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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 8, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

America’s second space shuttle Challenger glides to landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Jordan says that its talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization had broken down and that King Hussein was not prepared to participate alone in President Reagan’s proposed negotiations on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Republican-controlled Senate Budget Committee sends a sharp message to the White House when it tentatively refused to go along with more than $5 million in spending cuts requested by the administration in social programs.

President Regan interrupts a private luncheon with Vice President Bush to present James Watt with a large gold-colored foot with a bullet hole in it because Watt had “clearly shot himself in the foot” over the Beach Boys controversy. The President, with the help of the First Lady, re-instated the Beach Boys to play in Washington on July 4. First Lady Nancy said she liked the band and that her children had grown up with them and they’re fine, outstanding people and there should be no intention to indicate that they cause problems. A smiling James Watt emerged from the White House and showed his award to reporters saying; “By the way, I’ve learned a lot about the Beach Boys in the last 12 hours, and we’ll look forward to having them here in Washington to entertain us again as soon as we can get that worked out.”

Rep Harold Washington wins and becomes the first black mayor of Chicago.

The DOW hits an all time high – 1156.54.

An 84-foot tall inflated King Kong likeness becomes tangled near the top of the Empire State Building and had to be deflated during a publicity stunt.

Students in American schools should spend more time in the classroom studying five basic subjects with little time left for music, art or other extras, so a federal commission will tell President Regan this month.

Burglars raid the home of Princess Diana’s 74-year-old grandmother and stole jewels and gifts worth thousands of dollars. She was not in at the time of the raid.

China charges that President Reagan had “seized away alive” Chinese tennis star Hu Na from her parents and was prepared to adopt the defecting athlete before allowing her to return to China. The accusations also charged that he was solely responsible for the U.S. decision last week to grant Hu political asylum and said his execution of U.S.-China policy was “stupid."

People Express, which operates 200 no-frills flights on the U.S. East Coast, wants to shuttle passengers between New York and London for $149 each way, much less than the big guys. 


Music news – April 8, 1983

Thomas Dolby – the 24-year-old English multi-instrumentalist says he enjoys working alone: “I don’t get on with people very well. I’m more comfortable with machines. It’s a simple fact.”


Entertainment news – April 8, 1983

 Paul Williams has just completed work on the third “Smokey and the Bandit” movie with pt McCormick and Jackie Gleason. He says of his music, which include the hit “Old Fashioned Love Song” by Three Dog Night and “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters – “My songs have always been against the grain. But people fall in love. They want a ballad to keep as a memento, a tune that doesn’t tarnish.” Williams has his own film company, Tugboat Productions. 

Academy Awards – Some Oscar Winners:

Gandhi – Best Picture

Ben Kingsley – Best Actor

Louis Gossett Jr. (An Officer and A Gentleman) – Best Supporting Actor

Meryl Streep (Sophie’s Choice) – Best Actress

Jessica Lange (Tootsie) – Best Supporting Actress


Sunday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – April 8, 1983

CBS – 60 Minutes, Goodnight Beantown, Gloria, The Jeffersons, Newhart, Trapper John, M.D.

NBC – ChiPs, Movie, Casablanca

ABC – Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Matt Houston, Movie – Altered States

PBS – National Geographic Special. Masterpiece Theater


On ChiPs – A troubled 12-year-old tries to convince Ponch that an alien being is responsible for her crime spree.

On Newhart – Dick is thrilled when asked to join a golf foursome, until wagering gets out of hand.


Top movies – April 8, 1983

Joy Sticks

48 Hours

Black Stallion Returns

Savannah Smiles

Spring Break

Max Dugan Returns

Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

The Outsiders



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