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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 15, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Pope John Paul II receives a reception of more than one million in Manila. After walking down the ramp of his jetliner, the Pope kissed the ground.

President Reagan urges Congress to slash the proposed 1982 federal budget by $41.4 billion and to reduce personal income taxes by 30% during four calendar years. He warned that excessive taxation and runaway inflation “will put an end to everything we believe in."

Former President Richard M. Nixon is to appear at a Republican fundraiser but Republican Gov. James A. Rhodes declines to attend the event, saying is still too controversial to be recognized by the Ohio Republican Party.

The Reagan Administration orders the Internal Revenue service to cut its staff by 6,000 persons, a reduction severe enough to cut tax collections by as much as $1 billion.

An Air California Boeing 737 jetliner with 109 aboard crash-lands on John Wayne Airport in Orange country. All survived. The aircraft may have been trying to avoid another on the ground as it was landing.

Busboy Philip Bruce Cline said he started the deadly Las Vegas Hilton fire last week with a marijuana cigarette while engaged in sex play with another man near the eight floor elevators. Cline is ordered held with bail in the fire that killed eight persons and injured 242.

President Reagan urges Congress to slash the proposed 1982 federal budget by $41.4 billion and to reduce personal income taxes by 30% during the next four years. The President warned the runaway inflation “will put an end to everything we believe in.”

The Post Office gets the nod to increase the price of a first-class stamp to 18 cents - 2 cents less then it wanted. 

Prince Charles (32) - riding his favorite horse when suddenly the animal fell to its knees and minutes later - died. The prince had been exercising the 11 year-old animal in preparation for a race this weekend. A stable boy said “The prince put his arms around his neck and tried to give it some comfort but there was nothing anyone could do.”


Guardian Angels In The News – February 15, 1981

Getting noticed – The Guardian Angels, formed two years ago with 13 members, has now grown to 1,000. You can see them all around New York City with branches in the suburbs.


Sports news – February 15, 1981

Hollywood Henderson voluntarily commits himself to an out-of-state drug rehabilitation hospital. The former Dallas Cowboys linebacker has been kicked off one NFL team, waived by another and released by a third within the last 15 months. Henderson says he is dependent on cocaine.


Fascinating Business news – February 15, 1981

The De Lorean Motor Co in DunMurray, Northern Ireland is cranking out 12 new DMC sports cars a day. De Lorean says the plant is expected to produce about 20,000 cars a year.  The cars should go on sale in the United States as planned in May. Cost is about $25,000. The cars will be sold through a network of 350 U.S. dealers. De Lorean has plans for another car  - a sedan that will cost more than the sports car. 

Financier Kirk Kerkorian sells his 25% stock interest in Columbia pictures - ending a protracted legal battle and an effort by Kerkorian to wrestle control of the motion picture company from its management. He’s getting $55 a share - a price substantially higher than the latest Wall Street figures. The stock just closed on the street at $38.25.

Passing – Jack Northrop, co-founder of three aircraft companies. He was 85. 


Music news – February 15, 1981

Barbra Streisand and Stevie Wonder are getting together to cut a duet single.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 15, 1981

The Nevada Commission votes to restore Frank Sinatra’s gaming license after an 18-year-hiatus. One commissioner said allegations of ties between the entertainer and the mob were “manufactured out of printer’s ink.”


Top TV shows – February 15, 1981

Dallas, East of Eden-part 2, The Dukes of Hazzard, East of Eden-part 3, Little House on the Prairie, MASH, 60 Minutes, Three’s Company, Too Close for Comfort, Hart to Hart, The Love Boat, Happy Days, Bob Hope special, Animal House, 20/20, That’s Incredible, Magnum PI, Laverne & Shirley, Real People, Movie-Jaws 2.


Television news – February 15, 1981

In cable-television news - Bristol-Myers signs a 10-year contract with the USA Network to sponsor and produce health-oriented programs for woman. The total investment for the period is said to be $40 million. It’s good news for the channel and for cable, which must attract more advertisers to survive. The USA Network is owned by UA Columbia Cablevision and Madison Square Garden Corp can be seen in 6 million homes.

Monty Python’s John Cleese (41) weds American actress Barbara Trentham (36).


Thursday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – February 15, 1981

CBS - The Waltons, Magnum PI, Knot’s Landing ... NBC - Buck Rogers, Movie ... ABC - Mork & Mindy, Bosom Buddies, Barney Miller, Taxi, 20/20 ... PBS - The Paper Chase, Sneak Previews, Masterpiece Theater.


On The Waltons - Jim-Bob gets into driving trouble with his hot-rod.

On Mork & Mindy - Mork scoffs at the idea of meeting Robin Williams - his lookalike.

On Barney Miller - Miller throws the book at a librarian who goes nuts after library patrons refuse to obey the silent rule.

On The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson - Jim Stafford and Rich Hall.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – February 15, 1981

The Tide is High - Blondie

Celebration - Kool & the Gang

Rapture - Blondie

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar

Lady - Kenny Rogers

Together - Tierra

Woman - John Lennon

Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon

Guilty - Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb

9 to 5 - Dolly Parton

Love On the Rocks - Neil Diamond

Passion - Rod Stewart

The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

Every Woman In the World - Air Supply

Crying - Don McLean

I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbitt

Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen

I Ain't Gonna Stand For It - Stevie Wonder

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - The Police

Treat Me Right - Pat Benatar

Giving It Up For Your Love - Delbert McClinton


Top music albums – February 15, 1981                                                         

Double Fantasy - John Lennon & Yoko Ono             

Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police  

Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits - Kenny Rogers   

Autoamerican - Blondie                  

Crimes of Passion - Pat Benatar   

Guilty - Barbra Streisand               

Hi Infidelity - REO Speedwagon                                        

Back In Black - AC/DC                                                     

Paradise Theater - Styx                               

The Jazz Singer - Neil Diamond                 


Top movies – February 15, 1981

Nine to Five - Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, Dabney Coleman

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Marilyn Burns, Gunnar Hansen

Earthbound - Burl Ives, Christopher Connelly, Meredith Macrae, Joseph Campanella

Seems Like Old Times - Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn, Charles Grodin

Ordinary People - Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch, Timothy Hutton

 Charlie Chan and the curse of the Dragon Queen - Peter Ustinov, Lee Grant, Brian Keith, Roddy McDowall

Stir Crazy - Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor

Altered States - William Hurt, Blair Brown, Bob Balaban

My Bloody Valentine - Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck

The Competition - Richard Dreyfuss, Amy Irving, Lee Remick

Tess - Nastassia Kinski, Peter Firth, Leigh Lawson

Sunday Lovers - Gene Wilder, Roger Moore, Ugo Tognazzi, Lino Ventura

The Dogs Of War - Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Colin Blakely

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