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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of December 15, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Carter calls on the UN to enforce its own resolutions and the rule of international law by imposing economic sanctions on the regime of the Ayatollah Khomaini in Tehran. The President accused Iran of “arrogant defiance of the world community.”

Iran’s deposed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi is secretly flown to Panama from his most recent refuge at Lackland Air Force Base, near San Antonio.

A study from the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences says that degeneration of the ozone layer is proceeding at such a pace it could cause hundreds of thousands more cases of skin cancer in coming decades.

Inflation – The soaring coat of home ownership and gasoline had consumer prices rise by 1% last month, guaranteeing that 1979 will go down as the worst year for inflation since 1946.

Congress passes and sends to President Carter, a compromise $3.5 billion emergency assistance program for the Chrysler Corp. that will require their unionized workers to surrender $462.5 million in wage increases already negotiated.

The International Court of Justice, charging Iran with breaching fundamental legal principles, orders it to release immediately all the American hostages held in Tehran.

Gold hits $500-an-ounce, but backs off.

First Lady Rosalynn Carter slips out of the White House and goes Christmas shopping at the Evans discount store in Rockville and at Bloomindale’s at a nearby maul.

Beijing - Muhammad Ali meets for 20 minutes with Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping and agreed to return next year to help train Chinese boxers. The meeting climaxed a tour of the Chinese capital by Ali.

The Senate passes the largest tax measure in its history – a $178-billion levy on the windfall profits the oil industry will accumulate over the next 11 years because of the removal of federal price controls on domestic crude oil.  

At the Rolling Hills Golf and Tennis Club at Davie, Florida – a hot air balloon making practice landings brushed against a power line, touching off a propane gas explosion that sent the female pilot and three male passengers to their deaths. The pilot and a passenger were blown out of the gondola by the blast. Another passenger managed to grab a rope to the edge of the basket, his clothing on fire and a fourth man clung briefly on the edge. Both let go and fell 100 feet to their deaths.  


Sports news – December 15, 1979

Tennis star Arthur Ashe says he expects to begin light exercise soon, as he recovers from a quadruple bypass heart operation. Ashe, 36, suffered a heart attack July 31 and was attempting a tennis comeback before fining it necessary to undergo the operation on Dec. 13.

O.J. Simpson’s 11-year National Football League career comes to an end as he ran just 10 years as his team – The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Atlanta Falcons – 31-21. Simpson, the NFL’s second leading rusher (Behind Jim Brown), carried only twice in the contest for 12 years, closing out his career with 11,236 yards. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Buffalo Bills 28-0 and clinch their sixth straight division title.

Julius Irving (Dr J.) scores 27 points as the 76ers beat the Detroit Pistons 114-102.

The FBI says it is investigating allegations of mail fraud and bribery involving student athletes at the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.


Technology news – December 15, 1979

Seen more and more – Satellite dishes on home property. Or – the direct- satellite to home business. You seem them mostly in rural areas that have little or no TV. Get a satellite receiver and pick up dozens of channels. But, the price is expensive or a complete set-up – $15,000-$35,000. The dish antenna is huge, about 15-feet diameter, but is necessary to pick up TV signals from the RCA domestic TV satellite.  One such system is being sold through this year’s Nieman-Marcus catalog. You’re actually picking up signals meant for cable-TV companies. Right now – about two-dozen channels are available if you have the right equipment. A potential obstacle to owning a private earth station was removed recently. The FCC on Oct. 18 announced its decision to drop licensing requirements for satellite receiving stations. That eliminated the need for a process that takes time and money.


Music news – December 15, 1979

On NBC’s “Midnight Special” Friday – Lou Rawls hosts with Rita Coolidge, Jan and dean and David Steinberg.

Eagles Long Run Tour Is Coming- Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – December 15, 179

So far, Andy Kaufman has wrestled some 45 women – none of them beat him. He offers woman a chance at $1,000 of they can beat him. He’s done it twice, so far – on Saturday Night Live. And the big match occurs this week on SNL – the final four. Kaufman has been wrestling women as part of his nightclub act, for about a year-and-a-half and the only one that came close was a 170-pound woman. He brings his own referee and his opponent must pin him in three minutes to win. 

Good Housekeeping’s list of the 10 most admired women this year:

Anita Bryant

Pat Nixon

Mother Teresa

Betty Ford

Beverly Sills

Rosalynn Carter

Katharine Hepburn

Barbara Jordan

Phyllis Schlafly

Jane Fonda


Television news – December 15, 1979

Sick - James Garner has been off his show “The Rockford Files” for a month and the show is shut down.

Sportscaster Joe Garagiola, the TV commercial spokesman for Chrysler for 22 years, will sever his ties with the automaker in April because of possible conflicts with NBC. He just signed another four-year contract with the network.


Monday night television – December 15, 1979

CBS - WKRP in Cincinnati, The Last Resort, MASH, (debut) House Calls, Lou Grant

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, The Gathering II, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Monday Night Football

PBS – William Faulkner: A Life on Paper


Debut – House Calls – Stars Wayne Rogers as Dr. Charley Michaels, a bachelor doctor and Lynn Redgrave – a divorcee and an administrative assistant.

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