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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 8, 1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Recovering from his narrow primary loss to Gary Hart, Walter F. Mondale wins in at least wins the caucus battle in Wisconsin.

Challenger astronauts capture a disabled satellite with a bionic arm and park it in the shuttle’s cargo bay for the first-repair repair in space.

Christopher Wilder who was wanted in a number of murders and sex crimes, shoots himself to death after he was confronted by New Hampshire state police in the Village of Colebrook.

 President Reagan authorizes emergency medical and military aid for embattled El Salvador from Pentagon stocks, bypassing congressional critics of his Central American policy. 

The Chairman and 12 other Democrats on the House Judiciary committee ask the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to determine whether the Reagan Administration is violating the Neutrality Act in Nicaragua.

Visiting a Ford assembly plant in Kansas City, President Reagan calls attention to the resurgence of the auto and home-building industries as illustrations of the nation’s economic recovery.

Patti Davis, daughter of President and Mrs Reagan, is engaged to marry Paul Grilley, a Beverly Hills yoga instructor. They met two years ago while she was taking yoga lessons.


AIDs update – April 8, 1984

Gay bath houses will remain open but sexual activity that may spread the lethal disease AIDS will be prohibited, so says the San Francisco Public Health Director.


Sports news – April 8, 1984

Just misses – The Cincinnati Reds walk their former player – Pete Rose four times and retire him once, foregoing his chance to get his 4,000th hit in his hometown.

The Kansas City Chiefs sign star rusher Ken Lacy of the champion Michigan Panthers of the USFL. Lacy’s defection to the Chiefs marks the first time an established USFL star has chosen to jump to the rival NFL in the league’s two-year battle for the nation’s top football players.


Music news – April 8, 1984

CBS Records did great business in 1983 as operating profits skyrocketed to over $100 million from just over $20 million in 1982. Some of it had to do with the success of Michael Jackson.

Milton Berle appears as both a man and women in Ratt’s current video “Round and Round."

John Cougar Mellencamp plays a boxer in his video “Authority Song.”


Television news – April 8, 1984

Check out “The Duck Factory” – a new NBC-TV show Thursday night. The sitcom stars stand-up-comedian (now actor) Jim Carrey who comes to Hollywood from Duluth in the hopes of landing a job at a cartoon factory. He does and lands in a small animation studio that produces “Dippy Duck” a TV cartoon strip. The owner of the place dies, and Carrey gets hired (where else – at the wake). Teresa Ganzell co-stars as the gal who inherits the business. Also stars Jack Gilford, Nancy lane, Julie Payne, Jay Tarses, Clarence Gilyard Jr. and Don Messick. Produced by Mary Tyler Moore’s company – MTM.

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