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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 23, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

President and Mrs. Reagan attend a tribute to sixteen Americans killed in last week’s terrorist bombing of the U.S Embassy in Beirut. Standing by the long row of coffins in Washington, the President called the bombing a “dastardly deed, an act of unparalleled cowardice” and “an attack on all of us and the values that we hold dear.”

President Regan says that U.S. credibility as well as the nation’s security is at stake in El Salvador and declares that critics of his Central America policy are offering only “a prescription for disaster.” Also, President Reagan nominates former Democratic Sen. Richard Stone as special U.S. envoy to the region.

Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky announces he will resign after his Socialist party failed to win a majority in elections. He was one of the world’s longest-serving world leaders and would have entered his fifth term.

Inflation hits its lowest rate since 1965 - .1% in March.

A blue-ribbon panel says that the United States is threatened by “a rising tide of mediocrity” in education that can be stopped only by tougher standards and a longer school day or school year. 

Mayor Diane Feinstein of San Francisco defeats a recall attempt winning mostly from absentee votes.


Fascinating Business news – April 23, 1983

Coca Cola announces it will introduce caffeine-free version of its Coke, Diet Coke and Tab soft drinks in three test markets.

Eastern Airlines reports it lost $60.7 million in the first quarter of 1983, compared with a $51.4 million loss for the same period last year.

Chrysler Corp. reports it earned $172.1 million in the first quarter the best three-month profit in its history.  


Medical/Health news update – April 23, 1983

A study finds that severe, hard-to-treat acne is often caused by an overabundance of an obscure body chemical and many cases can be cleared up with a common steroid drug.


Technology news – April 23, 1983

The government gives the GTE approval of Sprint the green light.


 Sports news – April 23, 1983

Nolan Ryan of the Houston Astros strikes-out his 3,509th batter, passing Walter Johnson as baseball’s all-time strikeout king.

Stanford quarterback John Elway is drafted by the Baltimore Colts, the weakest team in pro football. Elway is said to be disappointed and is considering his other option – to play baseball with the New York Yankees who paid him $100,000 to hit for their farm league during the summer.


Music news – April 23, 1983

Record companies believe the music recession has bottomed-out. The industry is seeing a rapid rise in cassette tape sales (pre-recorded) from 28% of the album market in 1981 to 42% in 1982. CBS Records Group reported a first-quarter profit increase of 101%

Call 1-900-210-RICK to hear Rick Springfield talk about his new album and new single “Affair of the Heart.” It’ll cost you 50 cents a minute. RCA is running ads on MTV. His new album is titled “Living In Oz.”


Entertainment news – April 23, 1983

Passing – Buster Crabbe, swimming hero of the 1932 Olympics and B-movie star. He was 75.

Actor Walter Slezak (80) shoots himself to death at his Long Island home.

Passing – Earl (Fatha) Hines. He was 77. 


Television news – April 23, 1983

Don’t miss country music night – or so it seems on this week’s “Love Boat.” Catch Dottie West, Tanya Tucker, Minnie Pearl and Mel Tillis.

Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – April 23, 1983

CBS – Leonardo: A Journey of the Mind, Movie

NBC – A-Team, Remington Steele, NBC White Paper, Tonight, Late Night With David Letterman

ABC – Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Three’s Company, 9 to 5, Hart to Hart, Nightline

PBS – Nova, American Playhouse


On Happy Days – A new shopping center threatens to put Howard and his hardware store out of business.

On Laverne and Shirley – Sqiggy is held after being mistaken as a Russian dancer.

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