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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 22, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Reagan, saying the United States must act swiftly to prevent the emergence of “new Cuba’s” announces a sweeping U.S. aid package to promote democracy in impoverished nations of Central American and the Caribbean.

President Leonid I. Brezhnev says the soviet Union is ready to agree to halt production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons and offered to start strategic arms reduction talks with the United states “at any moment."

The Pentagon recommends that the first 40 of its MX missiles be placed in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado and based in Minuteman silos.

House Banking Committee Chairman Fernand J. St. Germain proposes creating a $7.5-billion emergency fund to help bail out troubled savings and loan associations, banks and credit unions. 

Wayne B. Williams, insisting he is innocent, is found guilty and sentenced to two consecutive life terms for the murders of Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy ray Payne. The verdict ends a sensational trial stemming from a series of deaths of 28 young blacks that spread terror through the Atlanta area for several years.

President Regan calls upon critical fellow conservatives to join him in a “new crusade” to build a popular coalition of “Main Street Americans” not committed to any single philosophy or cause.

Prime Minister Menachem Begin refused to apologize publicly or privately to West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and urged Schmidt to pray for forgiveness for having remained faithful to his “personal oath” to Adolf Hitler.

President Reagan, at a Voice of America 40th birthday celebration, recalls how he learned during an earlier career about the importance of “attractively packaging” the truth.” He recalled how he often improvised the details while recreating baseball games as a radio announcer. “But the truth got there and, in other words, it can be attractively packaged,” said the president. His comments come at a time when he is being increasingly critized for occasionally misstating facts, particularly during press conferences. 

At El Centro (CA) - Lt. Cmdr. Stu Powrie, the lead solo pilot of the Navy’s Blue Angels precision flying team is killed when his A4 Skyhawk suddenly crashed into the desert after successfully completing a looping maneuver.

Surgeon General C. Everett-Koop says cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer mortality and will be responsible for 30% of the nation’s 430,000 deaths from cancer this year.

Most major banks lower their prime lending rate to 16-½% from 17%.


Sports news – February 22, 1982

Thomas Hearns scores a knockout at 1:48 in a bout against Marcos Geraldo in Las Vegas.

Wayne Gretzky breaks the National Hockey League single-season goal-scoring record. On his 300th shot this season, Gretzky scored his 77th goal to break a 3-3 tie as Edmonton beat the sabers 6-3. 


Technology news – February 22, 1982

Atari is readying “Pacman” for home gaming. Get ready!


Fascinating Facts – February 22, 1982

Joseph Wader was watching a horror flick called “The Creeper” in a downtown Chicago Theater when a rat bit him on the ankle. He said he thought at first that he had been kicked by the woman seated next to him. When he figured out what really happened, “the theater manager wouldn’t believe him and originally called the police to eject him,” said his attorney. Wood Theaters now says the company will pay for Wade’s treatment at a hospital, which included a tetanus shot.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 22, 1982

Phyllis McGuire of the singing McGuire sisters files suit against the Harry Winston jewelry firm, charging she brought in $10 million in gems for cleaning and repair and got back fakes.

Passing – Murray the K – one of the great pop personality DJ’s of the 1950’s into the 1960’s – and of all time. Kaufman had a knack for discovering talent. When he was with WMCA New York in the 1950’s – he helped to discover Bobby Darin and Johnny Mathis. During the 1960’s when he was at 1010WINS – Dionne Warwick, the Ronettes and many others counted the DJ for helping their careers. When the Beatles came to New York in February of 1964, it was Murray they befriended and they were heard on his 1010WINS night show during that time. He was 60 (of cancer). 


Music news – February 22, 1982

24th Annual Grammy Awards (Hosted by John Denver)

Best record – “Bette Davis Eyes” – Kim Carnes

Best album – “Double Fantasy” – John and Yoko Lennon

Best song – “Bette Davis Eyes” – Kim Carnes

 Best new artist – Sheena Easton

Pop male vocal – Al Jarreau

Pop female vocal – Lena Horne

Rock male vocal – Rick Springfield

Rock female vocal – Pat Benatar

Rock group – the Police

R&B male – James Ingram

R&B female – Aretha Franklin

R&B group – Quincy Jones

Country male – Ronnie Milsap

Country female – Dolly Parton


Top movies – February 22, 1982

The Amateur

Death Wish



Vice Squad

Body & Soul

On Golden Pond

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