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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of October 1, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

A sixth Tylenol poisoning victim dies in Chicago.

The democratic-controlled House rejects a White House backed constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget, handing President Reagan a defeat. 

More poison Tylenol is found in California – the first such discovery outside the Chicago area.

Howard Johnson’s has agreed to pay more than $5 million in back wages to 5,000 employees nationwide in one of the largest settlements of its kind. It ends a lawsuit that accused Howard Johnson’s with violating overtime pay provisions.

Washington - President Reagan tells a Republican congressman (Gary Arnold of CA) to “shut up” after the President was accused of deserting the political right.

President Reagan, bracing for bad news on unemployment, told a Republican political rally that critics of his policies should “join us in correcting the ills of the economy rather than carping about it.”

In Ohio – President Reagan blames America’s economic woes on “pipe dreamers” in Washington and promised “the days of national malaise” are over.

Inflation down - Treasury Secretary Donald T. Regan says “consumer price inflation through the first eight months of this year is running at a 5.1% annual rate and the rate for the year as a whole could approach the 4.8% increase posted in 1976.

Stocks rise after prime interest rates are cut by 1%. The Dow Jones index rose 37.07 points.

Richard M. Nixon says in his new book “Leaders,” that a leader is a complex stew and the ingredients include egotism, ruthlessness and knowing when you have overstayed your welcome.


Technology news – October 1, 1982

 The Supreme Court shields the successful “Pac-Man’ video game from being zapped by similar-looking competitors. The court let stand a decision barring further sales of a home video game known as a “K.C. Munchkin” that closely resembles pac-an. Both pac-Man and K.C. Munchkin are maze-chase games employing a player-controlled central character, pursuit characters, dots and power capsules. K.C Munchkin features a blue figure and its creators claim it has ore of a complete character. It debuted in 1981. The stakes are high. Midway Mfg. Had pac-Man sales of  $150 million in arcade machines on one year alone. Atari Inc. had booked sales of the Pac-Man home video cartridges of 424 million before the cartridge went on sale.


Sports news – October 1, 1982

The NFL strike is still on as weekend games are cancelled. Negotiators for the NFL owners are refusing to resume bargaining so long as players keep their wage-scale demand on the table.  

Hall of Famer Bill George who played for the Chicago Bears as a linebacker, is killed in an auto accident near Rockford. He was 51.


Television news – October 1, 1982

 On Fridays (ABC) this week – Guest host Karen Allen with musical guest the Stray Cats.

Johnny Carson signs a new long-term contract to remain as host of the “Tonight” show.


Top movies – October 1, 1982


Rocky III




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