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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 24, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

A Philadelphia congressman and three co-defendants in the nation’s first Abscam trial are convicted of sharing in a $50 thousand bribe from undercover FBI agents posing as representatives of an Arab sheik in return for assisting the non-existent foreigner in immigration matters. Rep. Michael Myers showed no emotion when the verdicts were announced. Each was found guilty of charges of bribery, conspiracy and traveling interstate to commit bribery.

Vice presidential candidate George Bush’s trip to China ends up in tatters with the Chinese government enraged and cast a shadow over any other future dealings. The New China News Agency labeled Bush’s three-day trip a failure and denounced President Reagan for a number of statements endorsing renewed ties with Taiwan. Bush denied the news saying “I can’t imagine being given a better reception... we had agreements on some things and disagreements on some things.”

In Atlanta, three technicians have been rehired after being fired for flashing a picture of a well-endowed naked woman across the screen in the middle of broadcasting Saturday morning cartoons. A picture of the woman nude from the waist up was left as a practical joke by the night technician for the man who followed him in the morning. The slide aired during technical difficulties over WSB-TV Channel 2. The technician said he was pre-occupied with fixing the problem until it was too late. 

Passing - James Smith McDonnell (81) - builder of one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. St. Louis based McDonnell-Douglas is the second-largest defense contractor in the country.


Fascinating Facts – August 24, 1980

An automatic bank teller machine in Henderson, Kentucky went berserk and spewed out an extra $15 thousand to an unknown customer. The customer kept the money and has stayed quiet about the malfunctioning machine. Farmers Bank & Trust is offering a $500 reward and anonymity to the customer if the missing cash is returned. The bank has a list of customers who used the errant machine but does not know which one got the additional cash.

In a freak accident, a parachutist who had just jumped at 7,500 feet near San Diego was struck and killed by a cargo plane in what one aviation official called “a one-in-a-billion-accident.” The parachutist, John Nichols, was in a free-fall and the plane; going about 200 mph did not see him. The plane crew initially reported that it had hit a bird.

Sears, Roebuck & Co says it will press charges, charging James McLaughlin  had damage to its property. Hundreds watched as McLaughlin climbed up the Sears Tower, making it to the 18th floor before firemen stopped him with window scaffolding. McLaughlin says he wanted to climb to the top, don a parachute he had in a backpack and jump to the street.


Prices At The Supermarket – August 24, 1980

Now at Jack In The Box - new ham & cheese supreme - just .99

On sale - 24 Crayola Crayons - .79...Planters Peanuts - 16oz jar - $1.22...bottle of 60 Flintstones vitamins - $2.33.    


Television news – August 24, 1980

In Hollywood - Actors David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser testify before the Los Angeles Grand Jury in charges that funds were diverted from the show “Charlie’s Angels to “Starskey and Hutch,” both produced by Spelling-Goldberg productions. The victims of the alleged $500 thousand diversion is actor Robert Wagner and actress Natalie Wood, who own almost 44% of Charlie’s Angels. The plaintiffs contend that the funds were diverted from their show to the cancelled Starsky & Hutch series.    

Joan Lunden returns from vacation to join David Hartman on “Good Morning America.”


Friday night Television – August 24, 1980

(CBS) The Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazzard, Dukes of Hazzard...(NBC) Here’s Boomer, Facts Of Life, Speak Up America, Friday Night Fights...(ABC)Benson, Goodtime Girls, Move.


ABC movie is “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders” - Bert Convy and Laraine Stevens.

Midnight Special at 1am is hosted by “The Commodores” with guests Captain & Tennille, ABBA and Frankie Vallie.


Top pop hit music singles – August 24, 1980

“Emotional Rescue” - Rolling Stones, “Magic” - Olivia Newton John, “All Out Of Love” - Air Supply, “Fame” - Irene Cara, “One In A Million You” - Larry Graham, “Another Bites The Dust” - Queen, “Sailing” - Christopher Cross, “Give Me The Night” - George Benson, “Upside Down” - Diana Ross,  It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me” - Billy Joel.


Top music albums – August 24, 1980

“Emotional Rescue” - Rolling Stones, “The Game” - Queen, “Glass Houses” - Billy Joel, “Diana” - Diana Ross, “Fame” - Soundtrack,, “Hold Out” - Jackson Browne, “Urban Cowboy” - Soundtrack, “Empty Glass” - Pete Townsend.


Top movies – August 24, 1980

Smokey & The Bandit II - Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason

“Xanadu” - Olivia Newton John, Gene Kelly

 Dressed To Kill - Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson

Airplane - Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty

Prom Night - Leslie Nielson, Jamie Lee Curtis

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