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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of July 1, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The Supreme Court, rules that the federal government and individual states do not have to pay for most abortions wanted by women on welfare.

President Carter and Democratic congressional leaders agree to provide a tax cut for 1981. No figures were discussed, but its reported that it would be worth between $20 billion and $30 billion. 

The Senate approves a $52 million weapons bill that will begin development of a new strategic bomber, kick-off the MX missile and provide an almost 12% military pay raise. 

The White House unveils a $96.1 million plan to create 32,000 new summer jobs in 31 cities with severe unemployment and poverty. The plan is aimed at the disadvantaged, especially youths and minorities.

The Soviets ban an annual July 4 TV message to the Soviet people by the U.S. ambassador in Moscow. He’ll have to use the evening newspaper.

President Carter orders 4 million American men born in 1960-1961 to register between July 21 and Aug. 2 for any future military draft.

The Federal Reserve Board announces that it will lift the rest of the anti-inflation curbs it imposed on bank loans and consumer credit. They say inflation has backed-off, but the recession has worsened.

John Anderson, declaring, “I now believe that an independent can win,” says he has attracted enough money, potential voters and interest to permit him to stay in the race for the presidency through the November election.

President Carter signs into law a $25 billion synthetic fuels bill designed to cut national dependence on oil by launching an industry that produces energy from shale, coal and other substances. The law also requires the President to begin filling the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve at a leisurely rate of 100,000 barrels a day by October.

Unemployment is down to 7.7% in June from 7.8% in May.

President Carter accuses Ronald Reagan of making a hasty, irresponsible and simplistic attempt to give Americans “a classic free lunch” by seeking a three-year $280-billion tax cut.


Music news – July 1, 1980

Bruce Springsteen’s next album is long overdue. He’s in the studio now, but it’s a closely guarded secret as to which songs – he’s written dozens of them, will go on this album.

Live in Concert – Eagles – The Long Run Tour. Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit. Touring now.


Sports news – July 1, 1980

Cincinnati pitcher Tom Seaver is complaining that his pitching strength has disappeared from his arm. “This conceivably could be the end of my career,” said Seaver.

Pete Rose of the Philadelphia Phillies will make his 14th All-Star appearance. Rose holds a record for playing at five different positions in All-Star games. Also in this year’s National League squad – Catchers Gary Carter of Montreal and John Stearns of New York; infielders Dave Concepcion of Cincinnati, Phil Garner of Pittsburgh and Keith Hernandez of St. Louis and outfielders Dave Winfield of San Diego, Ken Griffey of Cincinnati and George Hendrick of St. Louis.

Starters this time are Steve Garvey at first base, Gavey Lopes at second, Bill Russell at shortstop Mike Schmidt at third, Reggie Smith – outfield. Same for Dave Parker and Dave Kingman. Johnny Bench at catcher.

American League starters – Reggie Jackson, Fred Lynn, Bucky Dent, Rod Carew, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice (who’s injured and may be replaced by Ben Oglivie. Paul Militor of the Brewers and George Brett of Kansas City are also injured.

Rochester, NY - Nancy Lopez Melton wins a $125,000 LPGA tour – the 19th victory in her short career.


Television news – July 1, 1980

After 34 years - Harry Reasoner files for divorce from his wife Kathleen. He asked that custody of the two youngest – Ellen (21) and Jonathan (18) be given to his wife.

Newsman Roger Mudd will switch from CBS to NBC.

On CBS-TV – Roger Moore returns as “The Saint.” Late nights.


Friday night television listings – July 1, 1980

CBS – Incredible Hulk, dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, Late night – The Avengers, Return of the Saint (see ad)

NBC – Movie – The Music Man, Tonight Show, Midnight Special

ABC – Movie – The Alamo, Fridays

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week


Incredible Hulk – David Banner joins an archeological dig in the hope of discovering an antidote.

On Dukes of Hazzard – Cooter steals the President’s limo for a joyride.

Music TV - The Midnight Special – Paul Anka hosts with Elton John, Carpenters, Bee Gees, Frank Valli & The Four Seasons, Peter Frampton, Jim Croce, Helen Reddy, Herman’s Hermits, Joan Baez


Top movies – July 1, 1980

Urban Cowboy

The Shining

The Island


Rough Cut

Blues Brothers

The Empire strikes Back

Friday the 13th

Can’t Stop the Music

Bronco Billy

Up the Academy

The Nude Bomb

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