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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 23, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

President Carter said that the threatened expulsion of Israel from the United Nations if carried out, “would raise the gravest questions” about future U.S. participation in the international body’s deliberations.

Persian Gulf War - Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev breaks his silence and blames the United States for the conflict. In a speech, he said – “”Neither Iraq nor Iran will gain anything from mutual destruction, bloodshed and undermining each other’s economy.”

The Chicago Board of education voluntarily pledges to desegregate its 460,000-student system in September.  

Iraq conditionally accepts a U.N. call for an end to its 8-day-old war with Iran, but the Iranians vow to fight on and threatened to widen the war to other Persian gulf states.

North Korea cuts its hotline telephone link with South Korea, sending relations between the two Koreas to their lowest point in years.

President Carter accused Ronald Reagan of calling for a military solution to several diplomatic problems that have arisen around the world recently and said it would be “disturbing’ to have such a man serve as President.

Ronald Reagan angrily denounces as “beneath decency” President Carter’s suggestion that Reagan might start a war if he is elected President

Passing – Princess Anne of Denmark  (62) - British-born wife of Danish Prince George. She’s a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

A mysterious gambler walked into the Horseshoe Club in Las Vegas, placed a single bet of $777,000 on the craps table and walked away with more than $1 million. After the casino paid off in cash, the gambler climbed into his car and drove away with his loot.


Women’s Health Update – September 23, 1980

The A.H. Robins Co. says the Dalkon Shield intrauterine (IUD) contraceptive device should no longer be used even by women who are experiencing no problems with the device. The Dalkon Shield has been the subject of 4,460 lawsuits filed against Robins, which stopped marketing the device in 1974. As of March 1980, it had been blamed for 17 deaths and countless uterine infections and septic abortions.


Fascinating Business news – September 23, 1980

Tampons taboo - Procter & Gamble say they are pulling their Rely tampons from the market after the Center for disease Control announced that women who use the product run an increased risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome.


Radio news – September 23, 1980

Jazz WRVR-FM New York becomes country WKHK. Same with KHJ-AM in Los Angeles.

Less music - WABC New York will get the New York Yankees full time next season.

Kevin Metheny, program director at KSLQ-FM St. Louis takes over the reins of WNBC New York. He succeeds John Lund.

More New York as WXLO hires WKTU-FM morning man J.D. Holiday. The station is leaning more urban.


Television news – September 23, 1980

David Letterman’s daytime NBC show is leaving the air October 24. It’ll be replaced by game shows “The Las Vegas Gambit,” and “Blockbusters.” Letterman has a long-term contract with NBC and his show may be revived in another timeslot. 

 “The Million Dollar Talent Show.” Chuck Barris announces plans to begin production on a one-hour weekly syndicated competitive talent series whose winner would receive $1 million after 25 weeks. Barris suspended production on his other television series six months ago. The series is being produced for prime time.

NBC’s “Shogun” starring Richard Chamberlain ends its 12-hour run as the second most-watched min-series behind “Roots.”

On CBS-TV – “The Magic Of David Copperfield.” Amazing feats never before seen! Can David actually levitate a sports car? Will he escape a deadly laser? With special guest host Jack Klugman. With Debby Boone, Mary Crosby, Louis Nye, Shimada and Cindy Williams. New! A CBS Special Presentation.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – September 23, 1980

CBS – Magic of David Copperfield, Movie

NBC – Games People Play, Movie, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Movie, 20/20, Nightline

On the Tonight Show – Walter Matthau, Mac Davis


Music news – September 23, 1980

John Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin is found dead at the home of the group’s lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, near Windsor Castle. Atlantic Records gives his age at 32. No apparent cause of death is reported. His death comes two years after Keith Moon, drummer for the Who, died of a drug overdose. The band completed a European tour in July after not having performed publicly for some time.

Did you miss Elton John’s free Central Park concert on Sept. 13? 400,000 attended. It was sponsored in part by WNEW-FM.

