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 Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 1, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Abscam role - The House votes to expel convicted Rep. Michael Myers (D-PA) in the first expulsion of a member of Congress in 119 years.

Producer prices fall for the first time more than four years while the nation’s jobless rate dips to its lowest point since last spring at 7.5%.

Paris - A bomb explodes outside a synagogue crowded with more than 400 holiday worshipers, killing at least four.  

The Iraqi government calls off its cease-fire and orders its troops to continue to fight in the Persian Gulf War against Iran.

All 506 passengers and crewmen of the burning Dutch luxury liner Prinsendam are safe in two Alaskan ports because of the greatest single-ship rescue in modern history.

Ronald Reagan says he is not worth $3 million and his wife said the GOP presidential candidate’s wealth has nothing to do with his desire to help the average American worker.

Ronald Reagan calls President Carter a “prejudiced man” who is “reaching a point of hysteria” in his campaign attacks on Reagan. He said this after Carter stated that a Reagan presidency would divide the nation – black from white, Christian from Jew, North from South. “I can’t be angry,” said Reagan. “I’m saddened that anyone, and particularly someone who held that position, could intimate such a thing.” “I’m not asking any apology from him, I know who I have to account to for my actions. But I think he owes the country an apology.”

Ronald Reagan says that as President, he would scrap the strategic arms limitation treaty without allowing a Senate vote on it, then, toughen the U.S. negotiating stance and seek new weapons talks with the Soviet Union.

Former President Richard Nixon says in a Parade Magazine interview that Ronald Reagan “values my foreign policy advice” and might give him a role as ‘a counselor or negotiator” if elected. “I think he values my foreign policy advice.” But a Reagan aide said Nixon was “hallucinating.” Nixon said he would not campaign for Reagan because “that Watergate crap would get dragged in.” 

In an interview on NBC’s “Today” show, Princess Ashraf, the twin sister of the late Shah of Iran says she could afford $100,000, but no more, as a symbolic gesture to the present government of Iran if such a payment could win release of the American hostages. 

“Miss Lillian” Carter (82), mother of the President fractures her right hip in a fall at her plains home and undergoes surgery. She’s in good condition.


Sports news – October 1, 1980

Stunner in Las Vegas – Larry Holmes retains his title with an 11th round KO against Muhammad Ali.

Aides say Muhammad Ali apparently was weakened ahead of his losing try for the heavyweight boxing title by doses of thyroid drug that causes weight loss.

Vince Ferragamo, quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams is now #1 among all National Football League passers. His completion percentage is now 71.4% and is ahead of Terry Bradshaw, Danny White, Brain Sipe and Ron Jaworski.

Bill Shoemaker, horse racing’s all-time winningest jockey is injured in a three-horse pileup during the second race at Belmont Park.

Phillies Mike Schmidt hits his 48th home run of the season, a record for a major league third baseman.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – October 1, 1980

Wayne Newton the new owner of the Aladdin Hotel, denies an NBC report linking him with organized crime. He called the accusation – “slander, defamation of character and everything else.”

It’s reported that Steve McQueen (50) is being treated for terminal cancer – mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer. The disease has spread to McQueen’s neck, abdomen and chest, ruling out effective treatment by chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy. “I say to all my fans and all my friends, to keep your fingers crossed and keep the good thoughts coming. All my love and God bless you.”

Italian beauty Isabella Ardigo rejects $300,000 and Penthouse Magazine’s Pet of the Year title because she declares she is “too good to represent Penthouse.” “In Europe, we take nudity different than you do. Here it’s almost offensive to people. The more I thought about it, I learned that people’s reactions to this magazine are not so favorable. They buy it… for the pictures, but just because men like it and buy it doesn’t mean it’s good for me”


Television news – October 1, 1980

Don’t miss “More Wild Wild West” on CBS this Wednesday. It stars Robert Conrad, Ross martin and Jonathan Winters.

Debuting this week – “Sneak Previews” on PBS. Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun Times)  and Gene Siskel (Chicago Tribune) co-host review of the latest movies. This week – “Middle Age Crazy,” “Ordinary People,” “Willie and Phil,” and “Those Lips, Those Eyes” are reviewed. 

Also debuting this week on PBS – “Cosmos” with Dr. Carl Sagan. 


Thursday night television – October 1, 1980

CBS – Movie – Corvette Summer (see ad), Movie – Fast Break (see ad)

NBC – Games People Play, Movie, Tonight

ABC – Movie – Murder By Death (see ad),  20/20, Nightline

PBS -  Sneak Previews (Debut).


On the Tonight Show – David Brenner guest hosts with George Burns, Bob Uecker, Stan Kann.



Top movies – October 1, 1980

Terror Train

In God We Trust


Smokey & The Bandit II

Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie

Coast to Coast


The Stunt Man From Yesterday Stardust Memories

The Blue Lagoon

Empire Strikes Back

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