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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of September 15, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Hundreds of Palestinians are massacred in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in Beirut by Lebanese Christian militiamen - even though Israeli troops were just outside the camps. Many were woman and children. The slaying of the Palestinians comes only a few days after the bombing assassination of Lebanon’s president-elect Bashir Gemayel, leader of the Christian Falangists. President Reagan expressed outrage over the massacre and demands the immediate withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from Beirut. “We also expect Israel thereafter to commence serious negotiations which will first lead to the earliest possible disengagement of Israeli forces from Beirut and, second to an agreed framework for early withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon.”

Jordan’s King Hussein says that he will not negotiate with Israel as long as Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Defense Minister Ariel Sharon are still in power, saying the two are from the “same school of terrorism.” Israel says that its army officers ordered Christian Falangist militiamen to cease firing and leave the two Palestinian refugee camps, but the gunmen did not withdraw for several hours. Sources say Israel troops never entered the camps themselves and - contrary to earlier reports - did not open fire on the Falangists to prevent additional killings.

Many passenger trains halt service due to a nationwide strike of locomotive engineers. Passenger traffic in the Northeast between Boston, New York, Washington and Chicago was largely uninterrupted, but there was no service south of Washington or west of Chicago. Freight service is running anywhere from 30% to 75% of normal, but industry analysts say a prolonged strike could virtually shut down traffic on the nation’s 110 major lines, which currently carry almost 40% of intercity freight. 


Princess Grace Dies – week of September 15, 1982

Neurologist Dr Jean Duplay, who attended Princess Grace in her final hours, says she suffered a stroke before her auto plunged off a Riviera mountain road. And, according to the doctor, Grace’s younger daughter Princess Stephanie tried to stop their Rover 3500 sedan but was unable to activate the emergency break before the car tumbled 120 feet off the road. There were reports that it was Stephanie driving the vehicle and that Princess Grace died of a brain hemorrhage resulting from the accident. Princess Stephanie is in satisfactory condition, though suffering from multiple injuries including a broken leg, ribs and collarbone. Old friends from Hollywood, royalty and elsewhere are converging in Monte Carlo to bid the princess a final farewell at Saturday’s funeral.

Princess Grace is buried in the vault of Monaco’s reigning family. Her husband, Prince Rainier presided over the private evening ceremony.


Automobile News –Best  Mileage – September 15, 1982

 For the sixth straight year, Volkswagen tops the government’s annual mileage rankings. A diesel-powered Volkswagen Rabbit becomes the first vehicle to reach 50 miles per gallon in the annual rankings released by the EPA. The Nissan Sentra and a Volkswagen Rabbit without the sop-and-start feature tied for #2 at 48mpg. The Honda Civic is the highest-ranking gasoline-powered car at 46mpg.


Medical/Health news – September 15, 1982

David “the bubble boy” celebrates his 11th birthday. David’s mother Carol and his sister Katherine, 14, invited the family priest and several of David’s friends from school to attend his birthday party. He was hoping to receive more Star Trek items and a computer game - and he did. David suffers from a rare genetic disease and has no natural defense against germs that could infect his body and kill him.  


Sports news – September 15, 1982

A strike is called by the NFL - the first regular-season walkout in pro football history. Throughout the bargaining sessions, the Players Association has stood firm on its original demand for 55% of the owner’s gross revenues.


Technology news - Atari Video Game Cartridges - September 15, 1982

Get these video game cartridges now from Atari:

Berzerk - $23.75

Defender - $25.45

Yar’s Revenge - $21.20

Demon’s to Diamonds - $21.20

Pac-Man - $25.45

Haunted House - $16.95

Super Breakout - $21.20

Asteroids - $25.45.

Just insert a cartridge into the Atari Video Computer system and get ready for hour of bleeps, blinks and blasts right on your TV. It’s like having a video arcade in your living room..


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – September 15, 1982

60 Minutes - 25.3

Monday Night Football - 24.9

NFL Football - CBS - 23.5

NFL Football postgame - 23.2

Too Close for Comfort - 23.0

Three’s Company - 22.8

Emmy Awards - 21.6

Hart to Hart - 21.3

Seven Brides/Seven Brothers  - 19.7

MASH - 19.5

Laverne & Shirley - 18.1

Happy Days - 17.2

NFL Football - 17.0

 Quincy, M.E. - 16.7

WKRP in Cincinnati - 16.6

House Calls - 16.5

Facts of Life - 16.2

Magnum PI - 15.6

Simon & Simon - 15.6

Gimme A Break - 15.6

Love Sidney - 15.6

Hill Street Blues - 15.5

Dallas - 15.4

Real People - 15.3

Meatballs - 15.3

Murder In Texas Part 2 - 15.3

The Shootist - 15.2

Alice - 15.1

Dukes of Hazzard - 14.3

TV Movie - Charles and Diana - A Love Story - 14.3


Television news – September 15,1982

NBC White House correspondent John Palmer is named news anchor on the “Today” show, replacing Chris Wallace who will assume Palmer’s post.


Emmy Awards Winners:

Best Comedy - Barney Miller

Best actor in comedy - Alan Alda - MASH

Best actress in comedy - Carol Kane - Taxi

Best supporting actor in comedy - Christopher Lloyd - Taxi

Best supporting actress in comedy - Loretta Swift - MASH

Best Drama series - Hill Street Blues

 Best actor in a drama - Daniel J. Travanti - Hill Street Blues

Best actress in a drama - Michael Learned - Nurse

Best supporting actor in a drama - Michael Conrad - Hill Street Blues

Best supporting actress in a drama - Nancy Marchand - Lou Grant


Eight reasons why you should sign up for HBO and Cable TV now!”

