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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of October 8,1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan, responding to a challenge by Walter F. Mondale, rules out any cuts or changes in Social Security benefits for current recipients or future retirees. 

Reagan-Mondale debate - A Gallup Poll taken for Newsweek magazine indicated that Mondale won by a 54- 35 margin. Some Republicans fretted that Reagan was fuzzy and even boring at times. One observed, “He sounded vacillating. I think he let Mondale get away with Murder.”

 ABC estimates 90 million watched the debate, held in Louisville, Kentucky.

President Reagan, acknowledging he may have done too much homework for his first debate with Walter F. Mondale, said he was at an automatic disadvantage as the incumbent and “ever realized how easy it was” to be the outsider.

Another debate this week - The Vice President and Rep. Geraldine Ferraro . They exchanged sharp words over the Beirut bombings and church-state relations in a nationally televised debate.

Offering a private assessment of his debate with Geraldine Ferraro, Vice President George Bush said, “We tried to kick a little as last night.” When he realized his comment had been picked up by a boom microphone of TV station WNEW New York, Bush exclaimed, “Oh god, he heard me. Turn that thing off. That was off the record.”

First Lady Nancy Reagan says that her husband’s age (73) is a “non-issue” and that the President has a mind like “ computer, like a steel trap.” 

Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan becomes the first American women to walk in space as she eased out of the space shuttle Challenger.

Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres offers to withdraw Israeli troops from the Bekaa Valley area of Lebanon if they are replaced by a U.N. peacekeeping force. 

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escapes death in a hotel bomb blast that killed a fellow lawmaker and three others; a bold attack the IRA said was aimed at wiping out Britain’s leadership. The attack occurred at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

President Jose Napaleon Duarte and Salvadoran guerrilla leaders begin peace talks between the government and the rebels the first since El Salvador’s civil war began five years ago.

Angilican Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa is named winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

 Major banks reduce their prime lending rates to 12.5% from 12.75%. 

Arthur L.H. Rudolph who designed the rocket that took U.S. astronauts to the moon, has renounced his U.s. citizenship and leaves the country after the Justice Department alleged that he “literally worked thousands of slave laborers to death" while building V-2 rockets for the nazis during World War II.

President Reagan orders the CIA to investigate “the possibility of improper Conduct” ’ in connection with its production of a psychological warfare manual for Nicaraguan rebels that says some leftist government officials could be “neutralized” with the ‘selective use of violence.’


Technology news – October 8, 1984 

This week - nine airlines are set to offer sky telephone service. The cost is $7.50 for the first three minutes and $1.25 a minute thereafter. Passengers shouldn’t expect to receive calls as the planes will have unlisted phone numbers.


Medical/Health/AIDs news update – October 8, 1984

AIDS update - The government reports that researchers have found the virus believed to cause AIDS in the saliva of people who have a pre-AIDS condition or who have a pre-AIDS condition or who have had contact with known victims of the disease.


Fascinating Facts – Inventor Of The Rubik’s Cube Is… October 8, 1984

Wins patent infringement - A court rules that 48-year old chemist Larry Nichols is the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube and not Erno Rubik, the Hungarian professor of Architecture who once earned more than $30,000 per week just on royalties. Nichols,  invented the puzzle in 1969. Nichols’ employer, Moleculon research Corp, to whom he assigned all rights, patented the puzzle in 1972 and offered it to a number of companies including Ideal Toy, which turned it down. Nichols and Moleculon, asked the U.S. District Court for $60 million in treble damages against Ideal and its parent, the CBS Toys Divison. When the cube became a hot in 1981, Moleculon wrote to ideal,  putting the company on notice that it believed its patent had been infringed. In the suit, Moleculon did not charge that Rubik had stolen the cube from Nichols. “We contended that Ideal ignored our valid patent,” said Nichols.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – October 8, 1984

(Britain) Actor Alan Lake, husband of the late Diana Dors, fatally shoots himself on the anniversary of the day they met (Oct 10). He was said to be deeply depressed. The couple married in 1968. He was 43.


Televison news – October 8, 1984

ABC merchandising has licensed a series of posters and stickers featuring six the network’s hunky daytime soap stars:

Steve Bond and Brian Patrick Clarke of General Hospital

Michael Knight - All My Children.

Laurence Lau - All My Children

Grant Show - Ryan’s Hope

Robert S. Woods - One Life to Live.


On Saturday Night Live - Guest host: Bob Uecker with musical guest Peter Wolf.

Kenny Rogers hosts the 18th annual Country Music Association Awards – this week! On CBS-TV.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 8, 1984

CBS - Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Kate & Allie, Newhart, Cagney & Lacey

NBC - TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Movie. Tonight, David Letterman

ABC - Monday Night Football, World’s Greatest Mysteries

PBS - Wonderworks

Lifetime - Regis Philbin’s Health Styles

ESPN - Notre Dame Football

Cinemax - SCTV

HBO - Richard Pryor Here and New


On the World’s Greatest Mysteries - Looks at poltergeists, those who have died and lived to tell about it and those who can see into the future. Hosted by George C. Scott.

On Late Night With David Letterman - Rev. Jesse Jackson and guessing expert Dave Glousky.


Top movies- October 8, 1984

Garbo Talks

Places in the Heart



Purple Rain


Love streams

All of Me

Karate Kid

Irreconcilable differences


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