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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 23, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s Cabinet votes against the resignation of the prime-minister who failed to win a vote of confidence in Parliament. He’ll remain in office.

Israelis shot and killed three more Arabs and wounded 10 in the worst day of violence in week long rioting in the occupied West Bank of the Jordan and the Gaza Strip.

Six-year-old Nancy Jo Burch will stand trial as an adult on aggravated assault charges for allegedly hitting her 7-year-old girlfriend with a stick so says a Circuit Court judge in Gainesville, Florida. Alan Wilhite, the little girl’s attorney, requested the ruling because he wants the case tried by a jury in hopes that the blonde first-grader will be exonerated and that no criminal record will follow her through life.

President Reagan, accepting a humanitarian award, acknowledges he is bothered by charges that he lacks compassion but said, “the facts prove” he really cares for the needy.

Guerrillas attack El Salvador’s fourth-largest city in a pre-election show of force with dozens wounded.

The Reagan Administration acknowledges it has rehired three hair-traffic controllers to the nation’s flight system, but insists that it was not reversing a general policy barring reinstatements. The Administration says the three rehires were found to have been victims of harassment during the strike.

First Lady Nancy Reagan denies a published report that she had extracted a promise from her husband not to seek a second term because of the attempt on his life a year ago.

President Reagan confers with his Cabinet about his deadlocked budget and told his advisers “to be ever cautious and mindful of congressional attempts to overspend. 

Nancy Reagan denies there is any contradiction with her concern for the drug problems of American youths, while President Reagan’s budget cuts will reduce manpower and programs in drug enforcement efforts.

John Hinckley Jr. and actress Jodie Foster appeared in the same courtroom for the second time in 24 hours as Foster gave a deposition requested by Lawyers for President Reagan’s accused assailant.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s daughter-in-law said in a “Dear Mummy” letter that Gandhi physically and mentally abused her before throwing her out of the house where both had lived after the younger woman’s husband died.

Space shuttle Columbia lands smoothly in New Mexico.


Technology news – March 23, 1982

It’s new…You can rent a Beta tape machine and movies – with “Rent A Beta.” Watch a movie of your choice in your own home – on your TV! At supermarkets!


Sports news – March 23, 1982

Fernando Valenzuela reports to Dodger training camp in Florida after a three-week holdout.  He’s a 1981 Cy Young Award winner and also got rookie of the year. 

The NFL approves the most expensive contract in television history a give-year package with NBC, CBS and ABC worth about $2 billion.


Music news – March 23, 1982

Bertie Higgins, who had the giant hit “Key Largo” has this to say about being a hopeless romantic, like himself: “Seeing the world through your heart instead of your mind isn’t always so great. I think you experience more pain that way. Logical people have an easier life. I really wish I wasn’t such a romantic.”

“It’s amazing how easy it is to get hooked on Pac-Man. Hours go by and you don’t realize you’re sitting there, spending money. It’s a mental challenge and you also get an emotional high form playing it that’s hard to describe. We got into a $20-a-day habit. We were real junkies.” Quote from Jerry Buckner, who with his partner Gary Garcia who have a pop hit with “Pac Man Fever.”

Bruce Springsteen has written a song “Protection” for Donna Summer’s next album.

Look for Elton John on “Saturday Night Live” on April 17.

You gotta love it – Former Monkee Peter Tork is seen appearing in a group called “The New Monks” In New York.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Hollywood news – March 23, 1982

54th annual Academy Awards (Hosted by Johnny Carson)

Best Picture – “Chariots of Fire,”

Leading Actor: Henry Fonda – “On Golden Pond.”

Leading Actress: Katharine Hepburn “On Golden Pond.”

Supporting Actor: John Gielgud – “Arthur.”

Supporting Actress – Maureen Stapleton – “Reds.”


Television news – March 23, 1982

NBC and cable’s CBN reach an agreement to split coverage of this week’s Nabisco-Dinah Shore Invitational golf tournament from Palm Springs. CBN is available in 15 million homes.  

Regis Philbin’s NBC daytime talkshow  is canceled. Prior, he had co-hosted the popular “AM Los Angeles” over KABC-TV and wanted to give the national spotlight another shot. His NBC talkshow debuted last November 30.  

Special - Don’t miss “Pavarotti and Friends” after the Academy Awards – on ABC-TV.


Top movies – March 23, 1982

Richard Pryor Live On The Sunset Strip

Stranger Is Watching

Forbidden Lessons


Chariots of Fire

On Golden Pond


The Beast Within

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