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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of July 8, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Soviet President Leonid I. Brezhnev warns President Reagan that the United States should keep its marines out of Lebanon.

A Pan Am World Airways jetliner crashes into a New Orleans residential area killing six on the ground and 145 on board. The plane took-off during a severe thunderstorm and crashed two minutes later.

President Reagan lifts the economic sanctions imposed against Argentina after it invaded the Falkland Islands. 

Secretary of State designate George Shultz says before a Senate committee confirmation hearing the crisis in Lebanon dramatizes the need to address all dimensions of the Palestinian problem and he urged Palestinian participation in the Camp David talks.

President Reagan tells Honduran President Roberto Suazo Cordova that the people of the Central American nation “can count on us.”


Fascinating Business news – July 8, 1982

Caffeine free is in – Pepsi Cola, following rival 7-Up, says it plans to introduce decaffeinated cola and Coke announces the introduction of a new sugar-free soft drink to be called “Diet Coke.”


Sports news – July 8, 1982

The NCAA will expand its playoffs in basketball, it’ll retain its 48-team postseason basketball championship but will initiate a pre-tournament elimination round next season, giving a total a 52 teams a chance to win the title.  


Entertainment/Music/Celebrity/Movie news – July 8, 1982

Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary at a gathering at Chasens in Hollywood. Seen – Jill St. John, Kirk Douglas, Louis Jourdan and Milton Berle.

Catherine Reilly, who portrayed the “blue nun” in those television wine commercials, kills her boyfriend with his police revolver during a lovers’ quarrel and then shot herself to death. She also played a secretary in the first “superman’ movie and was busy as a model.

 Singer Debbie Boone makes her Broadway debut in “Seven Brides for seven Brothers” but got a cool reception by critics. The New York Post critic found Boone “refreshingly sexy – a sort of American Julie Andres.” But the Daily News said, “”the whole thing goes down like a dose of Maalox.” Said the New York Times – “The star’s acting skills are minimal, but when her hair is up and her forced good cheer is particularly frosty, one can picture her doing a rude impression of Nancy Reagan on ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

Get Married – Actor Robbie Benson (26) and actress Karla DeVoto (29).

Rod Stewart is the host and musical guest for “Saturday Night Live” this week.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – July 8, 1982

CBS – Walter Cronkite’s Universe, Movie

NBC – Bret Maverick, Flamingo Road, Tonight, Late Night With David Letterman

ABC – Baseball, Nightline

PBS – Danger: UXB, Mystery!

ESPN – CFL Football


On the Tonight Show – Joan Rivers guest hosts with guests Fred Travelena, Morgan Fairchild


Top movies – July 8, 1982

The Thing


Rocky III

Blade Runner

Star Trek II

Visiting Hours


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