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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 8, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Relayed to President Carter - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat requests in indefinite postponement of the deadlocked Palestinian autonomy talks with Israel and the U.S.

A freighter rams the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at rush hour in a blinding thunderstorm, tearing away a large section of the span, sending about 30 people to their deaths. One car with 4, stopped just inches away from the broken road.

Moammar Kadafi outs the diplomats from several of his embassies, transformed them into Libyan People’s bureaus and allowed students to take over one of them.

Cuban MIG jet fighters sink a Bahamian gunboat, killing four crewman and terrorized residents of a remote island by buzzing the city of Duncan Town.

Power test - Five U.S. Navy helicopters spray flammable foam on the surface of the Persian Gulf, touching off a fire in the strategic waterway as Iranian jet fighters looked on.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter raises its price $2 a barrel.

The Senate adopts a $613.1-billion balanced 1981 budget after it votes to halt Saturday mail delivery and to collect a 10-cent-a-gallon oil import fee.

Two men used rubber suction cups and spikes to climb part of the way up the back of the statue of Liberty to dramatize their discontent with the treatment of a convicted killer in California. The white and red banner said, “Liberty Was Framed – Free Geronimo Pratt.” The two men remained on the statue for the night.

Divorce final – Heiress Christina Onasis (29) and her Soviet husband Sergei Kauzov (39) are divorced by a Swiss court. They were married in August 1978.

Passing – Mrs. Lula Parker Betenson – younger sister of Butch Cassidy.

Technology news – Seen more and more – ads for cordless phones.


Music news – May 8, 1980

Blonde’s Debbie Harry signs with Murjani Jenas, the people who market the Gloria Vanderbilt line. She’ll be featured in the company’s new TV ad campaign.


Entertainment news – May 8, 1980

Passing – Actress-singer Lillian Roth (69).

Passing – Actor Hugh Griffith (67).

At B.Dalton – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Storybook. Also – The Star Wars Storybook and Stars Wars: The Wooklee Storybook.


Television news – May 8, 1980

NBC is adding something called “Hill Street Blues” to its schedule. It’s described as both a comedy and drama.

Music television – On CBS-TV, “Johnny Cash – The First 25 Years! – With the Statler Brothers, Chet Atkins, The Carter Family, Carl Perkins, Ray Stevens, Dottie West, Anne Murray, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings, Larry Gatlin,Tom T. Hall, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson and many more. 


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – May 8, 1980

CBS – WKRP In Cincinnati, Stockard Channing Show, MASH, Lou Grant

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, Movie, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – that’s Incredible, Movie, Nightline.

WKRP – Johnny Fever’s old girlfriend is in town – with a lawsuit for the jock.


MASH – Radar is ordered stateside!

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