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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of May 1, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The United States lines-up squarely behind Great Britain in the Falkland Islands crisis, offering help to supply British forces while suspending economic and military aid to Argentina for what President Reagan called its “armed aggression."

The British destroyer Sheffield is attacked and sinks with a number of casualties The Defense Ministry in London said the ship was set ablaze by an Argentine missile near the Falklands and its crew abandoned ship. Later, reports say 919 sailors are missing. 

The Argentine government takes emergency measures to slow a disastrous economic slide, cause by the Falklands Islands war, ordering the currency devalued and placing limits on imports. The country has seen inflation of more than 100%. The peso was devalued at 16.8%.

Chief Daryl Gates of the Los Angeles police department says it is dropping the use of the so-called bar-arm control hold - one of two types of controversial choke holds used by officers to subdue violent suspects. The movie brings Los Angeles in line with New York City, Kansas City and San Diego, Officers can continue using the carotid hold in which an officer blocks a suspects neck arteries, cutting off the flow of blood to the brain.

In Rhode Island - Claus von Bulow is sentenced to 30 years in prison for twice trying to murder his heiress wife with injections of insulin.


Fascinating Business news – May 1, 1982

Las Vegas news - Del E. Webb Corp agrees to sell the Sahara Vegas Hotel & Casino for $50 million. The buyer is Paul Lowden, president and owner of the Hacienda Resort Hotel & Casino.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – May 1, 1982

Passing - Actor Hugh Marlowe (71) - creator of radio’s Ellery Queen. He had played the character of Tom Matthews on the daytime serial “Another World” since 1969.

Passing - Cal Tjader (56) of Latin jazz fame. He was once part of the Dave Brubeck Trio and George Shearing’s Quintet. 

Marry - actress Cindy Williams to musician Bill Hudson.

Actor Clint Eastwood sues the National Enquirer for $10 million for invasion of privacy over an April 16 article stating he was involved in a love triangle with actress Sondra Locke and country and western singer Tanya Tucker.

Ann Landers admits she has been recycling old letters in her columns without telling the editors who buy her service. “... I don’t think the reader cares. The important thing is to get the information out. I feel if I get the advice out in a way that is useful or powerful, then I think the technique doesn’t matter. She later issued a statement saying she would discontinue the practice immediately because “my credibility is all I have.” Ann Landers is the pen name for Esther Pauline Lederer. Her twin sister - Dear Abby is Pauline Esther Phillips.


Bestselling books – May 1, 1982  

North and South - John Jakes

The Parsifal Mosaic - Robert Ludlum

Celebrity - Thomas Thompson

The One Tree - Stephen Donaldson

Thy Brother’s Wife - Andrew M. Greeley

The Man From St Petersburg - Ken Follett

The Dean’s December - Saul Bellow

The Hotel New Hampshire - John Irving

Friday - Robert Heiniein

No Bad Dogs the Woodhouse Way - Barbara Woodhouse

Jane Fonda’s Workout Book - Jane Fonda

The I Love New York Diet - Bess Myerson/Bill Adler

Living, Loving and Learning - Leo Buscagilia

What Every Woman Should Know About Men - Joyce Brothers

A Light in the Attic - Shel Silverstein

Years of Upheaval - Henry Kissinger

The Fate of the Earth - Jonathan Schell

A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney - Andy Rooney


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – May 1, 1982

60 Minutes - 21.6

Dynasty - 21.4

Movie - Mae West - 19.6

 MASH - 19.5

Fall Guy - 19.1

Too Close for Comfort - 19.1

Hart to Hart - 19.0

Magnum, PI - 18.9

Three’s Company - 18.9

Jeffersons - 18.9

Movie - Side by Side - The True Story of the Osmonds - 18.6

Simon & Simon - 18.3

Facts of Life - 18.0

Movie - Kenny Rogers as the Gambler - 18.0

Movie - The Babysitter - 17.2

Alice - 17.1

Country Music Awards - 17.0

Greatest American Hero - 16.9

Real People - 16.7

Dukes of Hazzard - 16.7

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not - 16.7

Laverne & Shirley - 16.7

Happy Days - 16.4

Trapper John, MD - 16.4

Making The Grade - 16.3

Dallas - 16.2


Television news - May 1, 1982

Barbara Mandrell (32) is leaving her NBC show because of her voice. “I was getting soft polyps. I would have been in danger of nodes. But I’m fine now. To hear my voice coming out clear and good in the recording studio again was just the greatest. I knew I was going to be fine and I prayed about it, but when you actually hear your voice again, it’s like the weight of the world is off your back.” She is quitting the show, which does reasonably well in the ratings.

CBS cancels “Lou Grant,” “WKRP in Cincinnati,” “House Calls” and “Nurse.” The network says it is adding seven new shows including “Square Pegs” - a comedy about two high school freshman who are determined to be popular. Another is “Gloria” - a comedy starring Sally Struthers and Burgess Meredith. She returns as Archie Bunker’s now-divorced daughter and works for a small-town veterinarian. It will follow “Archie Bunker’s Place” on Sunday nights.   

ABC cancels “Taxi,” “Mork & Mindy,” “Barney Miller” and “Bosom Buddies.” Some of the new series ABC plans to introduce this fall - “The New Odd Couple” with Ron Glass and Demond Wilson ... “Matt Houston” starring Lee Horsley as a millionaire playboy who does detective work ... “The Quest” - about the efforts of four Americans who claim the throne of a Mediterranean kingdom. Stars Perry King, Noah Berry Jr., Ray Vitte and Karen Austin.    


