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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of July 15, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Carter’s entire Cabinet and senior Whitehouse staff offer their resignation as the President launches a major shakeup intended to make his administration better coordinated and more responsive to his leadership. The move precedes a number of staff changes in days ahead.

Assistant Senate Republican leader Ted Stevens says President Carter “might be having some sort of a mental problem” and suggested that the chief executive “take a rest.” He said he was prompted by cloakroom talk about Carter’s shakeup of his Administration, and because Carter is commander in chief of the military. “I thought we were looking at another Nixon...now I know we’re looking at another Nixon.”

President Carter outlines a six-point program to reduce the current level of oil imports by 50% by 1990. The quota would be met by conservation and development of substitute fuels. The U.S. imports about 9 million barrels a day.

In an interview with Ladies Home Journal Magazine, Sybil Carter, wife a Billy Carter, says her husband had to make his controversial personal appearances and endorse products to support his family because his bid to buy the family peanut business was rejected ...accusations that her husband was trying to capitalize on the Carter Presidency was not true - “He did these things to make a living.”

In Alexandria, Virginia - City police recently placed three parking tickets on a blue van parked in the downtown area before noticing the driver was dead in his seat. Sgt Archie Hall said the man had suffered from multiple sclerosis and a special device he used to lift himself behind the steering wheel had kept his body partially hidden... “You really couldn’t see the man unless you were looking very hard.”

In Perth, Australia, a sudden surge of reporters and photographers onto the stage of the Miss Universe Pageant caused it to collapse. “The rush” was to get closer to the contest winner, Maritza Sayalero of Venezuela. 10 were injured, including several of the finalists.


Fascinating Facts – July 15, 1979

An Australian teenager collects a $10 thousand grand prize from a San Francisco newspaper for being the first person to turn in a piece of the doomed Skylab. The money went to Stan Thornton, a 17 year-old trucker’s helper, after a federal laboratory determined the handful of black nuggets he scooped up in his backyard was indeed part of Skylab’s debris. The craft plummeted to earth on July 11. 


Prices At The Store – July 15, 1979

On sale - Nike - “All Court” - men’s tough canvas shoe - $12.95 pair. Puma - “Rocket or ladies “Rockett” - $29.95


Television news – July 15, 1979

The season premiere of “Mork & Mindy” is set to cost over $1 million due to the nature of its special effects...changes in the cast will include the addition of Jay Thomas, Gina Hecht and Jim Staahl. Conrad Janis and Elizabeth Kerr, who played Mindy’s father and grandmother are being dropped because neither the characters nor the music store setting were thought to be working effectively.

Sammy Davis Jr. will guest for several weeks in August on “One Life To Live”...CBS adds a “West Coast” addition to its nightly news hosted by Terry Drinkwater. The segment will give viewers more updated news and should run five to 10 minutes...Floyd Kaliber relinquishes his newscaster’s job on the “Today” show to be replaced by Tony Guida.  

The two adopted children whom Joan Crawford cut out of her will - Christina Crawford Koontz and Christopher Crawford - will divide $55,000 from the actress’ estate under a court settlement. The bulk of the more than $1 million estate will go to charities.

A 90-minute shelved TV special starring the entire “Saturday Night” cast is being released for the theater. The special entitled “Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video,” did not meet NBC’s standards. The program stars John Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman plus Carrie Fisher and Margot Kidder. The film will have an initial release in New York.


Top TV Shows – July 15, 1979

M*A*S*H/ WKRP in Cincinnati/Three’s Company/Taxi/ Lou Grant/ The Jeffersons/ Laverne & Shirley/ 60 minutes/ Alice/ and Dukes of Hazzard. 


Top Pop Hit Music Singles(top-40) USA – July 15, 1979

“”I Want You To Want Me” - Cheap Trick, “Ring My Bell” - Anita Ward, “Bad Girls” - Donna Summer, “She Believes In Me” - Kenny Rogers, “When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman” - Dr. Hook, “Good Times” - Chic “My Sharona” - The Knack, “Makin’ It” - David Naughton, “Shine A Little Love” - Electric Light Orchestra 


Top Music Albums – July 15, 1979

“Candy-O” - The Cars, “Get The Knack” - The Knack, “Breakfast In America” - Supertramp, “The Kids Are Alright” - The Who, , “Cheap Trick At Budokan” - Cheap Trick, “Discovery” - Electric Light Orchestra, “Bad Girls” - Donna Summer 


Top Country Hit Music Singles – July 15, 1979

“Amanda” - Waylon Jennings, “Shadows In The Moonlight” - Ann Murray, “You’re The Only One” - Dolly Parton, “Friday Night Blues” - John Conlee, “I Can’t Feel You Anymore” - Loretta Lynn


Top movies – July 15, 1979

Meatballs - Bill Murray

Breaking Away - Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid.

Frisco Kid - Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford.

Moonraker - Roger Moore as James Bond

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