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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 1, 1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Gov. Reubin Askew and Sen. Ernest Hollings of South Carolina drop out of the presidential race, leaving 5 democratic contenders to go.

Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s controversial and charismatic leader for nearly all of the last 16 years, announces that he will resign as prime minister as soon as his Liberal party selects a replacement. 

In his first major address since taking power, Soviet leader Konstantin U. Chernenko accuses the United States of seeking world domination and calls on Washington to transform its conciliatory words into deeds.

President Reagan charges that his Democratic opponents had abandoned working Americans and turned to “the trendy politics of the special interests groups.” Reagan might have been responding to Gary Hart’s surprising victories and there may be concern about his futuristic “new ideas” theme. “Will America return to the days of malaise and confusion? Will we go back to double-digit inflation, skyrocketing interest rates and economic stagnation and decline Will we return to self-delusion about our adversaries and retreat in the face of provocation and aggression. To the days of decaying defenses an shattered prestige,” said Reagan.

President Reagan urges Christian ministers to pray that Soviet leaders “might come to know the liberating nature of faith in God.” Reagan also declared that government must change its “hostility to religion” and that a constitutional amendment allowing organized vocal prayer in public schools “would do more than any other action to reassert the faith and values that made America great.”

Walter F. Mondale concedes that he is in trouble in his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination after Sen. Gary Hart’s surprise victory in the recent Maine caucuses.

Another win- Sen. Gary Hart gets 71% of the vote in Vermont – his third victory in a week.


Fascinating Business news – March 1, 1984

Standard Oil reaches agreement to acquire Gulf Oil for $13.2 billion.

Reorganized - After months of struggling with Bankruptcy – Braniff Airlines is flying again with an infusion of $70 million. Pilots who were being paid $100,000 a year or more when the carrier declared bankruptcy I May, 1982 are flying now for about $40,000 a year. The lower salary schedules and the fact that it has almost no debut obligations give Braniff a substantial cost advantage over its rivals.


Sports news – March 1, 1984

Replaced Bowie Kuhn - Peter Ueberroth is named commissioner of baseball. He’ll remain as president of the Los Angeles Olympics Organizing Committee until the Games are completed.

A federal court opens the door for college undergrads who want to play professional football, striking down the USFL’s ban on undergraduates. The decision stemmed from a suit filed last August by Bob Boris, a former Arizona punter, who sought to play in the USLF before his class had graduated.


Music news – March 1, 1984

Neil Diamond charges Columbia Records with failing to release his latest album because the company doesn’t feel the collection is “commercial enough. The singer maintains that his 1981 contract requires the label to release each new LP within 45 days of delivery and asks the court to order Columbia to comply in this case. Diamond’s last album, 1982’s “Heartlight” hit #9 on the national charts.

On HBO this week – Crystal Gayle in Concert.

MTV presents “The Pretenders” in concert. Special guests – The Alarm.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – March 1, 1984

Britain’s Tracey Ullman is making her first splash in the U.S. with her album “You Broke My Heart in 17 Places” and is a weeklong guest veejay on MTV. She’s also appearing on the “Tonight” show this week. 

Passing – William Powell (91). Best known as the suave “Thin Man” detective.

Passing – Actor Jackie Coogan (69). 


Television news – March 1, 1984

HBO, the leading pay-TV channel, has seen its subscriber base decline by 9% over the past year. But it says, it’s seeing a ratings increase in original programming.  

Debuting this week – Suzanne Pleshette stars in sitcom “Maggie Briggs.”

Actress Charita Bauer, who portrays Bert (Bertha) Bauer on the “Guiding Light,” will return to the soap opera this spring. She is recovering from an amputation below the knee, the result of a circulation problem that her doctors discovered last fall.

CBS says it will put closed captioning on some prime-time programming beginning this fall.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 1, 1984 

CBS - Dukes  of Hazzard, Dallas, Emerald Point N.A.S.

NBC – The Master, Legmen, the New Show, Tonight Show

ABC - Benson, Webster, Blue Thunder, Matt Houston, Nightline, Eye on Hollywood

PBS – Wall St. Week, Washington Week

ESPN – USFL Football – Tampa Bay at Arizona.


Emerald Point N.A.S – Adm. Mallory and Maggie Farrell make plans for their marriage. Stars Dennis Weaver.

On The Tonight Show – John Ritter, Robyn Douglass and comedian Jimmy Aleck join Johnny Carson.


Top movies – March 1, 1994

Harry and Son

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The Right stuff

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Against All Odds

Terms of Endearment


Broadway Danny

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