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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of May 23, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan angrily accuses House Speaker Thomas P. (tip) O’Neill Jr. of “political demagoguery” and being “obsessed” with making Social Security an election issue.

Falklands update – The crew of the burning British frigate Antelope abandons ship… Argentine warplanes sink two more British warships, leaving 24 dead…  British paratroopers capture Port Darwin and Goose Green. Later, British forces capture hundreds of Argentine soldiers after seizing the Goose Green settlement.

Pope John Paul II calls for an immediate cease-fire between Britain and Argentina and offers to mediate the crisis through the Vatican.

Weekly radio - President Reagan, upset about the breakdown of efforts to find a 1983 budget, denounces the ‘irresponsible Mickey Mouse” congressional budget process that the nation goes through each year to reach a fiscal blueprint. He called for “some real solid thinking” on the budgetary process as it exists today.

The Commerce Department reports that a government index designed to show future U.S. economic trends rose in April for the first time in a year – at .8%. 

4 dead - A fire touched off by a smoldering cigarette sweeps through the 22nd floor of Chicago’s Conrad Hilton Hotel.


Fascinating Business news – May 23, 1982

Seen in Ads - Datsun Is Now Nissan.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Hollywood/ValleyGirl news – May 23, 1982

Six days of jail have put actress Sophia Loren (47) on the verge of mental collapse and doctors have prescribed drugs to help her cope with anxiety, Rome’s leading daily reports. 

It’s hot – Moon Unit Zappa’s “Valley Girl” and it’s full of “Valley Speak,” as defined by the 14-year-old daughter of Frank Zappa:

Awesome – Sense of greatness; the most incredible experience one could possible have.

Bag Your Face – Tell someone he’s really ugly, like gruesome

Barf Me Out or Gag Me With A Spoon – Something that is wretched: just hideous.

Bitchen – Really cool.

For Sure – Gap filler in conversation. Same as “you know.”

Grody – disgusting, but it could also mean cool as in  - it’s so bad it’s good.

To the Max – All the way. The end.

Tubular – Spectacular but more mellow than “awesome.”


Sports news – May 23, 1982

In the closest Indianapolis 500 race ever – Gordon Johncock beats Rick Mears by only .16 of a second at the finish line!

The Colorado Rockies are purchased by a group headed by Houston Astros principal owner John McMullen who wants to move the club from Denver to the New Jersey Meadowlands!


Radio news – May 23, 1982

The FCC is making more room for FM channels. Under a new rule, the FCC has dropped its policy of making Class A assignments only in smaller communities and class B and C assignments to larger ones. They may also make class A stations (lower power) stations available on higher power B’s and C’s. If it approves that change, it could allow hundreds of new FM stations to open up. 


Music news- May 23, 1982

After repeated protests, MTV pulls Van Halen’s “Pretty Woman” video, because it features a pair of midgets trying to undress a woman tied to a stake. 

Rock star Rod Stewart, who moved to California to escape Britain’s heavy income taxes says he is returning home with his family because violence in the United States is “a bad scene and getting worse.” Stewart and his wife Alana, have three children. A gunman stole Stewart’s $50,000 Porsche on a Los Angeles street last month while the singer and one child stood by. The car was found several days later. 

Passing – New York’s “Disco Sally” (82) – queen of Manhattan nightlife. She married 30-year-old John Touzos in a wild 1980 disco party. 

Rock music and devil worship – Out of all the bands today – AC/DC is mostly singled out with songs such as “Highway to Hell,” “C.O.D.” (Care of the Devil) and “Evil Walks.” Bible thumpers are known to show up at their concerts.

It’s official – Don Henley and Glenn Frey have broken up the Eagles. Each has solo albums in the works.

Bruce Springsteen has written and produced Gary U.S. Bonds next single. It should be out anytime. Look for “Out of Work.”


Television news – May 23, 1982

“Taxi” has found a new home – NBC, after ABC did not renew the show for a fifth season. But then, HBO stepped in and offered about $6 million for 13 new episodes. NBC’s offer was more significant.

Look for something called “Daytime Dilemma” starting later this week on ABC-TV. ABC will air, at the end of “General Hospital” and “One Life To Live,” a brief scene from a future episode and viewers (via mail-in) will be asked to choose fro two possible answers about what happens next. Viewers will be selected from the mail-entry coupons.

It’s official – ABC/Group W.’s new all-news cable channel – Satellite News Channel will debut June 21.  A second all-news channel – SNCII is scheduled to be launched in early 1983. The studio is located in Stamford, CT and staffed by 250 people. SNC says it has agreements with cable operators representing more than 200 cable systems nationwide with 2.6 million subs and is expected to reach an additional 4.9 million homes at the end of 1983. But the break-even point of course, is about 10 million homes. Regional news will be provided by some 27 television station/affiliates.

And, Ted Turner is watching! Speaking of Turner some 27% of the American homes receive one or all of this channels – WTBS, CNNI and CNNII.

On ABC-TV’s “Fridays” this week – Guest host – Victoria Principal with Chubby Checker as musical guest.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – May 23, 1982

CBS – A Charlie Brown Celebration, MASH, House Calls, Lou Grant

NBC – Movie, Richard Pryor Show, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – That’s Incredible, Movie, Nightline

PBS – Great Performances, Brooklyn Bridge

ESPN – Italy Tennis Open 


Richard Pryor Show – Paula Kelly guests. 

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