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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 8, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Police officers who commit perjury at criminal trials have absolute immunity from damage suits under the 1871 Civil Rights Act, so says the U.S. Supreme Court.

Atty. Gen. William French Smith gives the FBI broader authority to infiltrate and monitor groups that allegedly condone violence as a tool for social and political change.

 Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker suggests that Congress consider enacting an oil import tax this year to help reduce the budget deficit if world prices dropped below $39 a barrel.

The House votes to raise the retirement age of Social Security benefits to 67 from 65. 

About 500 black youths, angered because police broke up an outdoor party, roam the Liberty City neighborhood in northwest Miami – throw in stones, igniting trash fires and looting a gasoline station. Police had to cordon off a 30-block area.

President Reagan orders that all federal employees who have access to classified information must submit to a lie-detector test in any investigation of leaks or face “adverse consequences,’ including possible dismissal.

Technology – IBM unveils an enhanced version of its popular personal computer and cuts prices on some existing personal computer systems. A basic XT system costs $4,995 says IBM.

Speaking at Epcot Center in Florida, President Reagan says video games are good for you. “I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye and braid coordination in playing these games The Air Force believes these kids will be outstanding pilots should they fly our jets.”

41 New Hampshire towns vote to demand that the federal government act to reduce pollution believe to be caused by acid rain to the Northeast. A group says the pollution has made rain that falls on New Hampshire 40 times more acidic than normal, killing fish in lakes and threatening forests and drinking water.

Some Reagan aides wish the President to stop being such a nice guy. He has a reluctance to fire people. 


Sports news – March 8, 1983

ABC televises three USFL games on Sunday – Chicago-Washington, Philadelphia-Denver and New Jersey-Los Angeles. The ratings weren’t bad. In Philly – a 20.9 rating and a 39 share. In New York – a 28 share and in Los Angeles – a 17.8 rating and a 50 share!

More USFL – The Michigan Panthers get a 9-7 victory over the Birmingham stallions in the USFL’s first Monday night game.  


Media news – March 8, 1983

Let’s face it, Paul Harvey is everywhere. His national radio ratings are the highest for any personality in the field. Each week he produces 5 TV commentaries, 3 newspaper columns, 11 radio newscasts and on top of that, appears several times a week as a speaker.

Passing – Marjorie Guthrie (65) former wife of the late folksinger Woody Guthrie and mother of singer Arlo Guthrie.

Newspaper USA Today Debuts In Chicago This Week.


Television news – March 8, 1983

Walt Disney is pulling its weekly series off CBS because it is starting its own channel – a pay channel on cable. Look for the “Disney Channel” beginning April 18. The channel will operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week with a variety of programming. Disney says it will contain 15 original series and old classics. Among the original programming – “Good Morning Mickey and “Mousercise.”

First Lady Nancy Reagan tapes as a guest star on NBC’s “Diff’rent strokes about drug abuse.

On HBO this week – “An Evening With Robin Williams.” No one is spared!


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 8, 1983

CBS – Square Pegs, Mall & Frye, Alice, One Day At A Time, Cagney and Lacey

NBC – Little House: A New Beginning, M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Tonight, Late Night With David Letterman

ABC – Movie – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

ESPN – USFL Football


M.A.D.D. – Made For TV Movie. 


Top movies – March 8, 1983


10 to Midnight

They Call Me Bruce

Off the Wall

Secret of Nimh

My Tutor

Spring Fever

Lords of Discipline

The Cark Crystal

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