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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 15, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

More Iran – Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young will be received by Iranian authorities and he will fly to Iran to try to secure the release of the remaining hostages held at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

Three of the dozens of American hostages held at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran are released by their militant Muslim captors and flown to Europe. They are Katherine Griss, Marne Cops Sgt. Ladeli Maples and Sgt William Quarles.

The White House, reacting to the possibility that the Iranian hostages will be tried as spies, warns that the U.S. may resort to military force if all else fails. Meantime the Ayatollah Khomaini denounced the remaining hostages as spies whose guilt has been “proved by evidence” and rejected warnings by President Carter against putting them on trial

The Pakistani army rescues 100 Americans from the roof of the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad after a mob of thousands stormed and set fire to the building.

More Iran -Militant students holding hostages in the U.S. embassy seize a three-member NBC-TV film crew and helm them several hours inside the besieged compound, then released them.

A bomb explodes in the cargo section of an American Airlines jetliner en route to Washington from Chicago with 80 onboard. The Boeing 727 made an emergency landing at Dulles – all were unhurt.

Thirteen Americans freed from the U.s. Embassy in Tehran appear before reporters and one of them read a statement by their former captors demanding the return of the shah and inviting President Carter to attend the deposed monarch’s trial.

President Carter calls on the nation’s governors to begin immediately to reduce oil consumption to prevent shortages this winter caused by the cutoff of oil supplies from Iran.

A Gallup Poll shows more than 8 in 10 Americans say the cost of living/inflation as the top concern followed by energy problems, international problems, unemployment, dissatisfied w/government, moral decline, crime and lawlessness. 

Seen – “Nuke The Ayatollah” T-shirts.

Black Sea - A Romanian oil tanker and a Greek freighter collide in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, starting a series of explosions that shattered windows four miles inland and turned nearby waters into a sea of flames. 53 are dead.

Olivia Dionne, father of the famed Canadian Dionne quintuplets, dies. He was 76. Forty-five years ago, in the middle of the Depression – His wife Elzire, gave birth to five identical sisters in a farmhouse that made news around the world.  PBS is airing a documentary on the story this week.


Sports news – November 15, 1979

Controversial Dallas Cowboy linebacker Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson says he “always wanted to be remembered as a Cowboy,’ and that’s why he decided to retire this week after coach Tom Landry placed him on waivers.

The AFL-CIO issues its first charter to a professional sports organization. First to join the newly chartered AFL-CIO affiliate was the National Football League Players Assn, whose executive secretary, ed Garvey, will also acts as head of the new organization, the Federation of Professional Athletes, which hopes to become the national union umbrella for players in all professional sports.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – November 15, 1979

JoJo Starbuck – star of the Ice Capades and a two-time Olympic ice skating, who happens to be married to Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw, is Pennsylvania’s chairman of this week’s “Great American Smoke Out.” She is urging all tobacco users to go 24 hours without nicotine hit. She says her husband’s tobacco chewing is gross and doesn’t like his cigar smoking (Terry and Jojo in picture).


Music news – November 15, 1979

Music on Television – NBC-TV presents, “The Bee Gees” Their Music. Their Life Story. A 90-minute special. David Frost interviews.

In Concert/Touring - Don Griffey Presents: The Jacksons World Tour ‘79.


Television news – November 15, 1979

“60 Minutes” interview with Mike Wallace and the Ayatollah Khomaini last Sunday topped all shows in the ratings.

Don’t miss NBC’s coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. With Ed McMahon, Bryant Gumbel, Erik Estrada and Chuck Woolery. For more, see ad.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 15, 1979 

CBS – A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, MASH, Movie

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, Bob Hope on Campus, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Monday night football, 240 Robert

PBS – The Dionne Quints.


Little House on the Prairie – Mrs. Oleson invites a faith healer to preach in Walnut Grove.

The Dionne Quints – Documentary on the five identical Canadian girls.  


At the movies- November 15, 1979

The Rose

Promises in the Dark

The Runner Stumbles

Starting Over


And Justice For All

Fiddler on the Roof




The Legacy

Monty Python’s Life of Brian


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