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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 8,1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Back on agenda – President Reagan flatly rejects criticism of his programs and pledges to extend his conservative agenda “into the next decade and next century.” “I feel the people made it very plain they approve what we’ve been doing and we’re going to continue what we’ve been doing.”

Education Secretary Terrel Bell announces his resignation – the first member of the Reagan Cabinet to announce he will not stay for the President’s second term.

U.S intelligence believes now that the Soviet freighter Bakuriani probably did not carry advanced warplanes to Nicaragua. Nevertheless, the Reagan Administration believe that the Marxist-led Sandinista regime in Nicaragua is engaged in a massive military buildup, whether or not it has received the high performance MIG-21 jet fighters.

President Reagan signals his approval of a CIA inspector general’s report recommending discipline for those involved in preparation of a psychological warfare manual advising U.S.-backed rebels how to neutralize Nicaraguan officials.

Two astronauts in the space shuttle discovery complete history’s first space satellite salvage mission. There’s one more to go. Both satellites it’s hoped, will be stored in Discovery’s cargo for return to earth.

Wholesale prices, off for a third straight month, fell .2% in October. It’s the first time in 17 years that prices have been down for three months running.

President Reagan accepts the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a national monument. “Thank you for your courage, and thank you for you patience,” the President told Vietnam veterans. “The war I Vietnam threatened to tear our society apart and the political and philosophical disagreements that animated both sides continue to some extend. I believe that in the decade since Vietnam, that before my days as commander in chief are over, the healing will be complete.”

A sniper dressed in combat fatigues and armed with a high-powered rifle and a shotgun, kills one person and wounds another near the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium, then shot himself to death.

Gov. Thomas Kean of New Jersey signs legislation making New Jersey the second state in the nation requiring the use of seat belts in cars.

Geraldine Ferraro says she has no regrets and “there’s nothing I would have done differently” in her four-month campaign to the White House.

Fresh Air/Times Square – New York City approves a $1.6 billion plan to revitalize the seedy Times Square area by building four huge office towers, a luxury hotel and a merchandise mart and renovating nine historic theaters.

Passing – Martin Luther King Sr. He was 84.


Medical /Health/AIDs update – November 8, 1984

Drug abusing mothers who are otherwise healthy have spread AIDS to their babies, providing the first documented evidence that carriers of the suspected AIDS virus can pass it on to others even though they have no symptoms, so say researchers.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials says the vaginal sponge is “a relatively safe product” for birth control.


Sports news – November 8, 1984

Terry Schoonover, making his second start on major auto tracks, is killed in a wreck during the Atlanta Journal 500.


Technology news – November 8, 1984

AT&T says it will vastly enlarge its digital network and extend it overseas, mainly through the use of fiber-optic cables and technology.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – November 8, 1984

A federal jury in Boston orders the Boston Symphony Orchestra to pay Vanessa Redgrave $100,000 ruling it “cause foreseeable harm” when it canceled a series of concerts featuring the British actress because of threats of violence due to her support of the PLO.

Clara Peller – the “Where’s The Beef” lady on those Wendy’s commercials has a blossoming career. She just finished shooting the movie “Moving Violations.” Will there be more?

At bookstores “The Man With The Gold,” – Mr. T’s autobiography. In it, Mr. T describes himself as a Jekyll and Hyde personality and he always carries a gun when he wears a suit.

More Mr. T – NBC is offering “The A-Team Honor Roll” kit the pleas for kids to be book-smart and street smart. It’s being distributed to schools. Mr. T is hot – not only is he seen in the popular “A-Team,” he’s also has an animated children’s series on Saturday mornings.


Music news – November 8, 1984

Major Gaffe – Turner Broadcasting System Inc. reduces its estimate of the number of cable-TV homes reached by its new Cable Music Channel – by 83%! Turner Broadcasting now says the new music channel is reaching about 400,000 cable households across the country. The company offered no explanation for the discrepancy. The channel says it may be reaching about 1 million homes with private satellite receiving equipment (TVRO) setups. But cable programmers rarely include these types of viewers among their cable-TV subscriber counts.

After a two-year hiatus, the famed “Whiskey A-Go-Go” is back in business. No live appearances for now and it’s opened three days a week. It’s a dance place for now.

Michael Jackson gets a movie deal - Geffen Film Co. bags Michael Jackson for a new movie. Jackson will begin work soon on the story and music for a dramatic feature showcasing his acting, singing and dancing.


Television news – November 8, 1984

NBC will air “Fatal Vision,” based on the Joe McGinnis best-selling book about a Green Beret doctor convicted of killing his pregnant wife and their two young daughters. Look for the TV-movie, starring Karl Malden this Sunday night. 

CNN says it will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to let federal judges decide whether to allow live TV coverage of the trials over which they preside.

 On “Saturday Night Live” this week – George Carlin hosts with musical guests Frankie Goes To Hollywood.


Thursday night television listings/TV guide – November 8, 1984

CBS Magnum, PI. Simon & Simon, Knots Landing

NBC – Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Curt, Hill Street Blues, Tonight Show, David Letterman

ABC – Movie, 20/20, Nightline, Eye on Hollywood

PBS – The Nature of Things, Mystery!

Showtime – Gallagher


Cheers – Coach Ernie falls in love.


Top movies – November 8, 1984

Places In The Heart


All of Me

Oh God! You Devil


No Small Affair


Romancing the Stone


Little Drummer Girl

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