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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of January 24, 1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan announces that he and Vice President Bush will run for reelection. “America is back and standing tall, but our work is not finished. We have more to do in creating jobs, achieving control over government spending, returning more autonomy for the states, keeping peace in a more settled world and seeing if we can’t find room in our schools for god.”

The world’s first baby is born to an infertile woman at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. A donor woman originally fertilized the embryo - the resulting embryo was re-implanted in the womb of the infertile woman - where (for the first time) it developed normally. The baby boy is said to be in great health.

Workers break ground for a $39 million restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The restoration should be complete for the lady’s 100th anniversary in 1986.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator William Ruckelshaus orders the emergency suspension of the use of ethylene dibromide as a fumigant on grain and milling machinery. As research continues - the pesticide will still be allowed on citrus fruit. This is because Americans consume more grain than fruit products.


Fascinating Story Of Death – January 24, 1984

Pilots listening to their radios over South Carolina hear the pleas of a woman passenger on how to land a plane after the pilot of their small Beechwood plane falls unconscious. The pleas lasted for about 30 minutes, but the woman didn’t know she was transmitting on one channel and either her receiver either was turned off or was tuned to the wrong frequency as pilots desperately tried to radio instructions. Another passenger was trying to fly the plane while she radioed for help. It eventually crashed and all four were killed. She was identified as Lynn Grant (27).


Technology news – January 24, 1984

AT&T says it mailed 4,700 telephone credit cards to the wrong people and appeals to those receiving them to be honest.

“Announcing a totally new way to make computers personal. Announcing the Touchscreen Personal computer - The Hewlett-Packard 150... Touch the screen and edit ... Touch the screen and explore ... touch the sreen and see. Setting you free - Hewlett-Packard Personal Compters.”


Best-selling books – January 24, 1984

Bestsellers - “Pet Sematary” - Stephen King, “Poland” - James A. Michener, “The Name of the Rose” - Umberto Eco, “Who Killed The Robbins Family?” - Bill Adler/Thomas Chastain, “Berlin Game” - Len Deighton, “On Wings Of Eagles” - Ken Follett, “In Search of Excellence: Lessons From Amerca’s Best Run Companies” - Thomas J. Peters, “The Discoverers” - Daniel J. Boorstin, “The Best Of James Herriot” - James Herriot.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Media news – January 24, 1984

 In new television ads for New York State - Governor Mario Cuomo now appears in the “I Love New York” advertisements.

Pop star Michael Jackson is hospitalized with burns after a special-effects smoke bomb explodes and sets part of his hair on fire. The singer was filming a Pepsi commercial at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium. Jackson and his brothers were on a stage, performing a “Pepsi” version of his hit “Billie Jean.” Fireworks went off and then said a witness - “The stuff hit his head and his hair caught fire. He fell onto the stage and yelled  “Tito, Tito.”  His physician said the Jackson suffered second and third degree burns in an area several inches in circumference on the back of his head. Continuing, the physician said he doesn’t think Jackson will require cosmetic surgery and that most of the hair in the affected area should grow back.

Jackson burn jokes abound: What does Michael Jackson and the MASH 4077th have in common? .... Major Burns.

After yelling a rash of obscenities in court - publisher Larry Flynt is given a total of 15 months in prison for contempt of court.

Actor Anthony Perkins leaves a London court after being fined $142 for bringing a small amount of marijuana and LSD into Britain. “I have never claimed to be a perfect person and, of course, the imperfections of a man in the public eye will always be under closer scrutiny than the imperfections of the man in the street.”


Sports news – January 24, 1984

Wayne Gretzky’s assisting/scoring streak ends at 51 consecutive games as the LA Kings stop him. Up to this point, Gretzky had at least a goal or an assist in all 51 Edmonton Oilers games this season before this contest. The Kings won the game too - 4 - 2.


Television news – January 24, 1984

Actress Denise Alexander  says goodbye to 75 fans of “General Hospital” at a breakfast in a Manhattan hotel. She’s being written-off the show with producers planning to have her character die. She says she and ABC couldn’t come to contract terms. 


Wednesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – January 24, 1985

CBS - Domestic Life, Empire, Movie ... NBC - Real People, Facts of Life, Night Court, St Elsewhere ... ABC - The Fall Guy, Dynasty, Hotel ... PBS - Special - Live From The Met (4 hours).


On  Real People - Sara Purcell shows off her water-skiing skills; a husband and wife highway patrol team.

On Hotel - Two bickering hotel employees discover they are pen pals.

On The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson - Byron Janis and Tom Jones guest.


Music news – January 24, 1984

Motown Records - known primarily for its black acts - now wants to expand more into rock music. It’s beginning a new subsidiary label called Morocco (Motown Rock Co.). President Jay Lasker says, “Any major label should be working with all types of music. Industry vet Steve Barri is hired to find the acts. Barri was associated with Dunhill Records - working such acts as “The Mamas & Papas” and “Steppenwolf.” Motown dabbled in rock before - with the likes of Rare Earth and Bobby Darin, but never stuck with it. For a brief moment in pop music history - its “Rare Earth” records did release white rock acts including the group Rare Earth and the Messengers.


Top pop hit music singles – January 24, 1984

 “Karma Chameleon” - The Culture Club, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” - Yes, “Talking In Your Sleep” - The Romantics, “Joanna” - Kook & The Gang, “I Guess Why They Call It The Blues” - Elton John, “Break My Stride” - Matthew Wilder, “That’s All” - Genesis, “Running With The Night” - Lionel Ritchie, “Pink Houses” - John Cougar Mellencamp, “Think Of Laura” - Christopher Cross, “Holiday” - Madonna, “Middle Of The Road” - The Pretenders, “So Bad” - Paul McCartney, “Bang Your Head” - Quiet Riot, “99 Luftballons” - Nena


Top Country music hit singles – January 24, 1984

Top Country - “In My Eyes” - John Conlee, “Baby, I Lied” - Deborah Allen, “The Sound Of Goodbye” - Crystal Gayle, “Show Her” - Ronnie Milsap.


Top movies – January 24, 1984

 Broadway Danny Rose - Woody Allen Mia Farrow, Nick Apollo Forte

The Lonely Guy - Steve Martin, Charles Grodin, Judith Ivey, Steve Lawrence, Robyn Douglass

The Buddy System - Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon, Nancy Allen

The Right Stuff - Charles Frank, Scott Glenn Ed Harris

Sudden Impact - Clint Eastwood, Sandra Locke

Star 80 - Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts, Cliff Robertson, Carroll Baker

Night Of The Zombies - Frank Garfield, Margit Newton

Heart Like A Wheel - Bonnie Bedelia, Beau Bridges, Leo Rossi, Hoyt Axton


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