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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of June 6, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

The Reagan Administration backs down and announces that it will exempt psychotics and paranoid schizophrenics from Social Security disability reviews and undertake other reforms to make its controversial reviews more humane.

Family slain - Four family members are found murdered in their home near Los Angeles (Chino). Police are looking for an escaped prisoner. The dead include a 10 and 12-year-old. There was one survivor, the family’s 8-year-old son. 

 President Reagan unveils a new arms control proposal, offering the Kremlin a choice of measuring nuclear arsenals by counting missiles and warheads or by the overall destructive power of each nation’s long-range missiles. 

Retaliation – the United States orders the expulsion of 21 Nicaraguan officials from the country’s six official consular posts in the United States, in retaliation against the ouster of three American diplomats from Managua. 

The Supreme Court strikes down a set of state and local government regulations that could have made abortions more difficult to obtain, including a requirement that abortions for women more than three months pregnant, be performed in hospitals.

Fort Worth - A fire in a pile of carpets nearly extinguished by a guard, flares up and destroys an 87-unit motel building, killing 5 and injuring 31. 

Trouble in Poland – Secret police invade the home of Solidarity chief Lech Walesa and place him under arrest in an effort to keep him from meeting Pope John Paul II.

President Reagan congratulates Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on her “impressive” election victory and asks, “If in the future I should have any need… how would you like to manage a campaign?”

Pioneer 10,  the spacecraft to the stars passes Neptune traveling over 30,000 mph.

Stunner – Sen. Alan Cranston of California wins the straw poll at the Wisconsin Democratic party’s convention. He was followed by Walter F. Mondale and Gary Hart.

Michael Reagan, son of the President complains that his dad has yet to see his 5-year-old son Ashley, and “it’s been quite a while since they’ve seen Cameron (his wife) because of course, one thing, they’re 3,000 miles away.


Fascinating Business news – June 6, 1983

Makes the switch - Burger King says it will now offer Pepsi instead of Coke at its 3,200 outlets. The company says it feels it will get the service and promotional effort needed to be the No. 1 customer of a soft drink supplier.


Sports news - June 6, 1983

USFL action – The Philadelphia Stars score 20 points in the second half and defeat the New Jersey Generals – 23-9. The Michigan Panthers beat the Los Angeles Express 42-17.

New pro - Former Miami quarterback Jim Kelly, signs an estimated $3.5 million contract with the Houston Gamblers – a new USFL franchise. Kelly was a first-round draft choice for the Buffalo Bills.

More sports TV - Officials of the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers and Seattle supersonics unveil plans for the Sports Network – a new national cable pay sports network. The new channel will rely on a satellite hook-up of regional pay-TV sports services already operating in the above cities.

Secretariat wins the Belmont stakes.


Entertainment news – June 6, 1983

Passing – Norma Shearer – once a Hollywood film queen. She was 82.

Passing – movie and television producer Ivan Tors (66).


Music news  - June 6, 1983

The second US Festival comes and goes. The attendance was lower than expected with just over 300,000 in attendance. The music festival needed a 600,000 - 800,000 break-even point. But, backer Steve Wozniak says he wants to do something next year.


Television news – June 6, 1983

CMTV (Country Music Television) is now on 1.5 million cable systems.

Calvin Klein launches new ads – this time without Brooke Shields who use to say nothing came between her and her Calvin Klein jeans. 

Alan Alda, fresh from years on MASH,  will be the new spokesman for Atari home computers.

A jury rules that Dr. Carl Galloway was not slandered by a 1979 “60 Minutes” repot that he signed a phony medical document.

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