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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of January 15, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Busboy Philip Cline is convicted of murdering eight people by deliberately setting fire to the Las Vegas Hilton 11 months ago. 

Four jet planes from the Air Force’s Thunderbirds stunt team collide and crash while practicing maneuvers at low altitude. The accident happened over the Nevada desert. All four pilots perished.

 Divers, with the help of a crane, raise the tail section of the Air Florida jetliner that crashed into the icy Potomac River. Investigators hope two black boxes in the rear would provide clues to Wednesday’s crash that killed 78. Ice could have built-up on the wings.

Winds up to 137mph wreck homes and business in Colorado, and leave most of the city of Boulder without power.

President Reagan says he wants a military build-up, declaring the U.S. faces a “dangerous situation” and that Americans who doubt the threat posed by the Soviet Union’s increasing military strength are doing a disservice to the country.

The Coast Guard, coping with budget restraints, says they will close 2 district offices and 15 search-and-rescue stations in 11 states and will cut operations in 16 other states.  

Gov. Hugh Carey of New York announces he will not seek a third term in November. Carey said that because of the recession and shrinking federal aid, the problems facing New York are so critical that his efforts to solve them “must come before partisanship.”

Inflation was at 7% for the year 1981, but only rose .3% in December, showing signs it could be slowing. 7% is the lowest level since 1977. 


Sports news – January 15, 1982

Wayne Gretzky, superstar center of the Edmonton Oilers becomes the highest-paid player in hockey history. He’s agreed to a 21-year contract in excess of $20 million.

In front of a crowd of 18,753 at Madison Square Garden – John McEnroe defeats Jimmy Connors in a five-set final. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – January 15, 1982

 Passing – Character actress Reta Shaw.


Playing in Las Vegas –

Wayne Newton, Dave Barry – Aladdin

Tom Jones – Caesars Place

Tony Orlando – Hilton

Bobby Vinton, Joan Rivers – MGM Grand

Liberace – Riviera

Don Rickles – Sahara


Radio news – January 15, 1982

ABC Radio Enterprises purchases program syndicator Watermark. Tom Rounds, head of the 11-year-old company will serve as president of the new ABC unit. Watermark produces “American Top-40” with Casey Kasem; “American Country Countdown; the “Robert W. Morgan Special of the Week” and “Gary Owens Soundtrack of the 60’s.”

Rolling Stone Magazine Productions now has three shows in syndication:

“The Continuous History of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Solid Gold Radio” and “Rock Star Guest DJ.”

New York Ratings – WKTU is down to a 6.1, WBLS a 5.9 and WRKS is up to a 5.6. WABC-AM is down to a 3.1 from a 3.7 in the summer. Operations director Jay Clark denies rumors the station is going talk. Also – WPLJ – 4.5, WNEW-FM – 2.5, WPIX-FM - .8. WHN-AM (country) – 2.1, WNBC – 4.5, WYNY-FM – 4.4, WNEW-AM – 3.0. and WKHK-FM (country) – 1.5

KFRC San Francisco – an AM top-40 station, which began to slip in the ratings last year (falling to a 4.0) is making a comeback. The latest ratings show the station at a 4.8. Its FM competition – KYUU, fell back to a 2.6 from a 4.0.

Ratings in Riverside, CA –

KCAL-FM – 3.1 (Rock)

KCKC-AM – 2.3 (Country)

KNTF-FM – 2.0 (Country)

KFXM – 2.3 (Top-40)

KGGI – 3.0 (Top-40)


More radio news – January 15, 1982

The syndicated “Robert Klein Show” has been axed. Klein’s breezy and sometimes flippant interviews of recording stars and stars-to-be were heard mostly on rock/aor stations.

Steve O’Brien, who holds down 6p to 9p over WYNY New York, says he was “rejuvenated” when he came to WYNY in 1979 after five years at WABC. “It seemed like I was talking at people instead of to them” at WABC.

Kevin Metheny, the program director of WNBC (AM-66) in New York, hopes WABC will stay with its mostly music format, despite the strong rumors it is going talk. He thinks that if WNBC, as the only remaining AM station playing contemporary music in New York, that more listeners will flip and stay with the FM dial. “We’d like WABC to be a poor step-sister, but we want her to remain in the family. The latest Arbitron ratings have WABC at a 3.1 and WNBC at a 4.5. Metheny has been substituting on-the-air for traffic reporter Roz Frank, after she had a severe asthma attack. 

More New York – Vin Scelsa – late nights on WNEW-FM leaves the station after philosophical differences with new general manager Mike Kakoyiannis. Seclsa has been with the station for nine years.


Television news – January 15, 1982

CBS-TV’s “Captain Kangaroo” is cut back to a half-hour this week, making make room for a new expanded CBS morning show with Charles Kuralt and Diane Sawyer. “Kangaroo” will most likely air 6:30am in most markets.

Hallmark makes its first cable-TV buy, notably The USA Cable Network. It’s the first time Hallmark is committing national ad money outside the broadcast area.

HBO plans to show a one-hour documentary on New York City police in “Decoys: Police Under Cover” later this month. Cameras will follow the cops around in search of – trouble. George Kennedy will host.

