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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of October 1, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Leaders of Continental Airlines pilots union vote to strike to protest pay cuts and longer hours imposed after the carrier sought protection under bankruptcy laws. Flight attendants will join them.

A Lebanese jetliner lands at Beirut International Airport, hours after the Druze militia agreed to allow the field to reopen for the first time in more than a month.

Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale wins the presidential straw poll in Main.

President Reagan, citing pressing duties at home, but equally concerned with security, drops the strife-torn Philippines and two other nations from his trip to the Far East. 

Two special trains roll across Europe to mark the 100th birthday of history’s most famous train – the Orient express.

A Republic Airlines DC-9 taking off from John Wayne airport in Orange County, CA, leaves a trail of flaming debris, igniting 15 homes in the Newport Beach area. The cause was an engine failure. Nobody was injured.  

Gene Austin who tried to save his drowning son, watches as three porpoises found the teenager’s body and nudged it to shore. Cherry had tried to save his son who disappeared beneath the waves when paddling a small raft off the Currituck outer banks. “I have lived here all my life and I always heard that a porpoise will push a dead man to shore. Makes you wonder,” said Austin of Corolla, NC.


Fascinating Facts – October 1, 1983

Federal Express now uses Monty Python’s John Cleese for their spots. In fact Cleese is busier than ever – doing advertisements all over the world for different clients. Cleese also does industrial training films – 35 so far. Says the entertainer; “I’ve always been able to pass myself off as a professional, reliable chap, who, due to a bum steer, ended up in show business. It’s always been part of my strength to come on respectable and then go quietly mad – or rather, noisily mad.”

Airliners –

United is the largest carrier in terms of passenger miles. Other strong major airlines –

Delta, American, Northwest, Pan American, USAir. Weaker majors – TWA, Eastern, Continental, Western, Republic.


Technology news – October 1, 1983

AT&T unveils a $1.75billion cut in interstate long-distance telephone charges but at the same time, discloses plans to charge 75 cents a call for long-distance information calls. A 10-minute night call between Atlanta and Chicago would drop 16.3% to $2.25 from $2.69.


Top computer games –

Zork 1

Blue Max




Lode Runner

Legacy of the Llylgamyn

Fort Apocalypse


MCI Communications Corp. unveils a new nationwide electronic mail system that will offer four topes of service ranging from instant communications between personal computers to laser-printed letters delivered by regular mail. The new service – MCI Mail. To use it, a person with a PC or other device will need a modem. 


Sports  news – October 1, 1983

 The New York Jets say they will move to New Jersey after the season and the city will search for a new football team, so says a shocked Mayor Edward Koch. The team will leave Shea Stadium and take up at Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands complex. Koch is expected to lure another team to the City.


Broadway Shows - Here’s how they stack for the most runs… October 1,,1983

A Chorus Line – 3,393

Grease – 3,388

 Fiddler On The Roof – 3,242

Life With Father – 3,224

Tobacco road – 3,182

Oh, Calcutta – 3,000

Hello Dolly – 2,844

My Fair Lady – 2,717

Annie – 2,377

Man of LaMancha – 2,328

Abie’s Irish rose – 2,327

Oklahoma – 2,212

Pippin – 1,994

South pacific – 1,925

Magic Show – 1,920

Deathtrap – 1,792

Gemini – 1,788

Harvey – 1,775


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – October 1, 1983

The A-Team – 25.3

Hotel – 23.7

Love Boat – 21.5

Hardcastle & McCormick – 20.7

Fall Guy – 20.3

Remington Steele – 20.0

Movie-Thunderball – 19.9

MASH – Final Episode – 19.3

Facts of Life – 19.0

Magnum, P.I. – 18.6

60 Minutes – 18.2

 Movie- Saturday Night Fever – 18.1

1983 Emmy Awards – 18.0

Simon & Simon – 17.9

10/20 – 17.5

Fantasy Island – 172.2

George Burns Special – 16.4

Lottery – 15.2

Movie-Blazing Saddles – 16.1


Radio news – October 1, 1983

New network – the National Gay Network based in San Francisco.



Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 1, 1983

CBS – Magnum P.I., Simon and Simon, Knot’s Landing

NBC – Gimme a Break, Mama’s Family, We Got It Made, Cheers, Live..And In Person, Tonight Show

ABC – Trauma Center, It’s Not Easy, 20/20, Nightline


On Trauma Center – Part II and a continuation from last night’s “Fall Guy” as Cutter performs life-or-death surgery.

On Debut – It’s Not Easy – The heads of two households intertwine by marriage and remarriage. Stars Ken Howard, Carlene Watkins and Bert Convey. 


Television news – October 1, 1983

The 5-year-old CSPAN cable TV channel based in Washington says they hope to accomplish in the upcoming season – “politics,” “live” and “telephone” – more than ever. C-Span employs a staff of 75 with an operating budget of $4 million. Founded in December of 1977, it went on the air in March 1979 and hopes to soon secure a second channel. 

David McCallum is back on TV. He recently completed shooting the role of villain Maurice Vermeil on the CBS daytime serial “As The World Turns.” “I’ve always wanted to do a soap, partly because I have an ego that says I like the pressure,” said the blonde Scotsman.

NBC television says it is switching to satellite distribution of its programs. NBC and Communications Satellite Corp announce that they have signed a 10-year contract for calling for Comsat to distribute NBC programming to its affiliates via satellite.

The FCC awards 23 low-power television station licenses through its first-ever license lottery. The 23 winners were selected from among 78 applicants competing to build stations in 16 cities.


Music news – October 1,1983

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album tops 14 million worldwide sales – the biggest album in CBS’ history. It surpasses “Simon & Garfunkle’s Greatest Hits” which has sold 13 million. “Thriller” has sold some 8 million in the U.S. and has yielded five top-10 singles – “Human Nature,” “The Girl Is Mine,” “Billie Jean,’ “Beat It” and “Wanna Be Startin’ Something.”

Passing – Lucille Armstrong, widow of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. She was 69.


Top movies – October 1, 1983

Eddie and the Cruisers – Michael Pare

Star Wars Return of the Jedi


Strange Invaders

Mr. Mom

Revenge of the Ninja

Risky Business

Staying Alive



The Lonely Lady

Trading Places

National Lampoon’s  Vacation


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