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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of June 12, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Argentine forces surrender to the British field commander on the Falkland Islands,  returning British rule after 74 days of  the invasion of Argentina.

Israel makes an amphibious assault on the port city of Sidon in an effort to trap PLO forces in southern Lebanon and prevent them from moving north toward Beirut.

President Reagan sends Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin a stern letter calling for cease-fire and Israeli troop withdrawal from Lebanon. Meanwhile, Israel claims at least 20 more Syrian jets in dogfights over Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia King Khaled dies of a heart attack and is succeeded by his half-brother - pro-western Crown Prince Fahd.

A Municipal Court judge in Newark, NJ dismisses assault charges against Nancy Kissinger, the wife of Henry Kissinger - after an altercation at the Newark airport in which she supposedly grabbed a woman by the neck after she (the woman) made some sneering comments about her husband.


Fascinating facts – June 12, 1982

Near Warren, Ohio - Shannon Markko (14) was mistaken for a groundhog while lying in a field of hay and shot dead by a neighbor farmer who saw her brown hair and mistook it for the animal.

Near San Francisco, a 220-pound woman - Betty Marie Mentry (45) is accused of killing her nine-year-old son by sitting on him. She told officers that a local counseling service advised her to use her weight in controlling the boy during his temper tantrums.


Technology news – June 12, 1982

AT & T reaches joint venture agreements with 19 other telephone companies to develop something called (cellular radio). The technology is expected to revolutionize mobile phone communication.


Sports news – June 12, 1982

Coach Pat Riley takes the Lakers to their second NBA championship victory in three years as the Lakers beat the 76ers in game 6 - 114-104. Magic Johnson gets the MVP for the final game. 

Passing - Leroy (Satchel Paige) - legendary Negro League.

Pitcher and a member of the baseball hall of fame (75).


Fascinating Business news - June 12, 1982

Bumble Bee Seafoods recalls as many as  1 1/2 million cans of tuna because the cans contain small holes which may let bacteria into them. So far, no illnesses have been reported.

Stroh Brewing Company of Detroit buys the 133 year-old Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company of Milwaukee in an approved $495 million takeover.


Best-selling books – June 12, 1982

“The Parsifal Mosaic” - Robert Ludlum, “Eden Burning” - Belva Plain, “The Man From St Petersburg” - Ken Follett, “No Bad Dogs The Woodhouse Way” - Barbara Woodhouse, “Jane Fonda’s Workout Book” - Jane Fonda, “Living, Loving and Learning” -  Leo Buscaglia.


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – June 12, 1982

 Too Close For Comfort (20.4), Hill Street Blues (20.2), Hart To Hart (19.5), Three’s Company (19.3), 60 Minutes (19.1), MASH (19.1), Quincy, ME (18.4), Gimmie A Break (18.3), Different Strokes (18.1), House Calls (17.8), Fantasy Island (17.3), Love Boat (17.1), Fast Charlie The Moodbeam Rider (16.6), Tony Awards (15.8), Dukes Of Hazzard(15.7), Taxi (15.7), Magnum PI (15.6), Dallas (15.1), One Day At A Time (14.9).


Daytime Emmy awards winners – June 1982

Variety Series - The Regis Philbin Show (recently cancelled by NBC)

Drama Series - The Guiding Light

Game Show - Password Plus

Talk Show - The Richard Simmons Show

Children’s Entertainment Series - Captain Kangaroo,

Actor-Drama - Anthony Geary (Luke Spenser) - General Hospital

Actress-Drama - Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord Callison) - One Life To Live

Host/Hostess Talk - Phil Donahue - The Phil Donahue Show

Host/Hostess - Merv Griffin - The Merv Griffin Show


Saturday morning television/listings/programs/TV guide – June 12 1982

CBS - Popeye and Olive, Tarzan-Lone Ranger-Zorro, Bugs Bunny-Road Runner, Black Star,In the news, Trollkins, In the news, Tom & Jerry, Kwicky Koala, 30 minutes ... NBC - Flintstone Comedy Hour, Smurfs, Kid Super Power Hour, Spiderman, Space Stars ... ABC - Superfriends, Richie Rich: Scooby-Scrappy Doo, Fonz-Laverne & Shirley, Heathcliff & Marmaduke, Goldie Gold-Action Jack Thundarr Hour, ABC Week Special, American Bandstand.


Saturday Night TV - CBS - Walt Disney, Movie ... NBC - Harper Valley, One OF The Boys, Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters, NBC Magazine ... ABC - Today’s FBI, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island.


Music news – June 12, 1982

Passing - Addie (Micki) Harris McFadden (41) - one of the original members of the Shirelles. She collapsed and died in the lobby of the Hyatt regency Hotel in Atlanta after two performances - complaining of stomach problems.


At the Music City awards in Nashville June 1982:

 No 1 Female artist, musician of the year/ shared comedy act/ and country TV music show of the year - Barbara Mandrell

Top Male artist - Marty Robbins

Top Female artist - Shelly West

Top Vocal Group - The Statler Brothers 


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – June 12, 1982

 “Ebony and Ivory” - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, “Roseanna” - Toto, “Don’t You Want Me” - Human League, “Always On My Mind” - Willie Nelson, “Heat Of The Moment” - Asia, “Crimson And Clover’ - Joan Jett, “Let It Whip” The Dazz Band, “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle” - Deniece Williams, “Hurts So Good” - John Cougar, “Body Language” - Queen, “When It’s Over” - Loverboy, “Don’t Talk To Strangers” - Rick Springfield.


Top music albums – June 12, 1982

 “Asia” - Asia, “Tug Of War” - Paul McCartney, “Original Musicquarium I” - Stevie Wonder, “Diver Down” - Van Halen, “Always On My Mind’ - Willie Nelson, “Dare” - Human League, “Aldo Nova” - Aldo Nova, “Toto IV” - Toto, “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” - Rick Springfield, “Chariots Of Fire” - Vangelis.


Top country hit music singles – June 12, 1982

Top Country - “For All The Wrong Reasons” - The Bellamy Brothers, “Slow Hand” - Conway Twitty, “Any Day Now” - Ronnie Milsap.


Top movies – June 12, 1982

ET - Dee Wallace, Peter Coyote

Star Trek III - The Wrath Of Kahn - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy

 Poltergeist - Jobeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson

Rocky III - Sylvester Stallone

Grease 2 - Maxwell Carlfield, Michelle Pfeiffer

Hank Panky - Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner

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