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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 8, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Campaign trail in New Jersey as President Carter tells a crowd in Perth Amboy that Ronald Reagan’s economic program would bring “massive tax breaks for the wealthy and massive increases in inflation to working people.”

Ronald Reagan says that if he were elected President he would restrain the projected growth in federal spending by 7 to 10 per cent over the next five years. And independent John Anderson will be in the next Presidential debate.

Retired Adm. Elmo Zumwalt says that White House and Pentagon sources told him that President Carter personally approved the disclosure of the top-secret “Stealth” aircraft program for political purposes.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini intervenes dramatically in the 10-month old American hostages crisis, setting unexpectedly moderate terms for the release of the 52 captives. He said the hostages could be released if the United states returned to Iran the property of the late shah, canceled all of its financial claims against Iran, promised not to intervene politically or militarily in Iran and released Iranian assets frozen by president Carter after the hostages were seized.

A Cuban refugee was filed in a hijacking attempt when he was over powered by two passengers and a stewardess aboard an Eastern airlines jet. The plane, carrying 79 passengers and six crewmembers from Newark, N.J., landed in Miami as scheduled.

The Afghan government has demanded the extradition of Dan Rather, CBS television reporter, on charges that he took part in the killing of three Afghan workers. Rather said “this is a classic case of the propaganda technique known the world over as the big lie.” The incident was said to have taken place in March. Rather went to Naragarhar Province in March with CBS television crew to film the Afghan insurgents he was accompanied by guides and insurgent bodyguards.

Passing – Max Morgenthaler, a Swiss chemist known as the “father of Nescafe’ instant coffee. 

Robert Linkletter (35) son of entertainer Art Linkletter is fatally injured after his car collided head-on with another in Los Angeles.

Josephine Hoffa (62), wife of missing teamster Union boss Jimmy Hoffa, dies in a Detroit hospital after a stroke. 

The current People Magazine has a six-page spread of Ronald Reagan’s movie roles.


Sports news – September 8, 1980

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw announces his marriage to Jo Jo Starbuck, who last month filed for divorce, is on again.

The Pittsburgh Steelers break out of a 17-17 third-quarter deadlock to beat the Houston Oilers 31-17. “Feel sorry for Kenny Stabler?” said Terry Bradshaw. “I wish he had thrown 15 interceptions instead of five.” Also, dig Bradshaw’s new peanut butter!


Politics On Television – September 8, 1980

Interviewed on the “Today” show, former President Richard Nixon says President Carter’s aides are “tough” and ruthless,’ and that Republican nominee Ronald Reagan had better “shape up” his staff. “You know, they’re a touch bunch, believe me, these Georgia boys. They may play softball down in Plains, but they play hardball in the country,’” said Nixon.


Music news – September 8, 1980

Slim Whitman is back again. Slim Whitman? Yes. After Suffolk marketing did a direct TV ad for an album of his old hits. It sold well, but more importantly, his name is remembered for better or worse. He recently placed a top-20 tune on the country charts – “When.” Suffolk is coming out with a second Slim Whitman TV album. Look out!

Glen Campbell (44) and Tanya Tucker (21) plan to marry. They’ve been seen together since February. It’ll be his fourth wife.

Looks like Toni Tenille is changing her image. US Magazine reports she’s splitting, professionally from the Captain – Daryl Dragon (her husband) to begin a new talkshow. Gone are her bangs. In for her – blond tresses. “This is the way I looked when I met Daryl. It’s not new to me. But going back to this style was a conscious decision. I was tired of being a little cutesy-pie and I felt the time had come for a mature, sexy image. A change was needed.


Television news – September 8, 1980

Fred Silverman, head of programming for #3 ranked NBC said that things have been so unlucky lately that if CBS’ “Dallas” were on NBC the guy who shot J.R. would have missed. 

On ABC-TV – 90-minute premiere of “Those Amazing Animals.” Hosts – Burgess Meredith, Jim Stafford and Priscilla Presley.

WSNS-TV (Channel 44) Chicago is about to give up a nice part of its broadcast day to pay-TV, in this case ON-TV of Chicago (see ad). The official opening is Sept 22. It’s called subscription TV and there are operations in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York – all using UHF stations to scramble signals.  

Chuck Barris is in a body cast after receiving a sprained back and cracked ribs while playing racquetball.

Actress MacKenzie Phillips is ordered to pay 41,500 in temporary alimony to her estranged husband, Jeffrey Sessler.

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal announce that they’ll soon be married. He was married to actresses Joanna Moore and Leigh Taylor-Young. She was married to Lee Majors.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – September 8, 1980

CBS – 60 Minutes, Archie Bunker’s Place, One Day At A Time, Alice, The Jeffersons, Trapper John, M.D.

NBC – Disney, ChiPs, NBC Special – Emmy Awards

ABC – Those Amazing Animals (see add), Movie-The Longest Yard

PBS – Masterpiece Theater


ChiPS – Officer Bonnie Clark is injured in an accident, but a CB radio enthusiast comes to the rescue.

Emmy Awards – Michael Landon, Lee Remick and Bob Newhart host the ceremony. Presenters include Danny Thomas, Loni Anderson, Lucille Ball, Carl Reiner and Sally Struthers.


Top movies – September 8, 1980

The Blues Brothers

Smokey and the Bandit II

The Big Brawl

My Bodyguard

Empire Strikes Back

Raise the Titanic


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