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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 1-11, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

British artillery hammers argentine positions in the Falkland Islands capital of Stanley.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher makes “one last offer” to Argentina to withdraw its troops from the Falklands before what could be a bloody battle for the capital.

 European trip – President Reagan meets with French President Francois Mitterrand in Paris before heading to Versailles.

 President Regan arrives at an economic summit meeting in Versailles, with a warning that America’s allies risk harm by giving easy trade credits to the soviet bloc.

 President Reagan meets with Pope John Paul II in Rome then flies to London to meet with Queen Elizabeth.           

In England – President Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II ride horses together while they chatted.

Israeli tanks and troops invade Southern Lebanon over a broad front.

President Reagan expressed little surprise at his daughter’s defeat in California’s  hard-fought republican senatorial primary: She’ll recover” he said. Maureen Reagan finished 5th for the GOP nomination.

President Ragan has sent Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin a firm letter calling for a cease-fire and Israeli troop withdrawals from Lebanon.

Israel and Syria declare a cease-fire between their forces in the six-day old Lebanon war but fighting continued to rage between Israelis and Palestinian guerrillas.

Unemployment rises to 9.5% - the highest since 1941.

President Reagan ends his 10-day European odyssey by visiting the Berlin Wall which he called “as ugly as the idea behind it” and scorned communist regimes for being “scared to death” of freedom. “Goodbye and until we met again, auf Wiederschen,” he told his West German hosts at a farewell ceremony in Bonn before departed aboard Air Force One.

Grand Rapids - A 3,000-pound circus elephant named Trumpet was electrocuted when a stake to which she was chained apparently touched an underground electrical wire. The show continued.

Richard M. Nixon says that he harbors no “personal’ animosity toward the news media, but chastised reporters and particularly women reporters for the way they treat President’s wives. Over the years, Nixon said, reporters have created ‘myths” about First Ladies, casting Lady Bird Johnson as “much too public,” his own wife as “Plastic pat,” Rosalynn Carter as “much too aggressive” and Nancy Reagan as “first Mannequin” because of her clothes and life style. Once reporters create these images, “they have to perpetuate them.”

The nation’s first law requiring a gun and ammunition in every home goes into effect in Kennesaw, Georgia – a suburb of Atlanta. The American Civil Liberties Union immediately challenged the ordinance in federal court, saying it violates citizens’ rights to free speech and privacy.


Technology news – June 1, 1982

Cell Phone Technology Update  – Some 50,000 people on waiting lists across the country for mobile cell phone service. Many are saying the new service will revolutionize the telecommunications industry. Cellular mobile radio technology combines radio with solid-state electronic switching and computers. The current/older mobile telephone service  - is very inadequate and is almost impossible to use during busy hours. In the cell phone world, geographical areas are divided into hexagonal areas called cells with each cell equipped with a transmitter. At present, cell phone technology could open up 666 channels and permit 100,000 mobile customers in metro areas. An experimental cellular system developed by Motorola in conjunction with the American radio telephone service Inc, now operates 1,000 units in the Washington-Baltimore area. Another trial system by Millicom Inc has been approved by the FCC for the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area. Last year, the FCC agreed to take applications for cellular licenses in the top-30 markets.

Some of the cell applicants include AT&T, General Telephone, Western Union, and MCI.

The cell service will use the last 40mhz of the UHF-TV spectrum – now allocated for the service. The FCC plans to approve two systems in each of the 30 areas. It now costs $2,500 to $3,500 to buy a mobile telephone with service charges of $125 to $150 a month. As technology improves, the cost is sure to come down.

United Press International, the nation’s second largest news wire service is sold to Media News Corp. Seller is E.W. Scripps Co. of Cincinnati. UPI though, has been a money loser for 25 years. 


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – June 1, 1982

“Star Wars” is being released on video cassette.

Tony Awards – “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby” wins best play of 1981-1982 and its star, Roger Rees – wins best-actor honors as Zoe Caldwell gets best actress for “Medea.”

In Italy – Sophia Loren wins parole on the remaining 14 days of her tax-evasion sentence and leaves jail. She spent 16 days of the 30-day sentence behind bars.


Sports news- June 1, 1982

Passing Leroy (Satchel) Paige -  ace pitcher and hitter (75). Joined the majors after Jackie Robinson after many years with the Negro league.

Veteran American League umpire Lou DiMuro dies after he was struck by a car on a busy street near Arlington stadium.


Television news – June 1, 1982

Sharon Gless signs to replace Meg Foster in “Cagney & Lacey,” Foster appeared in the show’s first six episodes as detective Chris Cagney.

“Taxi” – cancelled by ABC, will be picked-up by NBC. NBC was also interested in getting the services of the show’s producers – Ed Weinberger, Stan Daniels and Jim Brooks for more possible shows.   


Wednesday night television – listings/programs/TV guide – June 1, 1982

CBS – The Incredible Hulk, Movie

NBC – Real People, Facts of Life, Teacher’s Only, Quincy, Tonight, Late Night

ABC – Greatest American Hero, Fall Guy, dynasty, Nightline

PBS – Life of composer Gustav Mahler


On Real People – World’s fastest chess player and a disco Laundromat are featured.

CBS Movie (made for TV) – “Rodeo Girl” – Katharine Ross, Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark.

On The Fall Guy – Colt and Howie pursue a bail-jumping arsonist.  


Top movies – June 1, 1981

Visiting Hours

Chariots of Fire

Rocky III

Hanky Panky

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

Conan the Barbarian

Road Warrior

Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn

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