Now at bookstores – “Night Dancing” by Vita Miezltis and Bill Bernstein. Captures the flamboyant style and scope of the New York disco scene.

United Artists records has a new name. Actually  - an old one as “Liberty” records is revived. First up – “Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits” to be released in September.

John Lennon’s first album in 5 years, and his first album of original compositions in six years, will be on David Geffen’s new label. Interviewed by Newsweek – Lennon’s first major interview in some time, he said his political radicalism of the early 1970’s was “phony.” “I always felt guilty that I made money, so I had to give it away or lose it.” Lennon also said he spent much of his time caring for his 5-year-old son Sean, serving as a “househusband.’ He said he hadn’t picked-up a guitar in nearly five years, but decided to record again because “this housewife would like to have a career for a bit.”

Right after he signed John Lennon - Elton John signs with David Geffen’s new label – “Geffen” records. He had been with MCA since 1971 and has sold some 60 million albums thus far. “It was tough to leave after all these years,” said his manger, John Reid. “But without wishing to sound bitter, we just felt MCA no longer felt as strongly about Elton as David Geffen’s company does.” “For the last few years the top management has been very ineffectual and I thought Elton’s career had suffered. So the time came for a move to a label that’s more in touch with today’s record business.”

Ronnie Spector is making a comeback with her first solo album, “Siren,” a concert tour for the fall and a projected book. The album is on Polish Records.

Music Television  - Linda Ronstadt is set to appear in her first TV concert – on HBO.


Top pop music hit singles In Britain – September 23, 1980

Start – Jam

Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie

Feels Like I’m In Love – Kelly Marie

Eight Day – Hazel O’Conner

It’s Only Love-Beyond the Reed – Elvis Presley

One Day I’ll Fly Away – Randy Crawford

Modern Girl – Sheena Easton

9 to 5 – Sheena Easton

Modern Girl – Sheena Easton

Sunshine Of Your Smile – Mike Barry


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – September 23, 1980

All Out of Love – Air Supply

Upside Down – Diana Ross

Give Me The Night – George Benson

Fame - Irene Cara

Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

Late In the Evening – Paul Simon

Emotional Rescue – Rolling Stones

Lookin’ For Love – Johnny Lee

One In A Million You – Larry Graham

You’ll Accomp’ny Me – Bob Seger

All Over The World – ELO

Hot Rod Hearts – Robbie Dupree


Top Country Hit Music Singles – September 23, 1980

Lookin’ For Love – Johnny Lee

Heart of Mine – Oak Ridge Boys

Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You – Dolly Parton

Charlotte’s Webb – Statler Brothers

Do You Wanna Go To Heaven – T.G. Shepard

Let’s Keep it That Way – Mac Davis

Theme From The Dukes of Hazzard – Waylon Jennings
Loving Up A Storm – Razzy Bailey

Making Plans – Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton

Faded Love – Willy Nelson and Ray Price


Top music albums – September 23, 1980         

Panorama – Cars

The Game – Queen

Emotional Rescue – Rolling Stones

Xanadu – Soundtrack

Give Me The Night – George Benson

Diana – Diana Ross

Urban Cowboy – Soundtrack

Hold Out – Jackson Browne

Back in Black – AC/DC

Anytime, Anyplace Anywhere – Rossington Collins Band

Crimes of Passion – Pat Benatar

One For the Road – The Kinks

TP – Teddy Pendergrass

Glass Houses – Billy Joel

Full Moon – Charlie Daniels Band

Honeysuckle Rose – Soundtrack

Fame – Soundtrack

Christopher Cross – Christopher Cross

Drama – Yes

McVicar – Soundtrack

Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel

Against The Wind – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

One Trick Pony – Paul Simon


Top Disco Music – September 23, 1980

Give Me The Night – George Benson

Love Sensation – Loleatta Holloway

Can’t Fake the Feeling – Geradine Hunt

Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

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