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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 23, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Sen. Edward Kennedy wins over President Carter in the Pennsylvania primary.

A military operation to free the American hostages in Iran fails and results in the accidental death of eight crewman aboard two U.S. aircraft. Apparently, two planes collided in the desert as the mission was being aborted, causing the deaths. President Carter accepts full responsibility for the decision to attempt the rescue.

The 50 American hostages who were targets if the ill-fated rescue mission are moved from the U.S. embassy and will be dispersed to cities around the country, that according to President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr.

Former U.S. Budget director Bert Lance is acquitted on nine counts of bank fraud after a 16-week trial. A mistrial was declared on another three counts because the jury deadlocked.

Tass reports that the Soviet Union and Iran are moving toward closer economic ties.

The State Department demands an immediate holt to Cuban refugee rescue operations being carried out by Florida boat owners, declaring these activities are unlawful and play into the hands of the Cuban regime.

The total of Cuban boat refugees in Florida reaches 1800.

President Carter, abandoning his Rose Garden campaign strategy, says he will end his self-imposed ban on travel, which has lasted nearly five months, because issues “are manageable enough” to let him take limited trips away from Washington.

President Carter says he will nominate Sen. Edmund S. Muskie (D-ME) to succeed Cyrus R. Vance as secretary of state.

Rep John B. Anderson announces he will run for President as an independent, offering himself as an “honest alternative” for voters disenchanted with the prospect of a choice between Ronald Reagan and President Carter.

The New Republic Magazine reports that independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson is considering CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite as a running mate, and Cronkite, if asked, would accept.

Lone British Yachtsman David Scott Cowper sailed home to two round-the world records, 249 days after setting out virtually unnoticed in his 40-foot craft Ocean Bound.


Sports news – April 23, 1980

Linebacker Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson says he will be traded by the Dallas Cowboys to the San Francisco 49ers in conjunction with today’s National Football League draft.

Magic Johnson of the Lakers, Larry Bird of the Celtics and Bill Cartwright of the Knicks are unanimous choices for the NBA’s All-Rookie team, selected by the league’s 22 head coaches.


Music news – April 23, 1980

Roberta Flack will be touring next month. She said she and the late Donny Hathaway were suppose to record an album together, after their smash hit “The Closer I Get To You” but only two joint tracks were ever completed before his suicide on Jan 13, 1979.

Tommy Caldwell (30), a member of the Marshall Tucker Band is reported in critical condition as a result of injuries sustained in an auto crash in South Carolina.

British based IRS Records slogan proclaims “Smaller Is Better.”

Australian artists “Air Supply” have a hit in the U.S. called “Lost in Love.” The pair, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell say in their homeland, a gold record isn’t a big deal, because you only have to sell around 20,000 records. And, the concert scene is small. Australia only has about 15 million people total. Concert halls are 2,000-3,000 seats  - tops. You can’t make much money there.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – April 23, 1980

Passing – Alfred Hitchcock (80).

Passing – Actress-singer Jane Froman whose comeback from plane crash injuries was portrayed in the 1952 movie, “With a Song In My Heart.” She was 72.


Television News – April 23, 1980

Seems that “Dallas” is a big hit in Britain. Over 18 million are wondering if J.R. is dead and who shot him. Look for “I Hate J.R.” T’s in stores.

A cartoon version of the sitcom “Happy Days” is coming to Saturday morning television.

NBC program head Brandon Tartikoff, despite his network’s third place showing, says he’s pleased with the improvements it’s made over the past TV season. He became president of NBC’s entertainment Division in January, replacing Fred Silverman. 


Top movies – April 23, 1980

Night Games

Coal Miner’s daughter

Kramer Vs. Kramer

Leo  and Loree

Black Stallion

Apocalypse Now

 Gilda Radner Live

Every Which Way But Loose

Sitting ducks

Being There

The Changeling

Humanoids From deep Up From The Depths


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