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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of May 1, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The town of Coalinga, California is devastated by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. At least 100 buildings collapse in the downtown area with 53 injured. The town is on the western end of the San Joaquin Valley, about 60 miles from Fresno.

Iran radio reports  - Iran orders 18 Soviet diplomats to leave the country within 48 hours and bans Iran’s pro-soviet party for plotting to overthrow the regime of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

The House of Representatives passed toe controversial nuclear freeze resolution, but not until President Reagan’s forces had watered down the measure by adding a time limit that would negate its provision unless progress is made in reducing nuclear arsenals.

Fighting continues in Beirut in the heaviest bombardment since the end of the war last summer.

Scotland Yard detectives are investigating why a sealed white canvas bag containing classified NATO documents was discovered on a London street. The Daily Telegraph newspaper said the bag contained what appeared to be names and details of submarines. Scotland Yard sources said the bag apparently fell from a vehicle.

New Mayor Harold Washington pledged to return 20% of his salary until the city of Chicago could get over its financial crisis. That amounts to be around $12 thousand. “I’ve said before I’m the poorest politician in captivity. I shall remain that.”

Alaska tops the US in a per capita income of $15,200. Mississippi is last with $7,792.

Acid Rain Concerns: May 1983

Environment – Acid Rain is a big subject these days. The EPA says it can cause aquatic damage, but doesn’t know yet if it damages forests or hurts crops. 


Sports news – May 1, 1983

The Baltimore Colts send John Elway’s draft rights to the Denver Broncos. The Colts dealt Elway’s rights to Denver for offensive lineman Chris Hinton. Last week, Baltimore made Elway the Number 1 selection in the 1983 draft: only to be advised by Elway to trade him to a West Coast team or expect him to give-up professional football in favor of playing baseball for the New York Yankees. Elway agreed in principle to a five-year deal with the Bronx Bombers.

Patti McGuire Connors sues her husband, tennis star Jimmy Connors for divorce and custody of their 3-year-old son, saying the 4 ½ year marriage is "irretrievably broken.”

Passing – Norm Van Brocklin (57) – Led Los Angeles Rams to their only NFL championship. 


Technology news – May 1, 1983

On sale, the Compucal Diet Computer. Just place food on the scale, select the information you need and the digital display shows you calories, sodium, fat content, protein, carbohydrates and weight. Available at finer department stores.


Best-selling books – May 1, 1983

Top booksellers - “The One Minute Manager”- Kenneth Blanchard, “Jane Fonda’s Workout Book” and “The Little Drummer Girl” - John le Carre.

Playing in Las Vegas –

MGM Grand – Rich Little

Riviera – Tony Orlando

Caesars Palace – “42nd Street”

Hilton – “Moulin Rouge”


Television news – May 1, 1983

NBC says that Bill Macatee will join “Early Today” as a sportscaster. Macatee joins the program August 1; the same day Connie Chung takes over anchor duties.

Two All-News Cable Channels Going At It – Westinghouse Broadcasting and its all-news channel SNC charge CNN with “maliciously” interfering with their contractual and business relations. This after CNN charged that SNC used its power as a cable systems operator to keep CNN out of those markets and that such practice violated antitrust laws. SNC (Satellite News Channel) is a co-venture of Westinghouse and ABC Video Enterprises.


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – May 1, 1983

Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments – 28.0

Movie “V” – part 1 – 25.4

Dallas – 22.8

60 Minutes – 21.4

Magnum, PI – 21.3

Love Boat – 21.1

 Hart to Hart – 20.9

Simon & Simon – 20.8

TV’s Censored Bloopers – 20.4

Alice – 20.3

Trapper John MD – 19.1

The Mississippi – 19.9

The A-Team – 18.5

9 to 5 – 18.3

Hill Street Blues – 18.1

Three’s Company – 18.0

Real People – 17.9

20/20 – 17.1

MASH – 16.8

Tucker’s Witch – 16.4

One Day at a Time – 16.4

Goodnight, Beantown – 16.1

Newhart – 16.1

Silver Spoons – 16.0

Remington Steele – 15.9

That’s Incredible – 15.9

Dukes of Hazzard – 15.8


Sunday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – May 1, 1983

CBS – 60 Minutes, Goodnight Beantown, Newhart, The Jeffersons, Alice, Trapper John, MD

NBC – America’s Heroes: The Athletic Chronicles, TV’s Censored Bloopers, Movie

ABC – Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Movie,

PBS – Cosmos, Masterpiece Theater, Freedom To Speak

 Bloopers – With William Shatner, Joe Campanella, Melanie Chartoff and Soupy Sales

Alice – Mel sells the dinner to the girls after he’s offered an executive position with a catering company. 


On Cosmos – Dr. Carl Sagan tells how our understanding of planetary motions has increased through time.

NBC Movie – “V” (1963) Part 1 with Marc singer, Faye Grant

ABC Movie “1941” – Dan Aykroyd, Ned Beatty, John Belushi, Treat Williams.


 Music news – May 1, 1983

Motown loses artist Teena Marie to CBS Records. The label attempted to block her move with a lawsuit claiming she reneged on both written and oral contracts. She filed a cross-complaint claiming her Motown pacts were invalid because they were secured through undue influence and fraud.

