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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 8, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale calls President Reagan’s economic program “one of the biggest and most colossal economic mistakes in modern economic history.” “All across the American economic scene, there is suffering, rising unemployment, bankruptcies, now threats of bankruptcies of major industries and the rest. I am not predicting a depression, but there is great fear in America.”

The Reagan Administration slaps a ban on oil imports from Libya and accuses Libya of masterminding an abortive attempt last November to blow up a club in neighboring Sudan frequented by Americans.

Wholesale prices dropped for the first time in 6 years. The White House called it good news. Prices dropped an annual rate of 1.7% in February. 

Tendering resignation - Harrison A. Williams Jr. bids farewell to 23 years in the Senate. 

The Reagan Administration does not engage in operations to topple other governments. White House Communications Director David Gergen made that clear while answering questions on a published report that President Reagan has approved a covert action plan against Nicaragua.


Fascinating Business news – 7Up – March 8, 1982

7-Up now comes with no caffeine! Look for the cans!


Technology news – Home Gaming - March 8, 1982

Atari introduces the Pac Man tabletop arcade. Now you can have Pacman at home. “The hungriest game in town.”


Sports news – March 8, 1982 

Sports Illustrated is getting into television and will produce a series of syndicated specials for prime time. Look for the Sports Illustrated show, soon.

George Allen, now president and part-owner of the Montreal Alouettes names Joe Galat to coach the team.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – March 8, 1982

About 150 - Martha’s Vineyard – John Belushi’s relatives and friends gather near his home to pay last respects. Seen were his wife, Judith; his parents, Bill Murray, singer James Taylor and producer Lorne Michaels. 


Television news – March 8, 1982

In September, ABC will begin airing an hour news program late at night, probably after “Nightline.” That means “Fridays” could be in jeopardy, but lets see.

ABC and Cardinal Industries, a New York based game company bring young the General Hospital board game. Roll the dice and you can be Luke Spencer. 

CBS says it will introduce a late-night television newscast from 2a to 5a five nights a week beginning in September. The network plans to hire about 100 editorial employees at a reported cost of $10 million. News on TV is gearing up. Ted Turner has CNN/CNN2 and Westinghouse/ABC will debut the Satellite News Channel on June 21. 

Advertising restrictions on TV could be lifted? A 1979 anti-trust suit filed by the Justice department challenging advertising restrictions could change the industry. U.S. District Judge Harold Green has yet to rule on the NAB code restrictions on advertising time per hour, currently 9 ½ minutes during prime time and 16 minutes at other times. Green did rule last week that the National Association of Broadcasters could not enforce a standard that prohibits the advertising of two or more products in a single commercial of less than 60 seconds. He rejected the NAB’s argument that the rule was voluntary, noting the association (NAB) could discipline violators (TV stations) by denying them the right to display the group’s Seal of Good Practice. (The restrictions will soon be lifted, paving the way for a new kind of industry in television – infomercials). 


On ABC-TV’s “Fridays” – Host Gregory Hines with musical guest Bonnie Raitt.

On Saturday Night Live – Host Bill Murray along with the Spinners and Whiffenpoofs.


Monday Night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 8, 1982

CBS – Mr. Merlin, Private Benjamin, MASH, House Calls, Lou Grant

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, Movie, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Night of 100 Stars, Nightline

PBS – Pledge week

USA – Hockey (Detroit Red Wings vs. the New York Rangers)

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