1) Prime time all the time

2) 24-hour HBO - America’s favorite pay TV service

3) Sports events only cable TV can bring you

4) Major concerts and theatrical events you don’t get on ordinary TV

5) Exclusive children’s programming

6) News coverage you can’t get on ordinary TV

7) Special interest shows created especially for cable TV

8) Cable TV and HBO now a better value than ever


Wednesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – September 17, 1982

CBS - Debut Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Movie

NBC - Real People, Debut-Family Ties, Quincy

ABC - Debut-Tales of the Gold Monkee, Dynasty

PBS - The Most Endangered Species, Closing Ranks, South Bronx: Work in Progress.


Debut - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

CBS TV Movie - “Maid in America” - Susan Clark, Alex Karras, Fritz Weaver, Barbara Spielberg. Comedy about two people struggling with the changing roles of men and woman.

Debut - Family Ties - Meredith Baxter Birney and Michael Gross star as a couple who came of age in the 60’s and are now trying to raise their children in the conservative 80’s. Co-stars Justin Bateman, Tina Yothers and Michael J. Fox.  

The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson - guests Richard Benjamin, Maureen Murphy  


Best-selling books – September 15, 1982

Bestsellers - Master of the Game - Sidney Sheldon

Different Seasons - Stephen King

Lace - Shirley Conran

The Valley of Horses - Jean M Auel

The Case of Lucy Bending - Lawrence Sanders

Crossings - Danielle Steel

The E.T. Story Book - William Kotzwinkle

Prodigal Daughter - Jeffrey Archer

Life Extension - Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

Living, Loving and Learning - Leo Buscaglia

Jane Fonda’s Workout Book - Jane Fonda

How To Make Love to a Woman - Michael Morgenstern

Princess - Robert Lacey

When Bad Things Happen to Good People - Harold S. Kushner

Lana: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth - Lana Turner

Richard Simmons’ Never-Say Diet Cookbook - Richard Simmons


Music news – September 15, 1982

Singer Teddy Pendergrass is released from a Philadelphia hospital after he was injured in March when his car crashed into a tree. His doctor said, “I don’t see him walking again, but that won’t have any effect on his singing talents.”


You say you like Funk music? Here are some of the best funk artists of the day:

The Gap Band

Rick James


Dazz Band

One Way


Kool & The Gang

The Isley Brothers

The Bar-Kays,

The Fatback Band

Chocolate Milk

The Bar-Kays



Goodie D.Train

George Clinton


Top Country #1 – September 15, 1982

“What’s Forever For” - Michael Martin Murphy


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – September 15, 1982

Jack and Diane - John Cougar

Hard to say I’m Sorry - Chicago

Abracadabra - Steve Miller

You Should Hear How She Talks About You - Melissa Manchester

Somebody’s Baby - Jackson Brown

Hurts So Good - John Cougar

Love is in Control - Donna Summer

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Who Can It Be Now - Men At Work

Somebody’s Baby - Jackson Browne

I Keep Forgettin’ - Michael McDonald

You Can Do Magic - America

Big Fun - Kool and the Gang

Break It To Me Gently  - Juice Newton

Blue Eyes - Elton John

Think I’m In Love - Eddie Money

Let Me Tickle Your Fancy - Jermaine Jackson

Do You Want To Touch Me - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Hot In The City - Billy Idol

Jump To It - Aretha Franklin

Never Been In Love - Randy Meisner

You Dropped A Bomb On Me - The Gap Band

Johnny Can’t Read - Don Henley

Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash


Top music albums – September 15, 1982

Mirage - Fleetwood Mac

American Fool - John Cougar

 Asia - Asia

Good Trouble - REO Speedwagon

Vacation - the Go-Go’s

Emotions in Motion - Billy Squier

Chicago 16 - Chicago

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Pictures at Eleven - Robert Plant

Abracadabra - Steve Miller

Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson


Other top music albums – September 15, 1982

Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen (released this week)

Soundtrack - Fast Times at Ridgemont High

No Fun Aloud - Glenn Frey

I Can’t Stand Still - Don Henley

It’s Hard - The Who

If That’s What It Takes - Michael Mcdonald

Talking Back To The Night - Steve Winwood

 Daylight Again - Crosby Stills & Nash

Three Sides Live - Genesis

Donna Summer - Donna Summer

High Adventure - Kenney Loggins

Rock in a Hard Place - Aerosmith

Voyeur - Kim Carnes

Rough Diamonds - Bad Company

Soundtrack - E.T. - John Williams

Special Forces - 38 Special


Top movies – September 15, 1982

(Special advisor Sun Myung Moon) Inchon - Laurence Olivier, Jacqueline Bisset, Ben Gazzara, Toshiro Mifune, Richard Roundtree

 E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial - Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton, Drew Barrymore

Best Little Whorehouse In Texas - Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton

Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Richard Romanus

Night Shift - Henry Winkler

The Wall

Young Doctors In Love

Star Trek - The Wrath Of Kahn - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy

An Officer and a Gentleman - Richard Gere, David Keith, Debra Winger, Lou Gossett Jr.

Rocky III - Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young

The World According To Garp - Robin Williams

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