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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 11, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Two U.S. Navy F-14 planes shoot down two Libyan SU-22 fighters after they fired on the American aircraft in an unprovoked attack over international waters. The area was approx 60 nautical miles from the nearest land in the south central Mediterranean Sea. Libya claims sovereignty over waters and air space over 200 miles from their coast. The United States recognizes the regular 3-mile limit.

Canadian air traffic controllers end their two-day boycott of flights to and from the United States. The strike stranded thousands and delayed flights to and from Europe. The boycott was in support of striking American air controllers.

Pan American World Airways says it will sell its chain of 83 Intercontinental Hotels in order to cut losses. The subsidiary did make money for the company, but the airline needs a cash infusion.

Princess Diana (20) says her honeymoon with Prince Charles (32) has been “fabulous.” “I can highly recommend it. It is a marvelous life and Balmoral is one of the best places in the world.” The couple was married three weeks ago. They’ll continue their honeymoon in Scottish retreat at Balmoral Castle for two more weeks.

In Lubbock, TX - after just returning from a 30 minute flight as an observer, ROTC cadet Carmen Rodriquez accidentally fires her ejection mechanism, hurling her 15 feet into the air. Luckily, she landed on the fuselage of a grounded plane - cushion down, softening the impact. She’ll be ok.


Fascinating Business news – August 10, 1981

The New York Daily News says it is folding its afternoon edition. Dubbed “Tonight,” the afternoon paper had a circulation of 100,000 - half of the 200,000 targeted. About 60 reporters and editors will be laid off. The remaining editors are asked to take a 15% pay cut. The afternoon edition was launched a year ago.

United Airlines - the nation’s largest carrier, says it will begin to offer low-fare, low-frill lines. The shift will include adding increased seating in all49 of United’s 737’s and 19 of its 104 727’s. Meals and other in-flight services might be reduced to cut costs. Service could begin as early as October 1. 


Technology news – August 10, 1981

IBM enters the Personal Computer market. The first PC’s will have a 16-bit microprocessor - twice that of PC rivals Apple, Tandy Corp and Commodore. The expected price range is from $1,565 to $6,300 with the first shipments in October. IBM says it will sell through participating retailers (a first). Some say having IBM enter the PC market gives the industry an added legitimacy. Quoting an analyst “The cynics who say it’s a toy have been silenced effectively.”


Prices At The Supermarket – August 10, 1981

At your 7-Eleven - a carton of cigarettes - $5.79 ... 12 pack of Budweiser or Coors - $4.19.


Best-selling books –August 10, 1981

“Noble House” - James Clavell, “The Third deadly Sin’ - Lawrence Sanders, “Cujo” - Stephen King, “The Beverly Hills Diet” - Judy Mazel, “The Lord Made Them All” - James Herriot


Television news – August 10, 1981

NBC says that Olympic champion Bruce Jenner will star in one (or more) CHiPs episodes. He’ll replace Eric Estrada who failed to show up for work on August 4 - the first day of production for the next season. Estrada is suing the producer - MGM because he says his contract was violated this summer when MGM refused to push back the production date of the series so the actor could star in an NBC movie of the week.

Cable-TV Update –

The city of Boston awards its cable franchise to Cablevision Systems. Cablevision says it will cost $93 million to wire the city. It says it will charge $2.00 for basic service (52 channels). Subs who want the next tier of service - 72 channels, will pay $8.00 a month. Cablevision beat out Warner-Amex. Boston is one of the last of the bigger cities to be wired for cable service.

Westinghouse and ABC announce two news cable channels to compete with Ted Turner’s Cable News Channel. The news service is tentatively called the Satellite News Channels. Channel 1 will would basically be a headline news service - with updates every 18 minutes or so. The second channel will be devoted exclusively to commentary, longer news reports and in-depth and background news features. An ABC official says, “These people are big time. The big big blow of course, is to Turner. It’s a little like General Motors coming in after Studebaker announces a new car.” The services will be launched in the Spring of next year. 

Mother Angelica and 13 other nuns at Our Lady of the Angels Convent in Birmingham, Alabama launch a Catholic cable TV network called Eternal Word Network. They’ll broadcast 4 hours a day. Mother Angelica will be featured in her own show, shot in the network’s concrete block studio. “We’re after the man in the pew, the woman who is suffering from heartache, the child who is lonely.” 


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – August 10, 1981

TV Ratings - Facts Of Life (21.7), All-Star Baseball (20.1), Three’s Company (20.1), Diff'rent Strokes (19.7), Hart to Hart (19.4), Dukes Of Hazzard (19.0), Trapper John MD (18.8), It’s A Living (18.7), MASH (18.1), Quincy ME (18.0), 60 Minutes (17.5), The Jeffersons (17.4), Lou Grant  (17.1), Barney Miller special (16.5), Dallas (16.5), Happy Days (16.4), House Calls (16.2), Laverne & Shirley (16.0), Love Boat (15.9), fantasy Island (15.9), Alice (15.8), Mork & Mindy (15.5), Barney Miller (15.3)


Monday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – August 10, 1981

CBS - WKRP in Cincinnati, The Tim Conway Show, MASH, House Calls, Lou Grant ... NBC - Little House on the Prairie, Movie ... ABC - Border Pals, Movie


WKRP in Cincinnati - Herb, Andy and Mr. Carlson head to Dayton to secure an advertising account. The trouble begins with mistaken identities.

ABC Movie - “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders II” - stars John Davidson, Laraine Stephens.

On Lou Grant - The Trib management is shaken after a threat to make public their salaries. 


Top music albums – August 10, 1981

“4” - Foreigner, “Bella Donaa” - Stevie Nicks, “Escape” - Journey, “Precious Time” - Pet Benatar, “Long Distance Voyager” - The Moody Blues


Music news – August 10, 1981

In Maui, singer Willie Nelson is in the hospital after suffering a collapsed lung due to a respiratory ailment.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – August 10,1981

“Endless Love” - Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie, “Slow Hand” - The Pointer Sisters, “Queen Of Hearts” - Juice Newton, “Hearts” - Marty Balin, “Theme From The Greatest American Hero” - Joey Scarbury, “I Don’t Need You” - Kenny Rogers, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ - Stevie Nicks, “Elvira” - The Oak Ridge Boys, “The One That You Love” - Air Supply, “Lady (You Bring Me Up)” - The Commodores, “Fire and Ice” - Pat Benatar, “Bette Davis Eyes” - Kim Carnes, “Love On A Two Way Street” - Stacy Lattisaw, “Slow Hand” - The Pointer Sisters, “The Breakup Song” - The Greg Kihn Band, “Hold On Tight” - Electric Light Orchestra, “The Beach Boys Medly” - The Beach Boys.


Top Country Music Hit Singles – August 10, 1981

 “Too Many Lovers’ - Crystal Gayle, “I Don’t Need You’ - Kenny Rogers, “Feels So Right’ - Alabama. 


Top movies – August 10, 1981

Arthur - Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Gielgud

Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Kristy McNichol, Dennis Quaid

Tarzan The Apeman - Bo Derek, Richard Harris

Blow Out - John Travolta, Nancy Allen

Walt Disney’s “Condorman” - Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed

“Chu Chu and the Philly Flash” - Carol Burnette, Jack Warden

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