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Five or six numbers. It's all that it takes to change one's life for good. If you have at least once in your life played the lottery when there was a huge jackpot prize at stake, you know the feeling. Your mind starts to wander endlessly, thinking about all the things you could buy and places you could visit with €1,100,000 – the current size of the Spanish Bonoloto lottery game. Or maybe you need money to pay some huge hospital bills for someone who is sick in your family. There are also plenty of lottery players who have been laid off from work and are desperately digging for a new money source – and lots of bored employees who never landed their dream job and are now secretly contemplating winning the lottery and eloping to an exotic island. And of course we have the celebs – movie actors, professional sportsmen, singers – who wouldn't mind adding some extra money to their accounts.

The fact that a simple game of lottery – with an usually whopping jackpot prize – can bring together such a diversified array of players comes to prove just how popular the game truly is worldwide. Labeling the lottery as a big part of the popular culture is therefore a logical thing to do.

But While You Cannot Guarantee Yourself A Jackpot...

It doesn't mean the game of lottery becomes any less appealing or exciting to play. Psychologists have carefully studied human behavior and motivations behind lottery drive especially when dealing with low odds and probabilities that the human brain cannot comprehend to their full extent. Basically, when it comes to lottery play, we all tend to turn into damsels in distress and let our rescue fantasies loose. We confront with the so-called “Cinderella complex”, thinking some fairy godmother – in this case, our Lady Luck – will come in and save us. So we keep buying tickets week after week, joining hands with the rest of passionate players all around the world. And there's a lot of them, even though the odds of winning a popular game of lottery like Bonoloto you can find here https://www.icelotto.com/bonoloto-results/ are smaller than the odds of dying from a bee sting or being struck by lightning. Players continue to go online and make their purchases on websites like Icelotto.com and other similarly popular lotto platforms, especially since they provide them with nice discounts and other advantages.

Discounts&Bonuses Make Online Lotteries Popular

Another trademark of today's popular culture refers to discounts. Well all love a good discount and we have developed a genuine discount culture dragging us into malls every time we know there's a chance of landing a good deal on clothes, electronics, or food. And the same goes for lottery discounts and welcome bonuses for new players. If you were to choose between buying Bonoloto tickets off a website that does not offer any kind of financial advantage, and one that allows you to save up to 25% per draw, which one would you choose? Take a look at the IceLotto.com and check out their multi-draw discounts ranging from 2% up to 25%. See how much bonus money you be given and allowed to use for your future ticket purchases.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

We tend to copy all types of behaviors that seem popular around us, and since playing the lottery counts among them, it is easy to see why we love playing week after week. Jumping on the bandwagon is one of the oldest motivators studied by psychological behavior experts. Most of us want to be with the in-crowd and not feel left out.

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