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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 22, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan says the United States has “no intention’ of becoming involved in a Vietnam-like conflict in El Salvador.

Democratic tax writers in the House dismiss as “jellybean talk” and “hallucinogenic” claims by President Reagan’s chief economic advisers that a 30% personal income tax cut over three years will dramatically improve the economy. Treasury Secretary Donald T. Regan held his ground, insisting that tax cuts would stimulate the economy by encouraging saving and investment. 

A presidential commission recommends enrolling all American workers in a universal employer-financed pension system to supplement social security and raise the age for receiving normal Social Security benefits from 65 to 68.

Soviet Premier Nikolai A. Tikhonov calls for a resumption of trade with the United States and indicated the American grain embargo is hurting his country.

On the final stop of a 22,000-mile mission, Pope John Paul III stops at anchorage and gives a message of hope and confidence to Alaska.

Soviet Premier Nikolai A. Tikhonov tells Soviet citizens to work harder, promising them greater supplies of food and consumer goods in return. The Soviet Union, he said, has entered a critical period of development in which greater labor productivity and conservation of natural resources are essential to continued economic growth.

President Reagan says he and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher agree that a Soviet proposal for a U.S.-Soviet summit conference “needs to be carefully studied.”

The Federal Reserve Board, aiming to squeeze out inflation officially announces a .5% reduction in the nation’s money and credit growth this year. 

The names of two ore black youngsters are added to the list of slayings and disappearances being investigated by a special police task force.

Police and FBI agents scour the city of Philadelphia in search of two laughing motorists who snatched $1.2 million in cash that fell from the back of an armored truck, the largest cash theft in Philadelphia history. The loot consisted of 12,000 used $100 bills which fell from the back of a Purolator Armored Inc. truck. The driver and guard, both in front of the truck, told police they did not realize the back door had opened and the container had rolled out. 

Chrysler Corp reports a loss of $1.71 billion last year – the largest annual net loss in U.S. corporate history. The company this week receives a grant of $400 million in government loan guarantees.

The Spanish Parliament confirms Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo as the new prime minister after the quick collapse of the first attempt to overthrow Spain’s young democracy. He will be Spain’s third prime minister since the death of Gen. Francisco Franco in 1975.

It’s announced that Prince Charles, heir to the British throne and one of the world’s most eligible bachelors is engaged to 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer and the couple will be married this summer. The announcement ended months of speculation about their romance.

A financial disclosure statement filed with the Office of Government ethics shows President Reagan has a net worth estimated at $4 million.

Huey Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther party, punches a woman who had attacked his mother-in-law in the Alameda County Courthouse. He’s there to be sentenced on a felony conviction dating back to 1978. The sentencing was postponed.

John DeSanto (30) – files the first homosexual divorce suit in Pennsylvania charging that his lover of 10 years owes him alimony for his role as “wife” in their “marriage.” His lawyer said the divorce suit is based on a state law requiring common law spouses to file for divorce and allowing those spouses to ask a court to distribute their property. Desanto said that his lover threw him out of a house they shared in November, so that a younger man could move in.

Sen. Robert Dole (R-Kan.) is operated for removal of a kidney stone at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.


 Music news – February 22, 1981

George Harrison must pay $567,000 damages to a music company because he “subconsciously” copied another songwriter’s melody in composing the 1971 hit “My Sweet Lord. U.S. district Judge Richard Owen who made the ruling had also ruled in August, 1976, that the former Beatle Plagiarized the melody of composer John Mack’s “He’s So Fine,” However, he concluded at the time, “I don not believe he did so deliberately.” The kicker is, he has to pay Allen Klein, his former manager, whose company bought the publishing rights for $587,000 in 1978.


23rd annual Grammy Awards (Hosted by Paul Simon From Radio City Music Hall)

Best record – “Sailing” – Christopher Cross

Best album – “Sailing” – Christopher Cross

Best song – “Sailing” – Christopher Cross

Best male vocal pop – Kenny Loggins

Best female vocal pop – Better Midler

Best male vocal rock – Billy Joel

Best female vocal rock – Pat Benatar

Best R&B male vocal – George Benson

Best R&B female vocal – Stephanie Mills

Best male vocal country –George Jones

Best female vocal country – Anne Murray.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 22, 1981

Denver oilman Marvin Davis offers to buy 20th-Century Fox FilmCorp. The deal would be worth $800 million or $70 a share.

Actress Mackenzie Phillips (21) and her musician father, John Phillips are undergoing treatment for drug addiction together after squandering their fortunes, their careers and nearly their lives on heroin and cocaine. John Phillips, his wife and now daughter are checked into the drug rehabilitation program at Fair Oaks hospital n Summit, NJ.


Television news – February 22, 1981

On Phil Donahue’s program (broadcast live in Chicago where it originates) – Rita Jenrette chatted about her future and reminisced about her harrowing past as a congressional wife with Donahue. Who called in –her ex-congressional husband, John Henrette, The encounter was not amicable as they argued about children, money, furniture and finally, about her posing semi-nude in Playboy magazine. He was a fallout from the Abscam investigations.

On NBC-TV – Movie: “The Munsters Revenge” – revamping the old TV hit show.

Now that Disney is leaving NBC (after 20 years), CBS says it is looking forward to an association with the company. CBS will air the Disney show beginning next season. 

In syndication – The Charlie Rose Show. Don’t miss it!

Passing – NBC News correspondent Tom Streithorst, whose heart transplant two years ago was documented by his network. He was 49.


Top movies – February 22, 1981

Altered States



Any Which Way You Can

The Jazz Singer

The Competition

Ordinary People

Bloody Valentine

Stir Crazy

Incredible Shrinking Woman

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