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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of December 8, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Andrei Sakharov ends his hunger strike and Soviet authorities and tells his daughter-in-law she can join her husband in the United States.

Bid for $30 million ransom - American gunmen holding 102 hostages on three hijacked Venezuelan jetliners lands in Cuba, ending a seven-nation odyssey across south and Central America

The government warns Libyan strongman Moammar Kadafi to drop his alleged plan to assassinate President Reagan and other U.S. officials. President Reagan says that the U.S. has evidence that the Libyan leader has sent an assassination squad to kill him.

President Reagan invalidates U.S. passports for travel to Libya and asks the estimated 1,500 Americans in the country to come home at once because their lives and safety are in “imminent danger.”

Poland’s premier and Communist Party leader, Gen. Wojeiech Jaruzelski tells his nation in a broadcast that the country is in a “state of war” and that it will be run by an “Army Council of National Salvation.”

A superior court judge orders hairdresser Marilyn Barnett to move out of the Malibu house owned by her former lover, tennis champion Billie Jean King. Billie Jean King says she is relieved that it was all over. Larry King said his wife and he would lose millions in contracts withdrawn or never offered after the public revelation that Billie had a lesbian lover. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – December 8, 1981

Porno star John Homes is arrested on suspicion of murder in the bludgeoning deaths of four people in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles.


Sports news – December 8, 1981

Muhammad Ali gets defeated in a 10-round decision from the fists of Trevor Beribick at a fight in Nassau.


Marques Johnson ends his 18-game holdout and signs an 8-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks for an estimated $1 million per season.


Radio news – December 8, 1981

WSM will produce a live overnight program – to be fed nationwide called “Music Country Network.”


Music news – December 8, 1981

An “eternal flame” that burned in memory of the late Elvis Presley has been snuffed out for good and the owner of the tourist attraction where the flame was located has returned to selling used cars. Elvis Memorial Park, which also featured a life-size plywood likeness of Presley, opened in July but closed in September. Since then, four small buildings and the wood fence around the one-acre tract across Elvis Presley Blvd. from the singer’s mansion have been removed, by either thieves or creditors. “That’s it. I’m finished,” said Walter Anderton, who helped finance the $38,000 memorial. “I lost my shirt any way you look at it. Elvis Presley has cost me enough money. There’s nothing left.” About 1,500 fans also chipped in $10 each toward keeping the flame lighted, but thieves stole the propane tanks used as fuel at the memorial. The flame, originally in Mississippi where Presley was born, was moved to Memphis. Anderton setup the memorial and charged visitors $2 to see the flame, set in a stone monument, a guitar-shaped patio and a souvenir stand. Attendance slacked-off and dissatisfied ticket-buyers were asking for their money back.


Television news – December 8, 1981

Los Angeles weatherman Pat Sajak is named host of “Wheel of Fortune” daytime on NBC, replacing Chuck Woolery.

“House Calls” the CBS sitcom resumes production with star Wayne Rogers, who walked off the set six weeks ago in a salary dispute.

Robert Wagner returns to “Hart to Hart” almost two weeks after the drowning of his wife, Natalie Wood.

Black Entertainment Television is on the air three hours a week for three hours Sunday night on the USA channel.

Don’t miss Perry Como’s Christmas Special – on ABC-TV. Perry is joined by Debby Boone and Dorothy Hamil.

On CBS-TV – A Country Christmas. Starring Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl, Charley Pride, Jerry Reed, John Schneider, Dottie West, Shelly West and David Frizzell.

On CBS-TV – “A Special Anne Murray Christmas” with Kris Kirsofferson. 

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