Creedence Clearwater Revival wins a $8.6 million judgment against Oakland (CA) based Edward J. Arnold Accounting Corp. alleging the firm failed to protect the group’s $5 million investment. Says leader John Fogerty – “They gave me back my life savings.” The firm says it will appeal.

Music television – The second “MTV Basement Tapes” had a 25% better response from viewers than the first installment. “MTV Basement Tapes” features video clips by six unsigned artists. Viewers voted on their favorite by calling a 900 number. After six monthly shows, the winners compete on a finale and the winning band receives a recording contract with EMI-America. Only four more to go!

Dies - Bluesman Muddy Waters - 68. The son of a Mississippi sharecropper whose first instrument was a tin can, Waters is called “the first direct link” between the blues and the rock and roll era. He died in his sleep from coronary arrest. Apparently, he was in good health and planned to make a new album this summer.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – May 1, 1983

Pop music this week in 1983 - Michael Jackson - “Beat It.” Also on the survey - Greg Kihn Band “Jeopardy,” Thomas Dolby “She Blinded Me With Science,” and David Bowie “Let’s Dance,” Prince - “Little Red Corvette,” Laura Branigan - “Solitaire,” Dexys Midnight Runners - “Come On Eileen,”  Irene Cara - “Flashdance - What A Feeling,” Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean;” Duran Duran - “Hungary Like The Wolf,” Styx – “Mr. Roboto,” Hall & Oates – “One on One,” Duran Duran – “Rio,” Journey - “Separate Ways,” Men At Work – “Overkill.”


Top pop hit music in Britain – May 1, 1983

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Church of the Poison Mind – Culture Club

Boxerbeat – JoBoxers

Breakaway – Tracey Ullman

Words – F.R. David

The House That Jack Built – Tracie

True – Spandau Ballet

Is There Something I Should Know – Duran Duran

Ooh to Be Ah – Kajagoogoo

Love Is A Stranger – Eurythmics


Top Black Music Singles – May 1, 1983

Try Again – Champaign

Atomic Dog – George Clinton

I Just Gotta Have You – Kashif

Tonight – Whispers

Beat It – Michael Jackson

I Like It – Debarge

Mornin’ - Jarreau

You Are – Lionel Ritchie

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson


Top Movie Video Rentals – May 1, 1983

Road Warrior

Officer and a Gentleman


The Boat (Das Boot)

Secret of Nimh

The World According To Garp


Rocky III


Top Country hit music singles – May 1, 1983

The Oak Ridge Boys - “American Made,” Shelly West - “Jose Cuervo,” John Conlee - “Common Man,” Alabama - “Dixieland Delight,” Reba McEntire - “You’re The First Time I’ve Thought About Leaving,”  BJ Thomas - “Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love” Earl Thomas Conlee - I Have Love You Girl (But Not Like This Before).


Top music albums – May 1, 1983

Kilroy was Here – Styx

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Frontiers – Journey

H2O – Daryl Hall & John Oates

The Final Cut – Pink Floyd

Pyromania – Def Leppard

The Closer You Get – Alabama

Business As Usual – Men At Work

Toto IV – Toto

The Distance – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

War – U2

Too-Rye-Ay – Dexys Midnight Runners

Kihnspiracy – Greg Kihn Band

Kissing To Be Clever – Culture Club

Cuts Like A Knife – Bryan Adams

Jane Fonda’s Workout Record

1999 – Prince

Lionel Ritchie – Lionel Ritchie

Eliminator – Z.Z. Top

Powerlight – Earth, Wind & Fire


Top Computer/video games – May 1, 1983

Ms. Pac-Man (From Atari)

 Centipede (From Atari)

River Raid

Pitfall (From Activision)


Frogger (From Parker Brothers)

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong (From Coleco)


Radio news – May 1, 1983

 “Top 30 USA” from CBS RadioRadio will debut the weekend of July 8-9. M.G. Kelly, a former 93/KHJ DJ is signed to host. It’ll compete with Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40.”

“Air Supply” is featured on this week’s “Rock, Roll & Remember’ from Dick Clark Thomas Dolby on the King Biscuit Flower Hour.

Frank Cody is upped to director of programming for NBC’s “Source” radio network.

CBS is buying KRLD, Metromedia’s clear-channel station in Dallas at 1080 on the dial.

Joe Piscopo – who with Eddie Murphy, has emerged as a star of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” will debut his own syndicated comedy radio program – “Joe Piscopo At Large.” The two-minute feature has Piscopo impersonating the likes of Frank Sinatra, Andy Rooney and Ted Koppel. He’ll also interview rock musicians such as Mick Jagger.

Malrite is purchasing WVNJ-AM/FM in Newark NJ for $8.5 million (Look out – Malrite is about to change this to legendary WHTZ – Z-100). WVNJ is a sleeper – a beautiful music station with hardly any ratings. WVNY is at 620 AM and 100.3 FM.

The CBS Radio Networks have notified their affiliates that the landlines delivering programs to the northern tier of the U.S. will be cancelled September 30 and CBS Radio programs after that date will be delivered by satellite transmission to that area. Look for satellite deliver to spread soon.


Top movies – May 1, 1983


Valley Girl

Something Wicked This Way

The Hunger


Monty Python’s Meaning of Life


Max Dugan Returns

1990 The Bronx Warriors

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