“Entertainment Tonight” draws 146,000 responses in its first telephone poll, after asking viewers whether the character Spock should be killed in the next Star Trek picture- “Star Trek II.” Viewers had to call a special 900 toll number.

Teleprompter Manhattan says it will begin carriage of HBO as a second 24-hour premium service on March 15. The system already carries rival Showtime.

Rock Hudson, who underwent heart surgery in early November, returns to the set of “The Devlin Connection.” The show’s debut has been delayed several times, which included a Writers Guild strike in November.

SCTV, which airs Friday nights after NBC-TV’s “Tonight Show” will get an airing in the place of “Saturday Night Live.” Check it out this week.   


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1982

CBS – Simon & Simon, Movie, Rerun-Alice, Rerun-McCloud

NBC – Father Murphy, Bret Maverick, Flamingo Road, Tonight Show

ABC – Happy days, Laverne & Shirley, Three’s Company, Too Close for Comfort, Hart to Hart, Nightline.

PBS – Life on Earth, American Playhouse

HBO – Video Jukebox, Movie, Sex Is A Three-Letter Word

USA – Time-Out Theater, You-Fashion Magazine, College Basketball


On Happy Days – The Fonz may have to place his grandmother in a nursing home.

On Three’s Company – Cindy gets a job as a part-time maid.

On Bret Maverick – Maverick schemes to get rid of a proposed railroad which may run across his ranch.

On the Tonight Show – Bob Hope, Ray Charles and Terri Garr join Johnny Carson


Music news - January 15, 1982

Singer Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics, files a multimillion dollar lawsuit against seven Milwaukee police officers, accusing them of molesting and beating her after she was arrested last January. The charges were lewd and obscene conduct during a nightclub concert.

MTV is distributing display promotional material nationally for use in record stores. The counter cards and posters will hype upcoming concerts on the channel.

Meat Loaf recently fired his manager, David Sonenberg and canceled all public appearances.

Tom Tom Club - Did you know the “Tom Tom Club” was originally a rehearsal loft behind the Compass Point Studios in Nassau? And that the two members – Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth are also married, and members of “Talking Heads?”

“I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” is Joan Jett’s 7th album. She had had five LP’s with the Runaways and this is her second solo album. Jett is best known in the Northeast and in California.

Kenny Rogers is the top winner at the 9th annual America Music Swards – and has now won more AM Awards than any other artist (12 so far).  Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Jr.’s “Endless Love” was another winner, taking favorite single honors in both pop and soul. 

Being seen more and more (and being pushed by the music industry) – “Give the Gift of Music” signs.


Top Disco Hit Music Tracks – January 15, 1982

I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) – Hall & Oates

You’re The One For Me – D. Train

 You Can/Fire In My Heart – Madleen Kane

Call Me/Let’s Celebrate – Skyy

Sure Shot – Tracy Weber

Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go – Soft Cell

Megatron man/Get A Little – Patrick Cowley

Genius of Love/Wordy Rappinhood – Tom Tom Club

Love Fever – Gayle Adams

Sixty Nine – Brooklyn Express


Top country hit music singles – January 15, 1982

Red Neckin’ Love Makin’ Night – Conway Twitty

Lonely Nights – Mickey Giley

The Sweetest Thing – Juice Newton

You’re My Best Friend – Mac Davis

Have You Ever Been Lonely – Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline

Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight – Eddie Rabbit


Top music albums – January 15, 1982

4 - Foreigner

For Those About To Rock – AC/DC

Bella Donna – Stevie Nicks

Freeze-Frame – J. Geils Band

Ghost In The Machine – Police

Hooked on Classics – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Raise – Earth, Wind & Fire

Tonight I’m Yours – Rod Stewart

Private Eyes – Daryl Hall and John Oates

Memories – Barbra Streisand

George Benson Collection

Quarterflash – Quarterflash

On the Way To The Sky – Neil Diamond

Tattoo You – Rolling Stones

Greatest Hits – Queen

Perhaps Live – Placido Domingo

Something Special – Kool & The Gang

Abacab – Genesis

Don’t Say No – Billy Squier

Diary of a Madman – Ozzy Osbourne


Top Pop Hit Music Singles in Britain – January 15, 1982

Don’t You Want Me? – Human League

The Land of Make Believe  - Bucks Fizz

Mirror Mirror – Dollar

Get Down On It – Kool & The Gang

I Could Be Happy – Altered Images

I’ll Find My Way Home – Jon & Vangelis

The Model – Kraftwork

It Must Be Love – Madness

Ant Rap – Adam & The Ants

One of Us – Abba


Top Album Rock Music Tracks – January 15, 1982

Flying High – Ozzy Osbourne

Centerfold – J. Geils band

Harden My Heart – Quarterflash

Working for the Weekend – Loverboy

Shake It Up – The Cars

Lunitic Fringe – Red Rider

Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie

Abacab – Genesis

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Police

Magic Power – Triumph

Jealous Lover – Rainbow


Top movies – January 15, 1982

Absence of Malice


Sharkey’s Machine




Ghost Story

Modern Problems


Saturday the 14th

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Revenge of the Shogun Women


Pennies From Heaven

Chariots of Fire


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