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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 15, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Ayatoliah Ruhollah Khomaini appears to be rising in Iran. 

Thieves stole an estimated $30 million to $50 million in negotiable securities after shooting and killing three guards of Purolator Security Inc guards at a company office, the New Haven Register reports. 

Security forces have killed 90 guerrillas inside Rhodesia and the surrounding area during the past two days.

Four Palestinian terrorists lying in wait at the Brussels airport for an El Al flight from Tel Aviv botched their ambush attempt by attacking with grenades and submachine guns before the 160 passengers disembarked. 12 were injured.

The Carter Administration has changed its stand on the exiled Shah of Iran settling in the United States and is now saying privately that he can live here when U.S. relations with Iran are more stable.

Ireland - A remark by U.S. House Speaker Thomas O’Neill Jr. that Britain has made a “political football” out of war-torn Ulster touches off a furor. Britain hotly denied the charge and suggested that Irish-Americans were out of touch. Margaret Thatcher, leader of the opposition Conservative party said, “We have never used Ulster as a political football between the parties. Events there are too deeply tragic for any of us to do that.”

The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries expels Egypt from its membership and announces an embargo on oil shipments to Egypt.

Joan Kennedy says that she is not “enthralled” by the prospect of becoming First Lady and she is not certain she would be at husband Ed Kennedy’s side of he ran for President. “I probably will be, but I certainly won’t be if I’m not well. That’s the whole thing. So I’ll remain up here in Boston until I finish my schooling and my therapy.” In an interview published in the May issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, she was asked of her husband still lovers her. She said, “I don’t know, I really don’t know.” She said she was “not exactly wild” about politics, but she prefers to avoid it while dealing with her drinking problem. 

In Northern Ireland – a booby-trap bomb kills four policemen in the worst such incident in a decade of Northern Ireland’s sectarian violence.

A New York-to-Washington Amtrak passenger train rams a track repair vehicle, injuring at least 73 of the 200 persons aboard in Edison, N.J.


Sports news – April 15, 1979

Tennis Pro Chris Evert and John Lloyd are married in Ft. Lauderdale – her hometown. 

Red Sox vet Carl Yastrzemski hits a homer, single and double for a Red Sox 9-2 win over the Angels.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – April 15, 1979

Michelle Triola Marvin is awarded $104,000 in her breach-of contract suit against actor Lee Marvin.

Actress Vanessa Redgrave, who won an Oscar last year as best supporting actress in the film “Julia,” announces she will run for Parliament in the May 3 general election. She will be running for a Labor-held seat in industrial Manchester as a candidate of the tiny ultra-leftwing Workers Revolutionary party.


Radio news – April 15, 1979

Rick Dees jumps from WHBQ Memphis to KHJ-AM Los Angeles. Station manager Tim Sullivan termed Dees, “The hottest piece of radio talent in the business, one who we believe will help return KHJ to the dominance it held.” With Dees – his actress-comedienne wife Julie McWhirter. She was a regular on the “Rich Little Show,” and starred in the TV special “Wacko” and does voiceover and commercial air work.


Television news – April 15, 1979

Howard K. Smith tells ABC he is resigning from the network after 17 years.

It’s reported that Johnny Carson has told NBC President Fed Silverman that he wants to leave the show and the network. His contract runs through 1981.

Singer Helen Reddy recently made a variety special for NBC with Jane Fonda and Elliott Gould as her guests, but the show won’t be airing on that network. Jeff Wald, Reddy’s manager and husband says he was unhappy with NBC’s plans for the show and bought it back.

Cartoon makers Hanna-Barbera get into the other side of television a new NBC-TV series starring nightclub comedian Johnny Yune. “Sergeant T.K.Yu.” It’s labled, a dramatic-comedy. Yune plays a mild, but karate-wise detective.


Top movies – April 15, 1979

Coming Home


Norma Rae

Midnight Express

Buddy Holly Story

Heaven Can Wait


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