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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 15, 1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Eight children and two young women are slain in a Brooklyn apartment in what is believed to be the city’s worst mass murder. Said a witness – “It was like a wax museum. They were still sitting up like they were watching TV. One woman still had a glass in one hand, a sandwich in the other. They each had a bullet hole in the head.”

Two American enjoys involved in monitoring the pullback of South African trips from southern Angola are killed in the explosion of a bomb near the Angolan-Namibia border.

A gunman inside the Libyan embassy in London opens fire with a machine gun on a crowd of masked demonstrators in the street chanting “Kadafi’s murderer” killing a policewoman and injuring at least 11 other people.

A bomb explodes at London’s Heathrow Airport, injuring about 20 people. It’s not immediately linked to the police siege around the Libyan embassy in the center of London, now in its fourth day.

President Regan begins his trip to China – his first visit to a communist nation and proclaims “a real American comeback’ and pledges to pursue better economic ties with Peking.

The Supreme Court rules that federal immigration agents may conduct surprise inspections of factories to seek and question suspected illegal aliens.

The economy grew at a rapid 8.3% annual rate – and some say the rapid pace could drive up inflation.

Caucus - Walter F. Mondale gets 45 of Missouri’s 75 pledged delegates.

British foreign secretary sir Geoffrey Howe says Britain will hand over Hong Kong to China I 1997 without retaining an official presence in the country. He said Britain will resist a sellout and is optimistic that it will reach agreement with China for Hong Kong’s 5.5 million residents to have ‘a high degree of autonomy under Chinese sovereignty that would preserve the way of life in Hong Kong together with essentials of the present system.

In Springhill Louisiana – It took a few hours, but they finally raised the body of 4-ton Ellie the Elephant from on top of her dead trainer. Both were killed when a high-power lined plopped the elephant on top of her trainer.

A study undertaken by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications says television preachers do not siphon money or members away from local churches or make many converts to their cause. The Rev. Jerry Falwell, leader of the Moral Majority whose fundamentalist church services are telecast under the name “Old time Gospel hour,’ said he was pleased to have scientific data to try to silence critics. But, he added,” My enemies won’t be convinced.”

Passing – Gen. Mark Clark – controversial officer who led the first American assaults against German and Italian forces in World War II. Also signed documents to end the Korean War.


Radio news – April 15, 1984

Frazer Smith is dismissed from mornings at KLOS Los Angeles. He had been with the station since 1979.

The FCC’s longstanding multiple ownership rule – the 7-7-7 rule is now relaxed. The revisions now allow for hikes in attribution interests in broadcast as well as cable and newspaper properties.

WLS-FM (94.7) suspends afternoon drive personalities Steve Dahl and Garry Meier for “lack of compliance with WLS’ wishes in the structure of their show.”

Also in Chicago – WCFL is going into a contemporary Christian music format. They’re toying with the slogan “Amen 1000.”

Mike Joseph changes KKSS Minneapolis to “Comfy” KMFY.”

Seen in New York – commercials for Z-100 featuring John Cameron Swayze as Z100 takes a knockin’ but keeps on rockin’. Also appearing in the ads – Hulk Hogan.

KQFM Seattle will change its call letters to KKRZ and become Z-100 just like Scott Shannon’s baby in New York, but Shannon has nothing to do with this.

Birch ratings say the Z-100 morning zoo with Scott Shannon at 9.8 rating.

KROQ (Los Angeles) personality Richard Blade considering an offer to do mornings at top-40 KIQQ. KROQ is in the middle of license problems because there are several applicants for the station. But wait -  seems that part-owner Kenneth Brown is set to pay the other license applicants – one of which is Willie Davis. Will Kenneth Brown finally get the station free and clear? It’s up to the FCC.


Television news – April 15, 1984

Nick Clooney a veteran broadcaster who most recently was with WKRC-TV Cleveland, is joining KNBC-TV Los Angeles as anchor.

Look for a new Jim Henson show – “The Muppet Babies” on CBS Saturday mornings.


Music news – April 15, 1984

MTV has moved into new studios. They were in VCA Teletronics Center Stage in New York on the West Side of Manhattan and are now in substantially larger studios owned by Unitel.

Ending a one-year hiatus – the Go-Go’s are back with a new album called “Talk Show.”

New artist Madonna cracks the national top-40 this week with “Borderline.”

Tracy Ullman fills-in as an MTV Vee Jay.

Andy Warhol will make his debut as a rock video director. He’s set to direct the Cars “Hello Again” next month.

Michael Jackson is “awake and doing fine” after undergoing surgery to reconstruct a patch of scalp burned Jan. 27 during filming of a Pepsi Cola TV commercial. “Hopefully, he’ll have a full, complete head of hair said plastic surgeon dr. Steven Hoefflin.

Mick Fleetwood files for bankruptcy, citing debts of more than $3.5 million. Fleetwood is currently on tour with his solo band, Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo.


Top Hit Music Singles In Britain – April 15, 1984

A Love Wirth Waiting For – Shakin’ Stevens

You take Me Up – Thompson Twins

Hello – Lionel Richie

It’s A Miracle – Culture Club

People Are People – Depeche Mode

Glad It’s All Over – captain sensible

It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls

Robert de Niro’s Waiting - Bananarama


Top Music Albums – April 15, 1984

Can’t Slow Down – Lionel Richie

Footloose – Soundtrack

Sports – Huey Lewis & The News

1984 – Van Halen

Love At First Sting – Scorpions

Colour By Numbers – Culture Club

She’s So Unusual – Cyndi Lauper

An Innocent Man – Billy Joel

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Synchronicity – The Police

Into the Gap – Thompson Twins

Ammonia Avenue – Alan Parsons Project

Heartbeat City – The Cars

In 3-D – Weird Al Yankovic

Against All Odds – Soundtrack

Seven and the Ragged Tiger – Duran Duran

Learning to Crawl – Pretenders

90125 – Yes


Top Country Hit Music Singles – April 15, 1984

The Yellow Rose – Johnny Lee and Lane Brody

Right Or Wrong – George Strait

I’ve Been Wrong Before – Deborah Allen

Sweet Country Music – Atlanta

Happy Birthday Dear Heartache – Barbara Mandrell

Candy man- - Mickey Gilley & Charly McClain

I Could A Had You – Leon Everette

I Guess It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes – Oak Ridge Boys

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before – Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – April 15, 1984

Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins

Against Al Odds – Phil Collins

Hello – Lionel Richie

Miss Me Blind – Culture Club

Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Love Somebody – Rick Springfield

Adult Education – Hall & Oates

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

Here Comes The Rain Again – Eurythmics

Jump - Van Halen

Automatic – Pointer Sisters

To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before – Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson

Girls – Dwight Twilley

Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic

They Don’t Know – Tracy Ullman

Don’t Answer Me – Alan Parson’s Project

Head Over Heals – The Go-Go’s

You Might Think – The Cars

I Want A New Drug – Huey Lewis & The News


Top movies – April 15, 1984

Romancing the Stone

Against All odds


The Blade Master

The Big Chill

Police Academy

Hand to Hold

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter

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