Monday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – May 1, 1982

CBS - Special-The Bugs Bunny Roadrunner Movie, Lou Grant

NBC - Little House on the Prairie, Bob Hope-Stars Over Texas, TV Bloopers

ABC - That’s Incredible, ABC Theater

PBS - Great Performances


On Little House on the Prairie - The Ingels family’s adopted son James is shot when he walks into the bank while a robbery is in progress. Part 1.

On Great Performances - Live From Lincoln Center: The Film Society of Lincoln Center Presents a Tribute to Billy Wilder.

On  ABC Theater - “The Letter.” Lee Remick stars as the restless wife of a rubber planter whose smoldering passions erupt into forbidden romance in the tropics.

On TV Bloopers - Rock Hudson and Morgan Fairchild join host Dick Clark. Also appearing - Dudley Moore, Dom DeLuise and Don Rickles.


Music news – May 1, 1982

Quest For Fire (A Science Fantasy Adventure)

Urgh! A Music War (28 bands/30 songs) - The Police, Devo, XTC, Go Go’s X, Gary Numan, Oingo Boingo, Dead Kennedy’s, Klaus Nomi, Surf Punks, Wall of Voodoo, Jools Holland, Skafish, Au Pairs, Magazine, Fleshtones, Alley Cats, 999, Toyah Wilcox, Echo and the Bunnymen, Gang of Four, Steel Pulse, Pere Ubu, Cramps, Chelsea, Joan Jett, Orchestral Manoeuvres.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – May 1, 1982

CHARIOTS OF FIRE (Titles) - Vangelis

I LOVE ROCK ’N ROLL - Joan Jett & Blackhearts



DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS - Rick Springfield

EBONY AND IVORY - Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder

KEY LARGO - Bertie Higgins

MAKE A MOVE ON ME - Olivia Newton-John

867-5309/JENNY - Tommy Tutone

’65 LOVE AFFAIR - Paul Davis

THAT GIRL - Stevie Wonder


DID IT IN A MINUTE - Daryl Hall & John Oates

(Oh) PRETTY WOMAN - Van Halen


PAC-MAN FEVER - Buckner & Garcia

GET DOWN ON IT - Kool & Gang

DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE - Huey Lewis & News

OPEN ARMS - Journey

GOIN’ DOWN - Greg Guidry

THE OTHER WOMAN - Ray Parker Jr.


FIND ANOTHER FOOL - Quarterflash

 ALWAYS ON MY MIND - Willie Nelson

DON’T YOU WANT ME - Human League

ONE HUNDRED WAYS - Quincy Jones featuring James Ingram                                  


EMPTY GARDEN (Hey Hey Johnny) - Elton John




RUN FOR THE ROSES - Dan Fogelberg

STILL IN SAIGON - Charlie Daniels Band

HANG FIRE - Rolling Stones

MAKING LOVE - Roberta Flack

MAN ON YOUR MIND - Little River Band 

TAKE OFF - Bob & Doug McKenzie

WITHOUT YOU (Not Another Lonely Night) - Franke & Knockouts

LET’S HANG ON - Barry Manila



Top Music Albums – May 1, 1982

Chariots of Fire - Vangelis

I Love Rock-n-Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Freeze-Frame - J. Geils Band

Asia - Asia

Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet - Rick Springfield

Escape - Journey

Diver Down - Van Halen

Get Lucky - Loverboy

Ghost in the Machine - The Police

Beauty and the Beat - The Go-Go’s

The Dude - Quincy Jones

The Concert In Central Park - Simon & Garfunkel

Blackout - The Scorpions

Dare - Human League

Picture This - Huey Lewis


Other top music albums – May 1, 1982

The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball - features Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Sting, Phil Collins, Donovan and others.

Mesopotamia - B-52’s

Dream On - George Duke

Jump Up - Elton John

Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson

Windows - The Charlie Daniels Band

Niecy - Deniece Williams

Toto IV - Toto

Tug of War - Paul McCartney

Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? - The Waitresses

Exit...Stage Left - Rush

Straight Between The Eyes - Rainbow

American Fool - John Cougar

Another Grey Area - Graham Parker

Industry Standard - The Dregs

Pelican West - Haircut One Hundred

A Flock Of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls

Friends in Love - Dionne Warwick

Ghost in the Machine - The Police

Time Pieces - The Best of Eric Clapton

Roman Gods - The Fleshtones

Green Light - Bonnie Raitt

Bobbie Sue - The Oak Ridge Boys


Top movies – May 1, 1982

Chariots of Fire - Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, Nigel Havers, Cheryl Cambell, Alice Krige, Lindsay Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Nigel Davenport, Brad Davis, Peter Egan, Sir John Gielgud, Ian Holm Patrick Magee

Diner - Steve Guttenberg, Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Timothy Daly, Ellen Barkin

Paradise (they fled for their lives to a world of incredible beauty) - Willie Ames, Phoebe Cates

Partners - Ryan O’Neal, John Hurt, Kenneth McMillan, Robyn Douglass

Porky’s - Kim Catrall, Soctt Olomby, Kaki Hunter, Nancy Parsons, Alex Karras, Susan Clark

If You Could See What I Hear - Marc Singer, R.H. Thomson, Sarah Torgov, Shari Belafonte Harper

Private Lessons - Sylvia Kristel, Howard Hesseman, Eric Brown

On Golden Pond - Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda

Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip

Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein in 3-D

 Enter The Ninja - Franco Nero, Susan George, Sho Kosugi

Victor/Victoria - Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston, Lesley Ann Warren, Alex Karras

The Long Good Friday - Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren

Arthur - Dudley Moore

Deathtrap - Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve

Demon Rage - Britt Ekland, Lana Wood, Kabir-Bedi, Don Galloway, John Carradine, Sherry Scott, Elise-Anne, Tom Hallick

Goin’ All The Way - Dan Waldman, Deborah Van Rhyn, Joshua Cadman

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