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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 1, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Billy Controversy – It’s disclosed by the White House that President Carter sent a copy of a confidential State department cable to his brother, Billy Carter -  regarding his 1978 trip to Libya, and praised him for doing a good job on that occasion.

All 172 Iranian men jailed at a federal prison in Otisville (NY) provided authorities with their new identities in order to prevent prompt deportation.

Justice Department investigator Joel Lisker says that Billy Carter lied about receiving money from the Libyan government.

Over 200 Iranians chanting “Long Live Khomeini” assemble for prayer and protest across the street from the White House.

President Carter orders the Justice Department to report on whether 172 Iranian protestors adequately identified themselves before being released from New York jails this week.

Italy - An explosion tears through the crowded waiting rooms and restaurant of Bologna’s main railway station killing at least 76.

Among hecklers - In New York President Carter promises leaders of the black community he will soon propose an economic plan to modernize U.S. industry and crate “millions and millions and millions of jobs. 

Elizabeth Eagleton Weigand , a niece of Sen. Thomas Eagleton (D-MO.), charged with attempting to extort money by claiming to have damaging evidence against the senator, is released on recognizance bond.

 A termite which gnaws through plaster, mortar and wood preservatives to eat to get to edible wood has been discovered in South Florida, a University of Florida entomologist says. The Formosan termite secretes an acid that allows it to burrow through the walls. It’s been sighted in South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas, but this is its first appearance in Florida.

President Carter denies that he was guilty of any impropriety in the Billy Carter case and says his brother had no influence on U.S. policies toward Libya. He pointed a figurative finger at some segments of the news media to explain how he believes he and other Presidents have become involved in “messes” such as the Billy Carter controversy. President Carter told a press conference he hoped his brother would be “punished if he’s guilty, exonerated if he’s innocent.”


Fascinating Business news – August 1, 1980

Chrysler Corp. rolls out its first K-car, the new front-wheel drive compact model which will save or sink the struggling automaker. The company claimed the car, which will be priced in the $6,000 range, is well on its way to being sold out for the rest of 1980. Chairman Lee A. Iacocca said, “Nobody has ever had that kind of order backlog before production started.”


Medical /Health news update – August 1, 1980

At Johns Hopkins Medical School and Sinai hospital of Baltimore -  Doctors successfully implant small, battery-powered devices in the chests of heart patients that deliver life-saving electric shocks when the patients suffer cardiac arrest. The new instrument is a miniature, automated version of a defibrillator.


 Sports news – August 1, 1980

Professional skater Jo Jo Starbuck, wife of Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw, files for divorce. They were married in June 1976 in Beverly Hills. In 1974, Bradshaw was divorced from his first wife, Melissa Babish after an 18-month marriage.

Al Kaline and Duke Snider are entered into baseball’s Hall of Fame at Cooperstown.

Deacon Jones, Berg Aderley, Bob Lilly and Jim Otto are inducted at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.  

In Moscow – Ethiopia’s Miruts Yifter wins the 5,000 meters and becomes the only double gold medallist I Moscow Olympics track competition.

The boycott-marred Moscow Summer Olympic games end.

NBC-TV Friday night fights are back – with analyst Sugar Ray Leonard.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – August 1, 1980

Passing – Character actor Strother Martin (61). He appeared in more than 100 feature films and 500 television episodes.


Music news – August 1, 1980

John Phillips, leader of the 1960’s pop group “The Mamas and Papas” is arrested on charges he was part of a ring that sold drugs bought with stolen prescription forms. Phillips (44) is the father of actress Mackenzie Phillips (20) of the popular CBS sitcom “One Day At A Time.”


Television news – August 1, 1980

 Premiere on NBC-TV –“Speak Up America” from George Schlater, producer of “Real People. For the first episode – (Magic’s Kids) - L.A. Superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson finds out what’s on the minds of young people… Also, on a feature called, QUBE - - People call in their reactions to the recent draft registration law and more.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide -  August 1, 1980

CBS – The Waltons, Barnaby Jones, Knot’s Landing

NBC – Movie, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Mork & Mindy, Angie, Barney Miller, Nobody’s Perfect, 20/20, Nightline

PBS – Dick Cavett


On The Waltons – A schoolteacher introduces sex education on Walton’s mountain.

On Mork & Mindy – Mork’s mind wanders on a vacation while his body remains, occupied by other beings. 

On Barney Miller – Harris disappears on an undercover mission.

On the Tonight Show – Joining Johnny Carson - Roy Clark, Dick Cavett, Margo Kidder

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