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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 1, 1983 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan says that Israel is needlessly delaying a military withdrawal from Lebanon, neglecting the ‘certain moral point” of the Beirut government’s own wishes.

Chief Justice Warren Burger says that the U.S. Supreme Court’s workload is approaching a “disaster level” and calls for creating a new national tribunal to decide conflicts between federal appeals courts.

A car full with explosives blows up in front of a building housing a research center funded by the Palestine Liberation Organization, killing at least 15 in Beirut.

New York City is set to get its second area code. Look for prefix 718 to serve Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Look for it next year.

Secretary of state George P. Shultz departs China after four days of talks with leaders. He says problems still remain. 

The nation’s key unemployment rate fell in January for the first time since the recession began 18 months ago. It’s now at 10.4%. Responding to the news, President Reagan predicted that the darkest days of unemployment are over and “Americans can take heart” because “we’re on the move now” toward economic recovery.

Weekly radio address – President Reagan said that he does not like the word “Reaganomics” because it sounds like a fad diet or an aerobic exercise, but he insisted that his economic policies with that label are working. “We have a long way to go, but that’s a start at last,” said the President.  He said that in the 16 months since his package of income tax and budget cuts went into effect, “inflation has dropped to only 3.9% for all of 1982, the lowest it’s been in 10 years.” “Interest rates are about half what they were. The effect of that is a 40% increase in housing starts. Automobile sales are up as are all retail sales. Factory orders have begun to increase…. Real wages are up for the first time in three years. The rate of personal savings is up, meaning more capital for investment.” 


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – February 1, 1984

Seems that George Lucas has quietly changed the name of the third Star Wars installment to “Return of the Jedi” instead of “Revenge of the Jedi.’ But posters began showing up back in November before the change and look out, they’re worth some bucks.

Actor Tom Selleck, star of “Magnum P.I.” on CBS, files a $20-milion libel suit against the National Enquirer for three stories published last year. One story said he was having a “blockbuster” romance with Victoria Principal of “Dallas” but Selleck said he never met her.

Who’s Australia’s biggest movie star? With six films to his credit, it’s Mel Gibson. He’s appeared in “Mad Max,” and “Road Warrior” among others. Gibson, born in Westchester, NY – moved to Australia when he was 12 (along with his family). Now he’s back in the States and beginning to make movies in Hollywood. Look for his first Hollywood movie – “The Year of Living Dangerously.”


Music news – February 1, 1983

Passing – Karen Carpenter, the Grammy Award-winning singer who, along with her brother Richard, became one of the most successful pop music duos ever, dies of heart failure brought on from years of anorexia-nervosa. She weighed 108 pounds at her death. She was 32.

Marries – Stevie Knicks to longtime friend Kim Anderson.

Peter Frampton is dropped from A&M Records after a slough of poor selling records. Seems his career hit a downward trend after his appearance in the movie “Sgt Pepper.”

So MTV doesn’t really show black videos – or those by black artists. So where can a video viewer go to see black videos? Answer – USA’s “Night Flight,” HBO, the Music Video Channel, BET and Showtime. 


Television news – February 1, 1983

Mini-series “The Winds of War” does huge ratings its first night. The 18-hour epic runs all week on ABC-TV.


Top movies – February 1, 1983

Without a Trace

48 Hours

The Entity



Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean

Best Friends

The Toy

Mother Lode


The Verdict

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