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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 8, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The House votes to remove federal price controls from gasoline. The House action was a surprise. 

A gunman presumed to be an Armenian terrorist, shoots and kills Ahmet Benler, son of Ambassador Ozdemir Benler – Turkish ambassador to the Netherlands.

Passing - Chad Green, the 3-year-old leukemia victim whose parents defied a Massachusetts court order earlier in the year in order to obtain Laetrile treatments for their son in Mexico.

 Sen. Frank Church (D-Ida.) urges the Senate to adopt a reservation delaying operation of the strategic arms limitation treaty until the President certifies that Soviet troops have no combat role in Cuba.

A high-ranking leader of American nuns calls on Pope John Paul II in person to reconsider his stand against women becoming priests – a first.

An FTC administrative judge rules that advertising claims that Bufferin, Exedrin and Exedrin P.M. are safer or more effective than aspirin, have not been scientifically proved and orders Bristol-Myers to say so in any future ads that contain such claims.

President Carter promises leaders of the nation’s construction unions – “I will not fight inflation with your jobs.”

Comes to U.N. – Fidel Castro brings lobsters, but no chickens on his visit to the United States for a foreign policy address to the United Nations on Friday.

At the United Nations - Fidel Castro, finger waving in the air and angry fist thumping the lectern, demands a “new-world order” and dresses down the United States for “aggressive” and “exploitative” policies around the world.

M’Neil Island in Washington – the oldest U.S. penitentiary is closing down. The isolated island – some 4,413 acres sits in Puget Sound.

The 1979 Nobel Prize for medicine is awarded to American Allan Cormack and Briton Godfrey Hounsfield. They developed a computer-assisted tomography, a revolutionary X-ray technique that gives medical science a strikingly clear inside look at the living human body.


Fascinating Business news – October 8, 1979

Renault, the French auto maker, is buying into its U.S. partner, American Motors Corp and AMC will build Renaults in this country.

Major banks raise their prime interest rate to 14.5%.

The Dow falls 26.45 as traders react to interest worries – the worst Dow drop in five years.


Popular Halloween Costumes – October 1979

Hot Halloween Costumes – Mork Costume, Tiny Tot Costume, Wonder Woman Costume, Spiderman Costume.


Sports news – October 8, 1979

Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson, the Cowboys’ outspoken linebacker comments –“I’m like the Dave Parker in baseball, I do it all. Take on the run, one-on-one. Man-to-man cover the backs. Play on kickoff teams, punt teams and any other team you can think of. How many superstars do you see coverin’ punts?”

The Cincinnati Bengals are still winless – 0-6 after getting beat by the Kansas City Chiefs.


Music news – October 8, 1979

Antiwar activist Joan Baez is greeted with mortar fire and puzzled-stares from Cambodian refugees when she visited  the-Cambodian border area as part of a fact-finding mission.

CBS Records announces an end to its 100% returns policy, imposing a maximum 20% returns rate on all pop releases. The new policy will force record stores to tighten buying patterns. It was promoted by last year’s runaway returns rates, which hit 30%-40%. The biggest bomb last year was RSO’s “Sgt Pepper” album – which shipped 4 million, but sold 2 million copies. Under the old 100% returns policy, still in force at some labels, the record company, not the retailer, assumed most of the burden if the record were a dud. If an album failed to sell every copy the company shipped out – the store could return the unsold records for full wholesale price credit.    

New wave band “The Ramones” are featured in a new movie “Rock ‘n’ Roll School.”

New Movie – “Skatetown USA” – The Rock and Roller Disco Movie Of The Year! Stars Patrick Swayze.

Country Music Assn. Awards – Willie Nelson gets entertainer of the year.

Kenny Rogers – top male vocalist. “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” got top single. The Statler Brothers – top vocal group. Barbara Mandrell – top female vocalist. As seen on CBS-TV.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV Guide – October 8, 1979

CBS – Yabba Dabba Doo It, Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas

NBC – Diff’rent Strokes, Hello, Larry, Rockford Files, Tonight, Midnight Special

ABC – The World Series

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week


Yabba Dabba Doe It – Bill Bixby takes a behind the scenes look at cartoon makers Hanna-Barbera.

Midnight Special – Pointer Sisters host with Michael Jackson, Nick Lowe, K.C. and the Sunshine Band.


Top movies – October 8, 1979

Breaking Away


The Muppet Movie


The Tree Of Wooden Clogs

King of Hearts

The Onion Fields

When A Stranger Calls

National Lampoon’s Animal House

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