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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 1, 1985 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Irish Republican Army guerrillas fire mortars from the back of a hijacked truck into the canteen of a fortified police compound, killing nine officers as they sat down for an evening meal and wounding 40 others in Newry, Northern Ireland.

Justice Harry A. Blackman says he was shot at through the window of his Arlington, Va. Apartment. He has received numerous death threats for writing the high court’s opinion legalizing abortion.

President Reagan vetoes a farm credit relief package hours after it was delivered to the White House from Congress, saying it was irresponsibly expensive and would not have helped farmer. “I will veto again and again until spending is brought under control.’

President Reagan declares “I’ll take the heat” for budget cuts and urges Congress to give him the constitutional power to veto specific spending programs. 

President Reagan will let Japanese car quota’s end and will not ask them to continue voluntary restraints on auto imports to the U.S. Reagan says he hopes for ‘reciprocal treatment by Japan” on other trade matters.


Sports news – March 1, 1985

 Outfielder Enos Slaughter and shortstop Arky Vaughan, owner of the highest National League batting average of the last 50 years, are voted into the Hall of Fame. 


Radio news – March 1, 1985

 RKO General Inc sells its three radio networks to Dick Clark and his United Radio Stations Radio Networks. RKO says it hasn’t made money on the networks since they began in 1979. Plus, RKO overcharged for commercials that never ran on the network.


Music news – March 1, 1985

MTV says it has reduced heavy-metal videos by as much as 75%. Says chief Bob Pittman – “We played an enormous amount of metal music last summer, but we’ve gotten to the point where we feel the music has become over-exposed. It seems as if every record company has signed a bunch of metal bands, all of whom had videos they wanted us to play. We certainly aren’t going to stop exposing it, especially superstar bands like Van Halen, but we feel it had gotten more prominence on the channel than it really deserved.” MTV had been playing as many as three to four metal videos each hour.

Singer Rita Collidge will become VH-1’s first female VJ. She begins May 1. She joins Don Imus, Scott Shannon, Frankie Crocker and John Bowser. 


Television news – March 1, 1985

Lawyers for Ted Turner have been talking to the FCC about the possibility of taking over CBS Television.

New TV series – Moonlighting. “Is a bright, new romantic comedy… with danger, thrills and the unexpected. Starring Cybill Shepard and Bruce Willis. ABC-TV.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide - March 1, 1985 

CBS – The Jeffersons, Alice, Kids Don’t tell

NBC – A-Team, Riptide, Remington Steele, Tonight Show, David Letterman

ABC – Three’s A Crowd, Who’s The Boss? MacGruder and Loud, Moonlighting, Nightline

PBS – Nova, Frontline, Latenight America

Showtime – Shirley MacLaine on Broadway


A-Team – The team rescues a blind girl and her brother.

Who’s the Boss? – Tony’s father-in-law has new wealth and lets Tony know.


Top movies – March 1, 1985

Turk 182

Blood Simple

Places in the Heart

Mass Appeal



The Breakfast Club

Missing in Action

The Killing Fields

Micki and Maude

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