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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of September 1, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Bulletin- A Soviet fighter plane shoots down a Korean Air Lines jumbo jet with 269 aboard (31 Americans) after it was tracked by Soviet radar for 2 ½ hours, after it had strayed into Soviet airspace. President Regan demands a full explanation: “…Words can scarcely express our revulsion at this horrifying act of violence. The United States joins with other members of the international community in demanding a full explanation for this appalling and wanton misdeed.” “The Soviet statements to this moment have totally failed to explain how or why this tragedy has occurred. Indeed, the whole incident appears to be inexplicable to civilized people everywhere.” The President has ordered flags flown at half staff at all federal installations and military bases around the world. 

President Reagan called the Soviet leaders barbaric, callous terrorists and flagrant liars and is considering steps for retaliation for shooting down the Korean Air Lines jumbo jet.

The Soviet government says that a Soviet pilot had fired warning shots and used tracer bullets along the flight path of the South Korean airliner, but made no reference the plane was shot down by a Soviet fighter plane.  

President Reagan says that despite his anger at the Korean airliner downing by the Soviet Union, he will not discontinue U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms talks.

The Soviet Union admits for the first time that its jet interceptors shot down a Korean air Lines jetliner and the United States played tape recordings from the downing of flight 007 before the U.N. Security Council.

The Soviet Union accuses President Reagan of making an “aggressive, hateful speech’ about the downed South Korean airliner and claimed that he was trying to exploit the tragedy to bolster his military policy.

In Lebanon – Leftist Druze Militiamen massacre 24 Christians in a central Lebanese village in retaliation for an army sweep of Muslim Shia and Druze militia strongholds in West Beirut.

For the first time in public – President Reagan is seen wearing a hearing aid.



Sports news – September 1, 1983

Bill Scanlon upsets Tennis’ #1 ranked player, John McEnroe, beating him at the U.S.. Open at Forest Hills.

The NFL says its teams will now be permitted to suit up 49 players for its games, a change in policy from 45 players.

In his first regular-season game as a pro – John Elway, the National Football League’s most heralded rookie quarterback since Pittsburgh’s Terry Bradshaw arrived in 1970, completed one of eight passed for 14 years, was sacked four times for 26 years in losses and threw an interception. The Broncos beat the Steelers 14-10.

Passing Sen. Henry Jackson (D-Wash.) – of a heart attack. He was 71.  


Music news – September 1,1983

He has a hit with “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” but Taco, who lives in Germany is enjoying the fame. He does have a last name, “Ockerse” but he says no one can remember it, much less spell it.

Asia cancels its current tour – which is now about halfway through. Geffen Records says the band has involved itself in “a major project with MTV and it would be impossible to engineer the project and the tour, too.  


Television news – September 1, 1983

Showtime and The Movie Channel form a joint venture. Combined, they’ll have 7 million subscribers, still far less then HBO/Cinemax at 15 million.

Debuting this week in syndication – “Thicke of the Night” – a new talkshow hosted by Canadian Alan Thicke.

Will Lee, who portrayed grocer “Mr. Hooper” on Sesame Street and who died last December – will finally get his death explained on the program this Thanksgiving. “Big Bird” will be told that Mr. Hooper is dead. 

A Northwest airlines jet carrying 87 including sportscaster Howard Cosell, made an emergency landing at La Guardia Airport after the pilot reported two of its three engines lost some power after take-off. Cosell is in hot water after a Monday Night Football broadcast last week, for commenting, “look at that little monkey run” – referring to a Washington Redskins football player.


Top movies – September 1, 1983

Easy Money


Trading Places


Risky Business

Staying Alive




Strange Brew

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