress Ruth Gordon of stage and screen. She was 88. 


Music news – August 23 1985

More apartheid activism - Miami Steve Van Zandt has organized “Sun City” – a record that attacks apartheid in South Africa. More than two dozen rock, soul, jazz and reggae artists are on the song including Bono Hewson, Jackson Browne, Miles Davis, Lou Reed, Ruben Blades, George Clinton and Bobby Womack. The record is scheduled to reach stores September 22.

CBS Records is releasing “I’m Going Down” the sixth single from “Born in the U.S.A.” The album is still in the Top 10 after 62 weeks on the national charts.

Van Zandt’s two solo albums he made for EMI-America Records after leaving the E-Street Band didn’t get much radio airplay. Some blame the heavy political tone of both albums.

Bruce Springsteen concert tickets are being re-sold by many for a quick buck. And there’s always room for takers.

On MTV Saturday night – REO Speedwagon in Concert.

Viacom International has agreed to take steps to buy MTV, Showtime and the Movie Channel 100%. 


Television news – August 23, 1985

Phyllis George resigns as co-anchor of the “CBS Morning News.” She has been on the troubled program since January.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 23, 1985

CBS – Movie, West 57th Street

NBC – A-Team, Riptide, Remington Steele, Tonight Show

ABC – Who’s the Boss? Three’s a Crowd, Moonlighting, MacGruder and Loud, Nightline

PBS – Nova, Frontline, Latenight America

HBO – 1st and Ten, Apt 2-C

On Showtime – Weird Al Yankovic


Apt 2-C stars George Carlin.

On the Tonight Show – Smokey Robinson, Carol Alt and Bob Uecker.


Top movies – August 23, 1985

Return of the Living Dead

Back to the Future

Godzilla 1985

Flesh and Blood

American Ninja



Teens Wolf

Year of the Dragon  

Summer Rental

Compromising Positions

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